What are the expectations and realities of being a teacher

This article is aimed at introducing the ideal expectations from the teachers. What should we expect from the teachers and are they fulfilling their expectations? Are the things we see so worse than we realize or is there a positive way to see the things. All these have been discussed in the article.


Before discussing the expectations from the teachers and the reality, first, we need to perceive the concept of a teacher. The etymology suggests that a teacher is the one who teaches i.e. presents, shows and points out. But this meaning remains incomplete as it does not describe the purpose of teaching i.e. what to teach? The work of a teacher is not merely pointing out or showing the bookish knowledge, but indeed help its students finding out themselves i.e. working as a mirror for the abstract visualization of the students. Further, the role of it is not limited to the subject-specific but quite comprehensive one which is beyond any physical conceptualization.

Expectations from the Teacher

The expectations from the teachers are not the subject to be listed, indeed it is beyond one's thinking capacity. The Teacher is expected to unleash the maximum mental potential of the student for the optimum behavioral change. Things are not easy for them as for this purpose the development of the emotional relationship is required to bring the change in effective domain in Bloom's words. Now, the expectations or the role of a teacher should be discussed in the three levels of education:

Primary Education

  • At this level, the teacher is required to teach its students the basic morals of life.
  • Take their language skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading Skills (LSWR) to the best level possible and working on them seriously to develop a strong base.
  • Deal with the students in such a manner that they neither get hurt nor get undisciplined.
  • Treat the curiosities of the students in a positive manner, letting them develop their imagination skills to the highest level to develop their mind.

Middle School or Secondary Education

  • Develop the sense of social awareness.
  • Refining Language skills
  • Make the students expressive for their right thought
  • Level-up their curiosities
  • Work on the development of the external and internal personality of the students
  • Make them health conscious
  • Develop the qualities of citizenship

Higher Education

  • Develop their Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
  • Make them aware of their future and career
  • Help them identify their aptitude and interests
  • Refine their attitude
  • Establish emotional relationship with students at all the stages of education

The above list is indicative, these are some of the ideal responsibilities of a teacher but actually the list goes beyond any finite listing.

Reality: Are the Expectations Being Really Fulfilled

There is always a way of writing which only negatively criticize but that is not the way this writing would. Indeed teaching is one of the rarest professions which have much higher goals than money, and indeed its goals are being accomplished even today. Teachers develop an emotional relationship mostly at least in the academic environment. Here I am not talking about coaching institutions and those such enterprises which have ruined the system. The problem I see is the direct involvement of money between the student and the teacher. Any institution indeed needs money to go on smoothly to give the required facilities but there should be a separate administration or management which takes care of money related issues. Now, these coaching or such institutions are not running on money, indeed running for money which is the main problem. Such institutions have no meaning to their students but their students' money. The main goal of their establishment is supposed to help the students but today the coaching institutions, especially in metro cities, fill their classes up to 100-200 student. No such thing as the student-teacher ratio is concerned of. Further, these have huge impacts on the sacred academic environment as teachers are the same and many of them directly or indirectly ask for joining their so-called help centres. I am not saying the academic environments are naturally ideal, but indeed these have also some issues especially in the autonomous bodies. I am focused on financial issues in this article as I find this as the major issue. Also, I am not blaming all the coaching institutions, there are some good ones but most of the institutes do not actually serve the purpose.


Conclusively, we can say that things are not bad as we see but indeed some components are like the rotten apples which have deteriorating influences. These issues must be addressed. The link between academic environments and those help centres must be understood. There should be such provisions which do not allow the coaching institutes' teachers to join academics or hinder and negatively influence the sacred environments of the academy ie school or college.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao13 Jan 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A teacher is the maker of the society. If not all the people but the majority of the population will go to school during their childhood to learn. Those times the minds will be tender and tuning them the way we want is easy. So the teachers in the school play a very important role in shaping the lives of the students. Majority of the students will have more faith in their teachers. They believe that what the teacher told is correct. More than subjects, they should tell them what is good, what is bad and what way one should behave in their lives. Once these basics are taught and planted in their mind, they will be more matured in their lives and see higher levels in their lives. But what is happening these days is that the teachers are feeling that their's is a job like other jobs. Come, teach and go seems to be the practice. But this is not correct; teaching is an entirely different profession.

Author: Lovish Raheja13 Jan 2020 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

Very well said, Dr Rao Sir. Teaching is completely a different profession. This profession in its ideal form does not aim at money. Actually, money is the byproduct. The purpose is to think and draw best out of the students for the fulfilment and achievement of his/her goals. Teaching is a 24x7 profession, not limited to the work hours like any other professions.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha13 Jan 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The role of the teacher is to mould the students with a consistent effort from an indisciplined domain to the disciplined one and this journey is not so easy. It requires personal bondage and the teachers should have the tolerance to listen to hear the individual grievances of each student. He has to create a climate where the learning process becomes easy with due support and stimulation. It should go beyond the specific time allocated for the teaching assignment.
The teachers need to develop higher thinking levels among their pupils and should make them aware of their own goal. They should be able to create interest in the lines which they are pursuing. The long bondage between the teachers and pupils would help in growing conscious young men who would become sensible citizens later on.

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