How to Write an Impressive Essay in Less than 24 Hours

Are you looking for some great essay writing tips? Check out this essay writing guide to prepare an effective essay within 24 hours.

In an ideal world, one would have plenty of time to write a college essay. However, that's not how it always works.

Even though you might have a month to deliver an essay, thanks to tests, projects and other assignments, many students find themselves struggling to finish their essay in the last minute.
The thing about last-minute work is that it's not always up to the mark because you're so overwhelmed by the looming deadline, you end up writing it just to meet that deadline.

Being the experts at urgent essay writing, we at Writers Per Hour know to deliver an essay in less than 24 hours and in this article, will show you how you can write an impressive essay fast.
Here's a breakdown of the stages of essay writing and the ideal amount of time you should devote to each of them in order to complete it in a day, as per our urgent essay writers.

Select the Topic: 2 Hours

Topic selection is crucial and forms the foundation of your essay. While this step can go on for hours, you just have 24 hours to finish your essay and need to set a hard deadline for researching topics and narrowing down a specific one.

You need to do a quick brainstorming session and put together questions or topics that are of interest to you and give you the scope to conduct research on.

As time is short, it's better to select a topic that you have prior knowledge about, so you don't have to start learning about it from scratch.

Conduct Effective Research: 3 Hours

Selected the topic? Great. Now, commit to it.

You need to conduct effective research and make every minute count. Let's face it – you don't have the time to go to a library and browse encyclopedias and journals, but the good news is, that there are a lot of credible online resources that you have access to with a click of a button.

The key is to know where to look.

Refer to relevant journals, articles and case studies published by reputable sources. Some academic directories you can look into are Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals and RefSeek to name a few.

While doing research, be sure to maintain a detailed account of the references you include so it gets easier to cite them accurately later.

Outline the Essay: 30 minutes

Don't make the mistake of skipping this step. Make sure you devote at least 30 minutes to creating an outline for the essay – this will save you ample time during the writing process.
Outlining includes jotting down the structure along with the points or arguments you plan on including in every section. Creating a rough outline before you start writing the essay ensures you haven't missed out on anything and your points flow logically.

Develop the Thesis Statement: 30 minutes

Another important step that needs to be tackled before you get down to writing the essay – developing the thesis statement. This one to two sentence statement appears towards the end of the introductory paragraph.

This statement forms the crux of your essay and gives it direction. It's needs to be specific and debatable while clearly communicating the position you're taking in the essay.

If you find yourself spending too much time on developing the thesis statement,
work on a rough one which can be refined once you're done writing the entire essay.

Write the Introduction: 2 Hours

The introduction needs to begin with a compelling hook that engages the reader. The purpose of this paragraph is to establish context and the purpose of your essay. You need to highlight the relevant background information and end this section with the thesis statement.

The introductory paragraph is generally short and can be completed in a span of two hours. The time consuming aspect of this section is coming up with a strong essay hook.

Take a Break: 1 Hour

Time is running out and you're stressing but believe it or not – it's important to give yourself a break at this stage. You're halfway done and before you start working on the rest, you need to give yourself some respite.

So, take a power nap or go out for a walk to take your mind off the essay so you can come back refreshed to take on the major part of the writing process – the body paragraph.

Write the Body: 4 Hours

Comprising of the majority of the essay, the body paragraph needs at least three to four uninterrupted hours.

This is the section where you will elaborate on your arguments and back them up with examples and specific evidence. Each of the ideas you state need to have supporting statements to convince the reader of your position.

Make sure the transitions from one idea to the next are smooth and reinforce the thesis statement you crafted.

Write the Conclusion: 1 Hour

You might be tired and burnt out by the time you reach this paragraph but hold on – don't take it lightly. A strong conclusion paragraph ties together your entire essay and it's important to do it justice.

Instead of summarizing the thesis statement, reinstate it by reminding the reader of the most important points you made in the essay.

The concluding paragraph stays more vividly in the minds of readers so make it strong and thoughtful, giving your essay the perfect closure.

Cite References: 1 Hour

This step shouldn't take too much time if you have sincerely taken notes while conducting research.
All you have to do here is follow the citation format instructions (APA, MLA, etc.) and accurately cite all the sources you have included in your essay.

From facts and figures to quotes, original publications and anything else that's someone else's work needs to be cited to avoid plagiarism and increase the credibility of your writing.

Edit and Proofread your Writing: 2 Hours

Editing and proofreading are essential to essay writing success. You need to check for grammatical and sentence formation errors along with ensuring your paper flow smoothly and logically.
The reason why we suggest devoting two hours to this is because one read is not enough. This is the final step of essay writing and you need to do a thorough proofread to deliver a paper devoid of errors and plagiarism. It's also a good idea to get someone else to give your essay a read parallelly.

Writing an essay in less than 24 hours is not all that difficult if you follow this schedule strictly and keep distractions at bay. This smart approach lets you finish it on time without compromising on the quality. So, the next time you're racing against time, follow this plan or just contact Writers Per Hour for help with urgent essay writing.

Article by Tony John
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Author: Umesh20 Dec 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Very interesting and motivating for the established writers as well as new writers. These are some of the tips the new writers are searching everywhere.

Writing is an art and it is the creative outcome of the assimilated knowledge in a person who is desirous to venture in the field of writing. Drafting an essay requires a basic thing before starting it and that is being knowledgeable about the particular topic or theme or subject. So it is imperative that before starting our essay it will be desirable to do some research and then use those points as well as one's own ideas to knit a well-conceived essay. The quality of the essay will always reflect the knowledge accumulated by the writer in that area before the attempt. In this context I will repeat that reading is a great hobby and those who are going to make writing as a career or for occasional use should invariably try to read the related things whenever they are getting time for it. I strongly believe that reading generates writing.

Author: K Mohan04 Sep 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

The author has come up with tips and suggestions as to how to write an essay in less than 24 hours. I feel that everyone should be accustomed to more reading so that any essay can be created and wrote in no time. If the topic is already made known to us then creating an essay is very easy. But often we come across the situation wherein the essay topic is announced in the contest hall where the preparation time is very less and we have to totally rely on our knowledge and know-how to create a good essay instantly.

Author: Swati Sharma09 Sep 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A very nice article by the author. Essay writing is an art for which knowledge and research are required in the related subject. One important thing that should be kept in mind while writing is that your language should be simple and clear. It is not the right way to extend the essay by including unnecessary words. While writing an essay, many ideas come to mind regarding the same topic and we go on writing them but the ideas should be written in a systematic way. By doing this we can also avoid repetition of words or statements. A good essay is a series of engaging thoughts that keep the reader engaged so that after reading one idea, there is a curiosity to know the next idea.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha24 Mar 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

The author has provided the relevant tips for becoming proficient in essay writing. I would recommend the following tips in writing an essay if the time permitted is less. The tips are as follows-
1) You should avoid lengthy sentences that can make your essay confusing and clumsy.
2) Your reader would be interested more if you could touch his heart with your presentation in a lucid style.
3) You might be in a position to recollect many information with your earlier readings and hence inculcate the habit of reading varying topics that would enable you to polish your skills.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao09 Sep 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A very good article from the author and this will be very useful to the students as well as people who are interested in improving their writing skills. It is correct to say that one should make a rough sketch of the essay he/she is going to write and decide the subheadings. Once these subheadings are decided, one should start writing and first complete a rough essay. While writing the rough essay all the ideas and points one wants to bring in should be written and we should not leave some points out in a hurry.
Once the rough article is ready, the author should start working on each and every subheading and the matter he has written under that subheading. He should also see that connectivity will be always maintained between the subsections and then he should go through the essay and make all required grammar and other corrections. If a student devotes his/her time and plan as mentioned by the author I feel completing an essay in 24 hours will not be a very difficult proposition.

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