How we celebrated Children's Day

This essay is about the Children's Day celebration is school. On this day, the teachers and principal arranged for various entertainment shows and gave us sweets. The school was beautifully decorated on this day.

On 14th November every year, we celebrate Children's Day because it is the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was the first prime-minister of India and he loved children very much. So this day is celebrated as 'Children's Day' every year to pay a tribute to this great national leader. In schools, Children's Day is celebrated in a grand way. The schools are beautifully decorated with festoons, flower arches and balloons. Children enjoy this day because the teachers arrange for several entertainment programs.

Celebrating Children's Day in our school

We celebrate Children's Day in our school 'St Joseph's Convent High School' every year. This year, the function was organized in a wonderful day and it was a memorable day for us. The school was wonderfully arranged from the entrance. The entrance of our school was wonderfully decorated with flower festoons. The corner of the corridor was beautifully inscribed with letters 'Happy Children's Day'. Every class was decorated with balloons and crape paper on the walls. So all the children were happy by this wonderful sight. In the assembly, we sang some beautiful rhymes taught by our school headmistress. We all were draped in colour dresses and hence were excited to see the other students around us in different colors. Music was being played in the main hall and we could clearly listen to the music. After assembly we all entered into our classes. The stage was decorated wonderfully and was laid with a soft carpet. Microphone arrangements were made in the hall.

How they displayed different entertainment shows?

After we sat into our classes, we could clearly listen to the music that was played. Then we were merrily singing in the classes and our school administrator entered into the class. Then she told us to make an assembly and she led us to the main hall. After that we went to the main hall and were seated on the chairs that were laid with soft linen cloth. Then the administer of our school announced that some special programs were arranged for us.

Items of entertainment

After a short session, we saw something special that wonder-struck us. Some of our teachers were draped in a beautiful saree in nine-layer style. Then they were carrying pots on their heads. A music was played 'Aada Hai Chandrama". This musical concert were arranged by our teachers. We all laughed for a while, but appreciated the interests of our teachers. The teachers begin dancing wonderfully in steps. Even though some of the teachers in this dance were quiet aged, they showed their enthusiasm. After the dance show was over, we gave a big hand of applause.

The next entertainment item was even surprising. Some of the teachers were draped in school uniform. We all begin to laugh heartily to see our teachers dressed up like school girls. We watched our class teacher, who was dressed up like a principal. They played a drama about school girls who were not interested in studies. But when a worthy principal was appointed, she taught some innovative methods of teaching and hence the students became keen to study. They used laptops and iPad to portray their method of teaching. Some of our students were seated on the bench and spoke like school children. So we enjoy this item so much that we can never forget it.

The last item was a solo dance by our principal who was dressed like tribes. She wonderfully performed a tribal dance and again we clapped her heartily.

Then, our headmistress spoke briefly about Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was our great leader and his dedication towards the nation and children. She stated that a child is an asset to the institution and hence they should build their foundation to become successful. After that our class teacher entered on the stage and sang a song 'Bacche man ke Sacche' from the film.

After the dance items

We all happily retreated to our classes and were very happy. Then, our class teacher entered the class and gave us pack of sweets. This pack contained a ladoo, chocolate and a colorful lead pencil. So after receiving the gift pack, we came out of the class and saw our parents standing near the school gate. Then we happily returned home and could not forget this wonderful day.


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