5 ways to create a profitable customer service strategy

Read on to find out how to formulate a customer service strategy that can be both profitable and effective and help you make your brand bigger and better.

As a business, it goes without saying that you have to be effectual with both sales and service. Most companies have differing opinions about service as they deem it unnecessary in many cases. However, times have changed and with social media in the fray, service has become an important part of a brand. You don't have to worry about providing good service because technology is here to help. A customer service CRM can change the way you do business completely. Depending on automation and customer support will make your life much easier. Let us take a look at some of the ways how you can implement a profitable customer service strategy.

5 ways to create a profitable customer service strategy

Understand your target audience
Learning what your customers want is the first step towards becoming a better brand. More often than not, companies do not bother doing their homework. This can hurt them in the long run. Well, you don't have to be the same. Thoroughly analysing market trends and running polls can give you a clear picture of what you are missing. A customer service strategy involves better marketing towards your target audience. A CRM can help with email marketing campaigns and drive more customers to check out your product.

Customise according to your customers' needs
Most customers want to feel validated. They require proper answers from the brand that they vouch for. A proactive customer service strategy is the way to go. Give your customers different channels to communicate with you. While many may prefer the old-fashioned dial and speak routine, young people prefer email or social media outlets to connect with the company. This is where your CRM plays a key role. Its omnichannel platform helps you generate tickets automatically no matter what the source of the communication is. Not only this, you can set it to auto-assign tickets to relevant departments based on the keywords received.

Give more with less
If you make yourself a part of effective service with the right customer experience strategy, you can make your business more profitable. This is possible if you choose a CRM which provides contact centre support, service centre support and also field force automation. By being thoroughly invested in providing excellent customer service, you can make a name for yourself as a people's brand. All of this by simply subscribing to a CRM strategy that does everything for you.

A more personal approach
Delivering proper service is equally important to the customer as well as the company. While it can create goodwill for you, it makes your customers place more trust in your brand. With a CRM, customer data is stored securely in the cloud. This includes past interactions, order history and personal details. So, when a customer reaches out to you, you are equipped with enough data to greet them with issue at hand directly, thus reducing time taken to close a ticket. Moreover, it acts as a way of adding a personal touch to your conversations.

Fast and reliable service
Prompt service doubled up with proper follow-up is required to successfully satisfy a customer's needs. Again, this is a job for your CRM. It notifies you on when to follow up and reminds you of your online appointments. Its intelligent system is designed to assign tickets based on priority, experience, location, zone, etc. The more your customers depend on you, the better it is for your brand. Hence, it is safe to say your CRM helps you form a customer retention strategy.

To be profitable it not enough to have a great product, you also need to focus on x`x. A CRM system is certainly the way to go forward. Create a space for your customers to reach out to you, because without constant feedback, you run the risk of becoming a stagnant business which will soon become a forgotten brand. Stay ahead with the times and implement a proper customer service strategy right away.


Author: Wilson K. Mathew07 Dec 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

The ways to create a profitable customer service strategy are so broad that we can only choose and apply the most reliable and profitable ways.

The strategy defines the standards of care and service you provide to users and sets out everything necessary to meet those standards. A customer care strategy plays an important role in building customer satisfaction, retaining loyal customers and increasing the volume of repeat business.

Good customer service means having a thorough knowledge of your inventory, experience with your products, and helping customers make the best choices.

Always give priority to your customers' observations and views. Analyze their thoughts on our products, understand what they want, and make them feel comfortable with it.

Declare customer satisfaction to be our motto and train our employee force accordingly. Consider and observe how they treat customers and how they implement our motto and make corrections if necessary. Make it a permanent system. Ensure that our representative employees are well-aligned with customers. Collect feedback from customers as a testament to this engagement.

Maintain our interactions with customers to the very best standards, step by step. These interventions should be enhanced to the extent that we are the only safeguard for their needs.

Be courteous to all customers.
Accurately understand their needs.
Treat each person such that they feel that they are being treated and cared individually.
Present our products as being invaluable. Hire employees who have good eloquence and pleasure for the presentation side.
Don't forget to say thank you when the customer returns from our shop/mall.

Author: Umesh07 Dec 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 10

There are two parts to the customer service. One is till the selling of the item and another is after the sales. Both are important. Supply of the material and installation of gadgets is one part of the business but the next part is much more important than this and that is the after-sales service and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately many companies have deficiencies at this place and there is a lot of improvement required in this arena. Customer service and customer satisfaction is a herculean task for any company and it takes a lot of thinking and efforts to provide it to the public and the buyers.

One important aspect of customer service is the quality of technical people available for the repair and service. Unfortunately, some companies are not recruiting qualified people and are simply recruiting the lowest qualified people by offering them low salaries. They might be saving some money in this front but overall will lose on AMC (annual maintenance contract) earnings because of the quality of the service provided by the after-sales service employees. There is a general complaint that many technicians are not capable of doing the proper repair and maintenance and customer satisfaction is very poor in those cases. It is not only the complaint of a few people but there are some gadgets where there are continuous complaints about a particular accessory which is not being able to be served by the service technician.

Another aspect is the promptness of attending the service. On this front much development has taken place due to the internet and GPS techniques of locating the nearest technician and deputing him for the job and so to some extent good relief is there.

Further, the annual maintenance charges levied for the service should be reasonable and affordable so that more people can opt for after-sales AMC. Many people avoid AMC taking a chance that machine will not get any complaints during the year. A reasonable AMC amount will help the company to increase the number of AMC contracts.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha10 Dec 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

While dealing with the business of sales service, we have to focus on two primary components. The first being attracting the customers with your proper attention, listening to their requirements and any query related to sales. Under such situations, they are to be tackled effectively so that they become your permanent customers. The other component that is equally important is dealing with the after-sales service. Any procedural delay at this stage would lead to the distraction of the customers. If the maintenance is due for a product, this should be taken up at the earliest and disposal should not linger beyond a limit. During the maintenance, each part needs to attended effectively as any left out part may create an operational problem later on. The customers approaching with a complaint for a second time for the same product may impact your sales. This being the major point for your consideration, the other intricacies such as your concern for each customer, a reasonable charge for the maintenance and the warranty period must be given due consideration.

A good write up. It will certainly be beneficial to readers to know the different tips related to Customer Service Strategy.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao29 Dec 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

A good article from the author giving ways to get customer satisfaction.

In the olden days, the availability of material was very less and not much competition. So people were purchasing whatever was available. That was a supplier driven market. But the situation has changed now. People are going for good products and they are ready to give a little more for a good product. That is why companies are vanishing from the market if they don't have a good customer base.

The service provided by the company is very important. Getting a new customer is difficult. At the same time retaining him is also very difficult. A lost customer will always speak badly about the company. That may lead to losing another customer also. These days customer satisfaction alone is not sufficient. We should aim for customer delight. Then only one can stay in the market.

The relation with customers should be good and we should respond to them very fast and address their problems.
One should be polite to the customers. The product should give more than what the customer expects. These factors play an important role in getting our product branded and for getting repeated customers.

Author: K Mohan02 Jul 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The after-sales service is most important for any company which deals with home products. The guarantee and warranty period are also important through which the customers need to be taken care of. For example, company products like fridge, washing machine, microwave oven etc need personal visit of service staff to acquaint the customer in using the machine or product in the right way. If the after-sales and service are good the customers would stay with the company products.

Author: K Mohan12 Sep 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Dealing with the customer is not that easy as even the established brands fail in gauging the customer requirement. Indian customers are habituated to ask more, which means more than promised. Most of our Indian brands are constantly advertising on the television, not for the sale of products, but to have control over the market. And service is the main plank on which any company can win over the hearts. If the service is bad coupled with excuses, then the word the customer spreads would spoil the brand for sure. I had discontinued ACT internet because they took 48 hours to read our complaint and much more time to attend the same. I am very much satisfied with Samsung service as they sent the service Engineer within minutes and attended the complaint to our satisfaction and our washing machine is working smoothly.

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