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Why stock market trading is a good career option in 2020 for fresh graduates

Looking for a career as a stock market trader? This article explains how a career in finance as a stock market trader is the most prestigious and lucrative job opportunity available for fresh graduates and the skills required for it.

A financial market is widely known as a stock market for common people like me. Trading firms are hiring fresh graduates for an analyst or other technical jobs for their company. If someone has an economics and mathematics background then he or she may be interested in a financial analyst job. Stock market trading required lots of patience and skills, People make millions and some people lose their whole network in this market. Investing and trading in the stock market is associated with huge risks. Knowledge in the stock market and skills for performing during trading hours is not an easy task. Strategy making and quick decision-making ability will make you a good trader. However, very few people are able to do this.

What are the current trends of jobs in the stock market?

Investment banks and trading firms are often hiring fresh graduates and training them before they get into real-life trading. Different types of quantitative analysis and strategies are prepared and back-tested to check the performances of their strategy before employing them into real-life trading. Maths and economics graduate students are always all-time favorites for these trading firms. However, engineering graduates are also offering high paying jobs in investment banks.

What skills I must have to get this type of job?

Beyond your qualifications, you must have the skills to handle pressures in difficult situations and the right decision-making ability in this type of situation. You have to understand the risk-taking ability and how to bet on profitable trades. Proper training will be provided by the firm, but you have to learn from the first day and from every mistake.

How much a trader could earn in a year?

There is no limitation on earnings; a fresh trader can even earn 100000 US dollars in a year if he trades properly. Some traders make millions of dollars with the firm's capital. However, everyone is not making a profit from the stock market. Some people lose their whole network. Managing risks and control over your capital is a big issue to learn. Sometimes, taking lots of risks may erode your valued capital.

Where should I start trading for the first time?

If you are a newbie and interested to learn more about stock market trading, it will be better if you start your trading and practice it in paper trading and online simulated trading. It will help you to grow your knowledge more in the field of the stock market and there will be no loss in real money. When trading skills will improve, then start your trading with real money.

What type of job can I get in the stock market?

There are several types of jobs available in the stock market domain. If you are a science or math graduate or economics graduate you can try for the quant analyst job. If you have engineering and another technical degree you may opt for an algorithm trader job. If you have a good coding ability you can also get a job as a coder in algorithmic trading firms. Other jobs like sales, marketing, front office executive jobs are available for different background skills.

Whether is this a full time or part-time job?

If you want to be a trader and work independently for yourself with your own money, then it's up to you. If you are looking for a job then all the positions will be fulltime jobs.


Author: Umesh10 Jan 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

Stock market trading is a risky affair but with a good knowledge of things and patience one can earn a good money from this endeavour. When one is working for a stock broker company then one will only get the commission out of the business done but when one is using ones own money in the share market then the total gain or loss is on ones own account. One should be aware of the various factors which affect the share market so that one can take timely actions for selling or buying of the stocks. Share market movements are dependent on many factors and some of them are -

1. Political situations - Stable political situation in the country is conducive to the share market and supports it. A turmoil and instability will create a downtrend in the share market and people will avoid investing in stocks which will lead the further deterioration in the market.

2. Economic conditions - This is an important factor as the increase in manufacturing and sales is directly connected to the well being of the stock markets.

3. Increase in export - If our export increases then companies will be benefited and their stock value will increase.

4. Obsolescence of particular products - The technology is fast changing and old products are being replaced with the newer ones. In this situation the companies which are not able to change quickly will lose the business and their shares will plunge in the market.

So, the share market investor has to consider many factors and aspect before taking sell/ buy decisions and with knowledgeable steps taken in time and taking advantage of the movement in the prices of the shares the investor can make money out of those opportunities.

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