Top 7 reasons why brown rice is good for health

This article explains the health benefits of brown rice. It is a gluten-free whole grain and a healthy alternative to white rice. It is a nutritious healthy energy source that keeps our heart and health at its best.


We all love to eat rice. Thus, we prepare varieties of dishes from it by using it in some form or the other. However, most of us prefer white rice mainly because of the way it tastes and also, appearance does matter to some of us. With increasing obesity and various diseases and disorders knocking at our doors, doctors recommend decreasing the intake of white rice. Those who cannot imagine their day without consuming rice in their meals are looking for alternatives. One such alternative to white rice is brown rice which is very much in demand, and many of us are accepting it by including it more and more in our daily diet plan. It is a healthier alternative to white rice. It is nutrient-rich and also consuming it offers lots of health benefits. Below-mentioned reasons will help us understand why we have to include brown rice in our daily diet plan.

Health benefits of brown rice

  1. It is a healthy whole grain
    Those of us who keep making regular changes in the diet plan and try to make it healthier every day knows the importance of whole grain over refined grains. If the aim is to remain healthy, we need to increase the whole grain consumption in daily diet. All that said, brown rice is a whole grain. It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and low in saturated fatty acids. Fibre present in it keeps our digestive system healthy and in turn, promotes overall health. On the other hand, white rice does not come under the whole-grain group. Thus, replace white rice with brown rice and enjoy the benefits it exerts on overall health. This gluten-free brown rice even can be eaten by those individuals who cannot digest gluten grains. Those suffering from celiac disease and others who are sensitive to gluten can include brown rice in their diet.

  2. It is an energy fuel
    Our body needs the energy to carry out various functions. This energy is derived from foods that we eat and drink. However, if the sources are healthy, the body can derive healthy energy from them. Brown rice is one such healthy energy source. Majority of the cells in our body require energy from carbohydrates rich foods in the form of sugars and starches. Also, other nutrient groups such as fat and protein can supply energy but the majority of the cells will not be able to use the energy supplied by them. Body cells are mainly dependent on carbohydrates. That being said, brown rice is rich in starch. Thus, it provides abundant energy to the majority of body cells and increases energy levels in the body.

  3. It maintains body weight
    Replace white rice and other refined grains with brown rice to maintain a healthy weight. It never promotes weight gain if eaten in the right quantity. It supports weight loss in obese individuals. All we have to do is replace refined grains in the meals with brown rice and use it more and more in various recipes. It increases metabolism which is very much essential to prevent the storage of fats in the cells. If the metabolic rate is high, the body will be able to burn calories more efficiently and provide fuel to the body in the form of energy to carry out various functions. Also, since is rich in fibre content, it quickly satisfies hunger pangs, and we experience fullness. It prevents overeating and weight gain. Also, it is lower in the glycemic index. As a result, it prevents a sudden increase in blood sugar levels, unlike white rice. It slowly and gradually releases energy in the body. All these factors keep us full for a long time, and it is very unlikely that immediately after eating brown rice we will be reaching for another snack or indulge ourselves in over binging.

  4. It is rich in fibre content
    Brown rice is a rich source of fibre. We all know the role fibre plays in keeping us healthy. We need fibre rich foods to support healthy bowel movements. Thus, eating brown rice ensures that and also helps us in regular bowel movements. It prevents digestion related disorders such as constipation, gastric troubles and irregular bowel movements. Insoluble fibre present in this whole-grain supports healthy digestion and aids excretion. It stays in the stomach and attracts more water towards it. In this way, it prevents constipation and in turn, it increases fluid bowel movements. Fibre increases metabolic rate in body and increases weight loss from fat accumulated cells and also quickly satisfies hunger. White rice is devoid of germ, bran and hull. In the case of brown rice, all these are intact and thus, it is nutritious and aids in digestion, unlike white rice which is not rich in fibre content.

  5. It is a nutritious food
    Brown rice is a whole grain, and not undergone any refining process, unlike white rice. All its nutrients are intact and not destroyed. Nutrients such as calcium, selenium, magnesium, protein, potassium are present in it along with fibre content. Selenium present in it decreases the risk of heart-related disorders and cancer. It is also rich in natural oils which are essential to maintain cholesterol level in the body. Antioxidants present in this whole-grain prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. They also decrease the risk of inflammation in the body. Many of us consume green tea because of its antioxidant property. We are ignorant that brown rice is blessed with the same property.

  6. It safeguards heart
    It decreases bad cholesterol in the body. Rice bran oil which is also considered as healthy heart oil along with rich fibre content contributes in decreasing bad cholesterol in the body. Daily including brown rice in the diet ensures the blood pressure remains normal along with cholesterol levels. It makes sure good cholesterol increases and LDL or bad cholesterol decreases in the body. When blood pressure and cholesterol levels are maintained, lots of heart-related diseases are prevented automatically. Heart diseases are usually caused due to inflammation and oxidation in the body. Brown rice has antioxidant property and is rich in phytonutrients. Thus, the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases decreases. Brown rice decreases inflammation in the body and also decreases bad cholesterol which in turn prevents the condition in which arteries thicken commonly known as atherosclerosis.

  7. It is a feel-good treat
    We are what we eat. When we eat healthily, we feel good. Those who include brown rice in various forms in daily diet feel good about eating healthy. It is a misconception that brown rice does not taste good as white rice. It's all in cooking. If we know how to cook it properly and add right ingredients to our recipes, we can make our dishes healthy and tasty at the same time which will be another reason for us to feel good about ourselves. Brown rice is a whole grain that is quite versatile as it can be added to many dishes. All we have to do is know how to season it properly. This whole grain is nutritious and healthy food. Thus, healthy energy it releases in our body makes us feel good throughout the day. Replace refined grains with brown rice and feel good about including it in daily diet.

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