Best Way to Start Your New Digital Marketing Career

The digital economy is growing fast and there's no better time to get into digital marketing. Be prepared for a career that will keep you on your toes. Read this blog to know more about the best way to start your new digital marketing career

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There're several times I get this common question from digital marketing students. What is the best way to start your new digital marketing career? Understandably, everyone has their own ideas about how to approach a new career in digital marketing.
Therefore, I will put forth my views on the best ways to start your new digital marketing career. Because starting a career isn't child's play or the proverbial cakewalk.
In this article, I'll guide you about the best ways to start your new digital marketing career. Follow each step carefully because that would help you throughout your working life as a digital marketer and make a successful career in this booming field.

Best Ways to Start Digital Marketing Career

Here's something important before you I speak about the best way to start your new career in digital marketing. You'll require 100 percent determination and need to exert extra efforts in almost every sphere of digital marketing. Remember, nothing worthwhile comes without proper dedication and efforts.

Do Some Introspection

The very first step to start a new digital marketing career is by finding out whether you're really interested in the field. Thousands of students enrol for digital marketing courses every year across India. Clearly, they're several digital marketing training institutes that put out glitzy ads that're supported by too-good-to-be-real testimonials from former students.
I'm not implying these ads are bad or testimonials are fake. Instead, I'm asking you to think deeply whether you're genuinely interested in a digital marketing career. Because it involves learning a lot of new and complex technologies. And it requires you to keep your skills updated all the time.
Ask yourself whether you're willing to go that extra mile. And if the answer is affirmative or yes, then move onwards to the next step.
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Join Excellent Digital Marketing Course

Once you know that digital marketing is indeed a career of your choice, look for a digital marketing course. Again, you'll come across all sorts of ads and claims made by various digital marketing training institutes. So how do you distinguish between the best and the ordinary? After all, it's your time, effort and money.
In my humble opinion, there's only one way to find an extraordinary digital marketing institute. And that is to check who're the faculty members. If the digital marketing course is conducted by a successful, self-made blogger and digital marketer, it is the best. Because they'll have adequate personal experience in this sector and can teach you the necessary tricks and tweaks.
Check about the benefits you get by joining this course. These would include free use of expensive digital marketing resources, a free domain name and hosting to open own paid website and other essentials. Once you have this fact-check in place, enrol for the digital marketing course.
Usually, most digital marketing courses are of four to six-month duration only. And often, good courses are part-time. That's because such a training academy will have faculty members that're working at top positions at largest corporations in India. Hence, these faculty members will be able to conduct classes only during their spare time.

Look for Internships

After completing your digital marketing course from an excellent institute, look for internship opportunities. Here I suggest you opt for at least three to six-month internships. Remember, doing a digital marketing training course at an excellent academy is one thing. And practising the skills you acquire is another thing altogether. Here I'll quote the old adage: "Practice makes a person perfect." Therefore, an internship at a good organization will help you perfect your digital marketing skills.
An internship is also the best way to start your new digital marketing career for several other reasons. Firstly, you'll be working alongside professionals in the field or at least, a few colleagues that have some experience. Therefore, you can learn a lot of new things about digital marketing from these coworkers.
Furthermore, you'll also discover your own blank spots, grey areas and strengths and weaknesses in various digital marketing processes during the internship. This allows you to practice harder on skills where you lag and improve skills where you are stronger.
An internship certificate from a reputed company also makes a lot of difference when you start your new digital marketing career. It puts you in a bargaining position to ask for pay during an interview when you apply for digital marketing jobs.

Create Own Skills Inventory

And before you apply for any jobs as a digital marketer, remember to take the inventory of your own skills. What's a skills inventory? I'll explain in very simple words. A skills inventory is nothing more than a list of your skills as a digital marketer. As I mentioned earlier, you'll be strong at some skills and lag in others. Therefore, you need to identify areas where you have strengths and promote them on your Resume and CV to start your new digital marketing career by finding a superb job.
Once you have a skills inventory, it becomes easier to apply for a matching job and launch a successful new career in digital marketing. For example, if social media marketing is your strength, look for excellent openings in that specific field. And if Search Engine Optimization or SEO is your speciality, apply for matching jobs.

Special Attention to Content Writing

Content writing is a very important part of digital marketing. Most people focus on SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and other techniques because they depend mainly upon software and online resources on the Internet. Content writing is the most difficult part of digital marketing. And it's also the profession that will pay you the highest salary in digital marketing. Not without a reason.
In digital marketing, there's an adage that says: "Content is the undisputed king of the website or blog." Rightly so. Because you can know all the digital marketing processes and can perform them with excellence. But if your website or that of an employer doesn't have interesting, relevant, timely and engaging content, all digital marketing processes won't fetch you the necessary results.
Actually, content writing isn't that difficult as most people falsely believe. Any excellent training course in digital marketing will include content writing as a few modules. By simply following the steps, you can become an excellent content writer too.
Furthermore, content writing also teaches you how to distinguish excellent articles from boring ones. Because your employer may be outsourcing content from others or writing themselves. Therefore, you'll have to guide them on the best way to write content that makes it easier to attract people, entice them to become customers and culminate as sale.

More Ways to Start Your New Digital Marketing Career

The above five steps are the best way to start your new digital marketing career. However, here're some additional things you can do. The first is networking with other digital marketers on LinkedIn.
Second is to open your own blog and perform digital marketing processes that you can display to an employer. And third is to learn the use of videos and influencer marketers in digital marketing.
Usually, an excellent digital marketing course will train you on these skills. But, you need to fine-tune them through internships, as I mentioned earlier.

In Conclusion

Before concluding, I'll aver these are the best ways to start your new digital marketing career. Because it involves taking several positive steps in the right direction. Therefore, you can easily adapt these steps while looking at a career in digital marketing.
Remember, becoming a professional digital marketer isn't an easy process. I'll repeat that it requires intense efforts and interest on your part. However, with the demand for digital marketers in India set to rise exponentially over the next few years and beyond, it's definitely worth considering as a future or new career.


Author: Umesh13 Jan 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

A comprehensive article on digital marketing and people who aspire for it. Digital marketing is catching up very fast in the digital media as the companies have come to know its potential in influencing the customer for their products and services. So, it is natural that more scope from job point of view and making innovations is there in this field. There is a large network of people moving with smartphones in their hand and searching and referring a large amount of data in the ocean of the internet. In that scenario, if the company can show its product and services with catchy and attractive displays and text lines then many people will naturally be attracted towards it to find out what is that all about and if convinced may go for that offer. People are using various types of apps where the advertisements are inbuilt and even in the absence of internet connection these displays will be there. Once the app is updated these displays can change depending upon the contract between the app designer and the company who is willing to make its presence through the app. So there are many opportunities in the spectrum of digital marketing which can be availed by a digital marketing person. Experts are coming up with newer and newer ideas and innovation in this field and for those who have a strong desire to learn and monetise it, the sky is the only limit.

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