The Art of learning from Significantly Important people

The significantly important people in our lives may be any human being. It does include our parents, close relatives, and a few extremely close friends in whom one can confide at any point in time. Among this group of human beings, one can also find good role models. The art of learning from such significantly important other people is sought to be explained in some detail in this article.


Irrespective of our social or economic position, there is so much to learn from others. The significantly important people in our lives are our parents, our very close friends in whom we normally confide and our close relatives. From the various real-world case studies, it becomes obvious that maximum learning from significant others can happen with specific reference to a) Chasing our dreams and giving that good shape b) Learning life skills that are significant c) Learning the art of inter-personal skills d) Learning skills that can be emulated in careers and e) Learning skills for happy married lives.

Chasing our dreams and giving that good shape

This is the biggest learning that we should take very seriously. Each of us has dreams. Some dreams come true. Some may not. But we must dream. This dream is not about romance. It is about all that we want to become. That "me" that is unique to ourselves. That unique statement that we want to make that relates to "this is me". We often do mistakes and those mistakes cost us, dear. However, regular discussion and sharing of views with significant others can lead us to our dreams.

In a particular case, the young man was totally confused about what to do. Totally misguided by his father, he had a bachelor's degree in geography. He then went on to do a Master's degree in Public Administration through correspondence. He did not realize that correspondence courses are only ego trips. They will help one to acquire knowledge. But nothing else and does not add any value to one's career. His cousin prodded him to do the ICWA course. He did that and today, he is the President of Corporate Finance of one of Nigeria's top companies. This significant learning came along only because the young man was ready to listen. Our significantly important people who mean well and are always ready to chip in to help us grow are those who can really teach us many a lesson.

Learning life skills that are significant

Stuck with an MBA degree from a Chennai college affiliated to the University of Madras, a middle-level executive met his cousin at a wedding and sought some advice. On the very same day, there was an advertisement for a Data Analytics Course from a Chennai college called the SSN College in collaboration with IBM. The cousin who had settled in the USA with an MS degree in Computer Science encouraged the person to change gears. He did exactly that. The stiff cost of a few lakh rupees was managed through a jewel loan.

With the new skill in his bag, the person was able to get a good job in Mumbai in Data Analytics. Within two years, a good opportunity opened up in Singapore. He has never come back. Such life-changing opportunities open up only when we acquire new skills. In this case, the cousin became the best significantly important person in his life.

Learning the art of inter-personal skills

This is one important learning that pertains to any human being for a lifetime. A good friend of this author was aghast to learn how four brothers and their wives could live together in Coimbatore, in the same apartment complex. The parents would move from one flat to another and happily help out in managing the six grandchildren. The chemistry was excellent only because there was a huge amount of caring and sharing between all family members. That they continue to live in the heart of the city is even more interesting.

The learning was centered around what made them click. Each of the women would quickly prepare some dish and assemble for dinner in one of the flats. The children would join too and everyone would eat without watching any television serial or attending to the cell phone for the full forty minutes.

The elders guided them in minimizing all conflict that was any way at the bare minimum. This author's friend who spent a full weekend with the family learned so much and the women even offered him tips on the kind of person whom he should get married to!! The family was able to demonstrate wants it takes to have very good interpersonal relationships at home. The brothers narrated how their parents would spend money in inviting some twenty very poor people from their locality and would serve them a full meal on a particular day.

The father who had retired from the postal service as a post-master would conduct free spiritual classes for the nearby Government school children and also help the poor students to get some support from his known contacts. For example, he convinced his friend who had some contacts in Chennai to give free food and hostel for a poor student to study in a private engineering college. The Chairman readily agreed when the economic background was explained to him. He also gave the student a big discount on fees.

In general, one can always develop good inter-personal skills when he or she can spot particular needs and concerns of the persons with whom he or she has relations with. For example, even if a particular person is not so good at deciding on careers if he is guided properly, he will always remember the concerned person as a resourceful person and respond positively. If the retired post-master can be taken as an example, it was quite obvious that he had gone all out of the way in forging ties and good inter-personal relations with a good number of people, outside his own immediate family. The role of significantly important people thus becomes very important in building vital inter-personal skills.

Learning skills that can be emulated in careers

When a diploma holder was appointed in a trainee position in an auto-component organization, he was duly advised by the department head of the technical department to learn the art of operating CNC Machines. As his luck could have it, he was transferred on promotion to a position to the same technical department and the superior promptly put him on a training program. The young man took the training program very seriously and went on to become a big expert.

With three years of experience, when a particular Quality Control executive resigned his job and accepted a good position in Malaysia, he took this trained expert too. He found a good role for himself in the new environment. There was no looking back thereafter. We have a big role in learning from any good advice that we get from any quarter if that pertains to such vital skills. The more we know, the more we do not know. This is a new reality. This is the new normal. That said, the need to pick up new skills from trained experts can always be found in big companies. Six Sigma Certification, for example, can be learned on a part-time basis. With this new skill, it is possible to find better and new challenging roles and responsibilities. No organization wants any single person to just do their jobs. They want people who can seize this initiative. Nothing can stop the people who can really get going. In fact, the whole world is not going to wait for those who fail to learn from others. The more we learn from others, the more we can excel in our lives at all times.

Learning skills for happy married lives

This is another important concern for those who need to get married now. 2020 is not the same as in 1970 or 1980. Our mothers or elder brothers or sisters of our mothers or fathers would have had something called "tolerance" as a trait. It should be noted that such tolerance is now as good as gone. All women now have some new expectations from marriage and feel empowered. This happens even if the woman is just a matriculate. Times have changed.

Marriages have become complex too. To have a good married life means a lot in terms of understanding what it takes to understand each other, put down priorities, save money for the future, bring up and educate children and so on. The elders will positively teach us many a lesson and we can always get to have happy married lives, if only we learn from their experiences. It does pay to listen to them, their experiences and how they managed all their expenses. Such challenges will teach us many a lesson. Let us do it right away.


Certain aspects of learning from significantly important people in our lives, have been discussed in some detail above. The scope for innovation and further learning is always present in any given situation.


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