ICSE Board Examinations Model Grammar Paper questions and answers for revision

In this article are provided solutions to some important Grammar part model questions of the ICSE Board. This will enable students to practice well the different model questions and in turn, help them to score well in the Board's final exams.

Question 1

I. (a) Fill in the numbered blanks with the correct form of the word given in brackets. Do not rewrite the whole paragraph. Just answer the blanks;-

Example(0)- convinced.
I (0)---------- (convince) that my father (1) -------------- (remember) all those who has morals and ethics. He (2)------------ (be) a teacher of learning and also saw that he (3) ------------- (teach) his students with passion and patience. He some time (4)------------ (use) to lose his temper, but that's because he always (5) ----------- (want) his students to learn and achieve. As an individual, he was honest and simple. His greatness (6) ------------ (lie) in the fact, that he (7) -------- (have) pure heart. Such a person is always valued and (8) ------- (be) respected by every one.

  1. is remembered
  2. was
  3. taught
  4. used
  5. wanted
  6. lies
  7. has
  8. is

(b) Fill in the numbered blanks with the correct form of the verb given in brackets. Do not rewrite the whole paragraph. Just answer the blanks;-

One day I --------(1) (be) in the lunch line, and there I saw a pile of apples. The teacher-in-charge -------------- (2) (stare) at me and said, "Just ---------- (3) (take) one. God ------------ (4) (watch)". So, I -------------- (5) (take) an apple, and the time ------------- (6) (move) along. At the next table there-------- (7) (be) a pile of chocolate chip cookies. I -------- (8) (not know) what to do. "psst", the kid behind me ----------------- (9) (whisper). ------------ (10) (take) all you want. God's watching the apple".

  1. was
  2. stared
  3. take
  4. is watching
  5. took
  6. moved
  7. was
  8. did not know
  9. whispered
  10. take

Question 2

(a) Fill in the blanks with suitable words:-
  1. Truth always remains strong ------- the long sprint.
  2. Praneeta stood ---- the lake and saw the boat pass by.
  3. Ram took some money --------- his grandfather to buy a cycle.
  4. Pavitra gave a unique present ----- my birthday.
  5. Prabhu wa very angry ---- me
  6. Sandeep has desire ------- meet the prime minister.
  7. It ha been long time ---------- I met my sister.
  8. The worker asked ----- his salary

  1. in
  2. by
  3. from
  4. on
  5. from
  6. to
  7. since
  8. for

(b) Fill in the blanks with suitable words:-
  1. She turned ----------- the offer to work at the factory.
  2. To everyone's surprise, she turned ---------------- at the party.
  3. She broke ------------ in the middle of her speech in the function.
  4. The thief broke ----------- the house when the family is away.
  5. She agreed to carry ------------- the manager's orders.
  6. Satya's daughter carried ---------- the family business when Satya went abroad.
  7. He ran ------- from home at the age of ten.
  8. I ran ----------- my old friend in the market place.
  9. Her aunt looks ------------- her aging grandparents.
  10. The Principal -------- matter of complaint from teacher and students.

  1. down
  2. up
  3. down
  4. into
  5. out
  6. on
  7. away
  8. across
  9. after
  10. into

Question 3

(a) Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given:-
  1. Sandhya paid a heavy cost for her carelessness. (Begin: It -----------)

  2. No sooner had Rama narrated the story than he was appreciated. (Begin: Hardly ------------)

  3. Girish is a friendly boy and is always positive. (Begin: Besides ---------)

  4. They had to put off terrace party because of the heavy rain. (Begin: The heavy --------)

  5. Krishna said to me, "Please do not forget to meet me tonight". (Begin: I was-------)

  6. In spite of my warning, she ignored me. (Begin: Though----------)

  7. The business talk was unsuccessful because neither side was ready to negotiate. (Begin: since----------)

  8. They were very terrified and so they could not speak. (Begin: Being---------)

  1. It made Sandhya paid a heavy price for the carelessness.
  2. Hardly Rama narrated his story when he was appreciated.
  3. Besides being a friendly boy Girish is also always positive.
  4. The heavy rain caused them to put off the terrace party.
  5. I was told by Krishna to meet him tonight.
  6. Though I warned her she still ignored me.
  7. Since neither of the side was ready to negotiate therefore business talk was unsuccessful.
  8. Being terrified they were not able to speak.

(b) In each of the following items, sentence A is complete, while sentence B is not. Complete sentence B, making it as similar as possible to sentence A. Write sentence B in each case.
  1. All nooks and corners were checked.
    Answer:-No --------------------------

  2. He is so old that he cannot remember events of the past.
    Answer:- He is too --------------------

  3. As soon as the bell rings, the children run out to play.
    Answer:- No sooner -------------------

  4. No other planet is as big as Jupiter.
    Answer:- Jupiter-------------------------

  5. He is forgetful as well as careless with his work.
    Answer:- Besides-------------------------

  6. Only trained graduates need to apply for the post.
    Answer:- None----------------------------

  7. His attitude towards his parents has always puzzled.
    Answer:- I have----------------------------

  8. He loved his little daughter, but he was in mortal fear of her fierce temper.
    Answer:- All though------------------------

  1. He is too old to remember events of the past.
  2. No sooner does the bell ring than the children run to lay.
  3. Jupiter is the biggest planet.
  4. Besides being forgetful he is careless with his work.
  5. She said "I will return the book to the library tomorrow".
  6. None but the trained graduates need to apply for the post.
  7. I have always been puzzled by his attitude towards his parents.
  8. Although he loved his little daughter, he was in mortal fear of her fierce temper.

Questio 4

(a) Fill in the blanks with appropriate pre-positions:-
  1. Big pellets ----- rains were scaring the surface of the river.
  2. Saran preffered to stand safely ----- the other side of the road.
  3. Geeta took the file ------ the closet and walked out of the cabin.
  4. You can see some dark spots ------ the surface marked yellow.
  5. Put the jacket -------- your shirt as its chilly outside.
  6. Sunil drove----- the tunnel for fifteen minutes.
  7. The prices have risen --------- 15% after elections.
  8. We were just talking ------- you

  1. of
  2. on
  3. from
  4. below
  5. over
  6. though
  7. by
  8. about

  1. After his parents died in car accident, his uncle looked ------ him.

  2. The chairman says that he will look --------- their complaints.

  3. The soldier laid ---------- their lives defending their country.

  4. I was laid -------- for three weeks with broken leg.

  5. This book runs ------- a hundred and fifty ages.

  6. The program ran for ----- six hours.

  7. He takes ---- his grandfather.

  8. I have an appointment ----- the dentist

  1. after
  2. into
  3. down
  4. up
  5. into
  6. for
  7. over
  8. with

Question 5

Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but or so.
  1. She learnt to cycle. She has yet to learn swim.
    Answer:- Though she ha learnt to cycle , she has yet to learn to swim.

  2. The child helped her mother to make breakfast. She washed the tomatoes.
    Answer:- The child helped her mother to make breakfast by washing the tomatoes.

  3. They bought a new car. They can travel long distances.
    Answer:- Since they bought a new car, they can travel long distances.

  4. Sunita opened her purse. She found her money missing.
    Answer:- When Sunita opened her purse, she found the money missing.


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