Top 6 Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai

Are you looking for the best social media marketing agencies in Dubai, UAE? Here is a list of leading social media marketing agencies we found through our research and experience in this field.

Digital Marketing has been buzzing the marketing scene for a decade now. Everyone is an expert digital marketer, at least in the theoretical sense. But there is something new that has come up which is making a huge wave and that is social media marketing. Social media has made it possible to bring
people together and social media marketing is helping in bringing customers and companies together.

Is Social media marketing different from Digital marketing?

The major difference – SMM is using only social media to reach the customer with some level of
personalization. When it comes to digital marketing, the channels and tools are many and is not limited to social media alone.

Social media marketing happens when a company decides to utilize social media (Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Whatsapp and most recently Tik Tok) to increase their sales and brand awareness. How do
companies do this? By driving traffic to their products/services by clever placement of links or RSS Feeds to their website or share buttons on content and most importantly & effectively by social media
activities such as tweets( Twitter) , status(Whatsapp), posts(FB and IG) and stories(FB and IG).

Digital marketing is an all-embracing term to denote any marketing strategy involving digital media and hence includes social media as a medium but not limited to that. Search engine optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Ads, banners, websites, Pay per click (PPC), mobile phone ads,
applications ads, text messages, email marketing etc also falls under digital marketing.

The real question is whether to Go Social or Go Digital?

Factors to consider are Reach, Effect, Investment required and Turnaround Time. Digital marketing has a wider reach as it is given as a collective service with multiple points of contact with the customer. It is an all-inclusive service if opted for. Social media marketing is a much more focused usage of avenues like Fb or IG to have a common yet personalized reach to the customer. The effect of Digital marketing is a slow process as it requires some background work to be done and can have a repetitive feeling for the target audience. It uses AI and machine learning to a great extent. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is faster as it directly reaches the target customers through engaging and personalized content.

Time and money are both equally important investments and when it comes to going digital people are still confused about where to spend money and how. Digital media marketing is comparatively expensive as it does much more than social media marketing. But the decision is not made based on that but what the goal is. The decision depends on when you expect your efforts to give you returns and what you expect out of it. If the aim is building brand awareness and reach maximum number of target audience digital marketing would be the way to go but when you want to build a brand, personalize and have a feedback system there is no better way than social media as it is as engaging as a two-way conversation in real life.

Now that you are clear on what you want out of marketing agency, here is the list of top 5 Social
media marketing agencies in Dubai in no particular order.

1. SpiderWorks Technologies, Dubai

SpiderWorks is an Indian brand with a major focus on the UAE market. The company was incorporated in Kochi, India in 2005 as a private limited company and claims to be one of the oldest social media marketing agencies. The company expanded its services to Dubai and UAE market in 2015. With a team of 30+ employees to support, SpiderWorks definitely is an excellent choice if you are looking for one of the best social media marketing agency in Dubai.

Services offered by SpiderWorks include:
- Social media marketing
- Google Ad management
- Facebook advertising
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Website designing
- Web application development
- Ecommerce development
- Content marketing
- Link building

With its BackOffice located in India, SpiderWorks assures best services in Dubai at the lowest cost.

2. Hashtag

Hashtag is a social media marketing agency in Dubai with hyper-local talents working for them with a fresh perspective on Dubai audience. Hashtag presents themselves as a team of proactive professionals working to humanize brands.

Their services include :
- Developing Social Media Strategy - To adapt to the ever-changing social media sphere
- Creative Content – Develop creative content in multiple media to get the desired result
- Social media engagement – Create experience and get feedback, shares and comments
- Influencers Marketing – Use the influencer's network to propagate brand propositions
- Social media Videos – Videos to ensure more engagement

With an expert team at their disposal and the experience of handling multiple big clients, Hashtag boasts to the first local social media marketing company and has proofs to show that.

3. LPS - Le Pear Societe

LPS all about taking 'Social to Business'. They call themselves as "Expert STORY-tellers for your brand plus Social media NINJAS driving your business goals". With a team of content creators, production professionals and social media consultants, they provide social media marketing solutions like :
- 360 Social – Social media management
- Social Publishers - Publisher channels for top brands
- Content Creators – Visual be-spoke social content calendars
- Video Stories- For Fb, Insta or Youtube
- Ads
- Influencers – Improves referral value and brand awareness
- Messenger BOTs – To take control of Fb messengers and ads

LPS is your best bet if you a food and beverages company because LPS takes pride in being the NO.1 team in this terrain.

4. GrowGram

Growgram is in a different league altogether. They are super focused on Instagram. It just shows why influencers are such a big deal when it comes to consumer goods. This is a company you have to turn to if you have an Instagram page and basic understanding of how it works but wants to improve the impressions your posts and stories make. What to do for that? Increase your number of followers and that's exactly what Grow Gram offers.

It is a no-nonsense offering with clear marketing ideas to ensure your account has the right amount of followers, not any followers but your target audience as followers! What more can you ask for!
There is another unique feature where it gives you 7 days free trial with an option to continue the
service once you feel it is making the desired difference.


Providing services including SEO and other digital marketing services,'s primary focus is Social media marketing. They have a well defines social media strategy and plans to deliver the best services with a great industry focus. Their services include:

- Social consultancy – Provide a social media strategy for up and coming and established firms
- Social media monitoring – Keeps track on what is being said about your service/products and
- Brand management – Ensuring the same message is sent across all platforms
- Social PR – To take your brand story outside your circle to improve visibility and have a constant
check on how the brand is viewed
- Social Pay Per Click – Social Ads

6. Kreata Global

Since 2006 Kreata Global is providing social media marketing services for companies in Dubai. 'Smart Agency', that's what they call themselves and rightfully so, as they have a smart way of addressing the customer's queries and needs in not only social media but also digital marketing.
They specialize in SMM by providing:
- Branded content – Various formats including Vlogs, GIFs, Snack-able videos, films, articles and
- Consumer promotions – Helps in having a clear plan of consumer promotions to engage the
existing customers
- Social Media Management – Managing social media for the consumer across multiple

With this information in hand, the best way to utilize this is to have a sit-down and decide what one
wants out of having a marketing effort. The brand sentiment plays a major role. Who will know better about your company than yourself!

Bonus list:

Below are two names that are super good at what they do, but don't come under social media
marketing in the traditional sense. SMM is just a part of their overall capability but for sure deserves to be in a list of top companies.

7. Be On Top

They are more of a promotion service for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Social media optimization to bring in a maximum audience and multiply the views is what Be On Top is delivering.

8. GCC Marketing

Below are the services GCC Marketing offers its customers
- Brand Monitoring
- Social Media Management
- Setup & Custom Profile Design
- Social Media Contests

All the best and happy marketing!

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Guest Author: CGS01 Nov 2022

This is probably the best article I have seen on this topic. Really helpful! Thanks for sharing this.

Guest Author: Faisal09 Nov 2022

I was looking for a good social media marketing agency in Dubai for our startup. Glad that I found this list of social media agencies. I contacted some of them for our company and took proposals. SpiderWorks has given us a good proposal and I hope to go ahead with them.

Guest Author: Yashi jain22 Jul 2023

The content provided is excellent. However, it is notable that the mention of Digital Growthify, the Digital Marketing Services in Dubai, was overlooked. Having personally engaged their services for the past few years, I can attest to their exceptional capabilities in everything about Digital Marketing. What sets them apart is their ability to cater to diverse requirements while ensuring affordability.

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