10 Things College Students Do In Their Free Time

Do you think college students have a busy life? Think again! In this article, we cite various researches which say that an average college student usually has a lot of free time on their hand and here we list the things where they utilize this free time.

There are two types of people. Those, who can't find a spare moment to sit down and relax, and those, who have no idea what to do with their time. Many people believe that studying at university or college requires full devotion. As if you were put behind the bars of education and nothing but education for the next couple of years. Sorry to disappoint you, but it's not true. Studying at university offers you a flexible schedule and plenty of free time to do anything you want. While some students find part-time jobs as baristas, others tend to involve in various activities or doing nothing at all. The EssayShark experts studied the average activities of college and university students in their free time. You will be surprised by the results.
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Stop thinking that students are zombies with enormous dark circles under their eyes. They turn into these creatures only during exams. According to the surveys, on average, students sleep 8.8 hours per day! Well, we don't know about your sleeping habits, but envy them.

However, this average doesn't exclude those from the ivy league colleges and those who have just made new relationships in their college :)


Let's admit, we all do this. You will be amazed, but up to 95% of college students claimed to be procrastinating regularly. Especially, when they have a deadline, a project, or a course paper to be done. We all tend to underestimate the time we require to finish this or that. And, yes, a right mood is a key to completing something.

Scrolling Through Social Media

Are you ready for the painful truth? People spend 153 minutes on Social Media. And that's the average data! Let's be honest, it's an irresistible temptation to find out what's new or just watch cute videos with animals once you get started, it is difficult to log out. The major website taking the time of youth today is Instagram, which has replaced Facebook to the second spot.

Thinking About Their Future

The fact that you are at the university and obtaining knowledge and skills doesn't mean that you will get the job of your dream. Students often worry not only about their future in general but also about being in the right place now. Especially in the US, where students are going to start with their professional life with a mountain of debt on them, being worried about their future is quite natural.

Watch Netflix

Netflix states that its subscribers spend an average of 2 hours per day watching series. And let's be honest, you will regret this tomorrow in the morning, but you need to know what happens in the last episode of your favorite show.

Attending Parties

Life in college and university will be boring without crazy parties. Hanging out is essential for socializing, meeting new friends, gossiping, and getting unforgettable memories. However, these memories might be as well be blurry, depending on how much you've drunk.

Watching YouTube

It all begins with somebody's video about morning routine on the background while you clean up your room. An hour later, you find yourself watching recorded phone calls to 911 or some stupid challenges. It is as big a hook on as the social media networks.

Planning to Meet With Friends and Ending Up Home

Many students have that chat with their friends where they discuss the location, time, and plan for the evening. Sometimes, the efforts taken to arrange a meeting are so tiring that you end up snuggling in bed with a fear of missing out on something significant.


It's popular to be healthy and slim. And we are so happy it is. This tendency inspires and urges students to go to gyms and taking care of their bodies. According to surveys, 53% of students go in for sports and many other join gyms to look their best in their best years.

Earning Money

Have you heard that tale that students are always broke? Well, that's true. They constantly need to buy books, stationery, pay for the dormitory and education. Four out of five students have part-time jobs. Work typically takes up to 2.5 hours per day of their free time.


You ought to agree that even the students that live around you, they seem to have a lot of free time unless they have their exams near. Only those who are in elite schools or are probably the creamy layer of their educational institutions are the one who doesn't do some of the above activities. This list can probably help some students as well to analyse their daily schedule and figure out the extra activities to cut down on to focus on more productive tasks.

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Author: Varghese16 Dec 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A very detailed study of the normal routine life of almost every college or university going students. I can actually relate to many points mentioned in the article as most of them were followed by me during my college days and procrastinating was the main. Keeping on postponing to complete the project or assignments till the last date of submission and then sitting till late night and completing it was what I too did. After the submission, the promise of not keeping any assignment for the last date used to be made but the next assignment would also be kept on the table to the last date. Though Netflix, youtube or Instagram was not that common during my time but hanging out with friends, planning an outing and cancelling it at the last moment, sleeping, playing games, etc were the most common along with bunking classes.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha19 Dec 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The author has indicated some of the major points with which the students are obsessed during their tenure of studies in colleges and a few habits keeping them engrossed are procrastinating, scrolling through social media and indulgence with the over sleeping. If a time slot is fixed for some part-time job, such income could lessen the burden of the parents having a meagre income.

What is required on their part is to chalk out a plan on a day to day basis with the time allocation for each activity, so that their main aim (study) is not lost.

Author: Umesh24 Dec 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Very interesting and informative article from the author. Actually students will do things of their choice first and other things like studies, making notes, exam preparations etc later. It is human psychology that one tends to attend the jobs and tasks which are liked by that particular person. It is very rare that one will be fortunate enough to make a carer in the line of his or her choice enjoying the associated work.

Today due to technological advancements, newer gadgets have been introduced in the market and more and more attractive apps and games are being thrown in the lap of the persons and everything seems to be so interesting and rosy that no one wants to leave those indulgences on the internet even for a small time. This is hampering the productivity and creativity of the people including students adversely. A new threat and challenge of getting rid of the addiction from the modern gadgets and their applications is there looming on our heads.

So, whatever college students do in their spare time might be good for them in terms of getting entertainment or temporary happiness but spending time in such ordinary activities will be the gross misutilization of the valuable time. So our endeavour be such that as far as possible our time should be passed and utilised in positive and constructive activities. That is the only way which can lead us to a brighter future having a successful career.

Guest Author: Rupam Aich18 Jan 2020

Thanks for this article on things college students can do in their free time. It is quite interesting to read and motivating too.

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