Why inter-caste and inter-religion marriages are increasing

Apart from love marriages, Inter religion or inter caste arranged marriages are also increasing in India. What could be the reasons for parents to accept a bride or groom from a different caste/religion? What are the other criteria they give importance then? Check out this article to know more about today's criteria in arranged marriages.

In matrimonial websites, profiles are increasing with no caste/ religion restrictions. Also, we see some parents telling in family functions that they are looking for a bride or groom from any caste/religion if they match their other expectations. So what are those other expectations?


My uncle, whose family is vegetarian looked for a bride, who may belong to any caste, but should be a vegetarian. I know a family, who is ready to accept a girl from any caste if their family too follow the same religious guru whom they follow.

Financial status

No matter what caste or religion the bride is, they are ready to agree to proceed with the wedding process if the bride or groom's family matches their financial status.

Settled abroad

Parents prefer for the foreign settled bride or groom when their children have the potential to work abroad. In such cases, they ignore caste/religion constraints.

Education or Profession criteria

There are families, who avoid caste or religion criteria if the bride or groom matches their education or profession criteria like Doctor, Police, Army etc.

Also, I have seen parents who are tired of looking for brides or grooms for their children saying that they are ready to look out of their caste or religion. These are not from their heart but out of the inability to find a perfect match for their children within the same caste. In such cases, they give up their caste or religion restrictions.

In most of the above cases, parents looking for the bride for their children are easily convinced and make such decisions, whereas the bride's sides comparatively step back but go forward if the groom side approaches first.

Public view

Generally when we see a couple from different religions or castes, we tend to think or sometimes ask, whether it is a love marriage because not all of us are ready to understand that the expectations of all age groups keep changing.

How do parents expectations change?

Not only the younger minds but middle-aged people also have a wide knowledge of socio-economic changes happening all around the world. So they try to find a life partner for their children accordingly. I would say this is the modern version of the caste system only. The caste system is framed according to the profession of particular groups of people. In those days, they followed the same caste and religion marriages because the family beliefs and practices could be carried forward without interruption. For the same reasons, parents these days look for the same/similar profession persons as their children's life partner.

No more importance to sarcasm

People those days considered what their relatives or neighbours would say about their children's inter-religion marriages, but parents these days ignore such negativity in their life. In the earlier days, they were scared that their relationship with a closed circle may be damaged forever. But now many parents are clear that their children are their family and others are the second circle of social life, so the family should come first. Also people move to different places, away from relatives and their other family circles, so everybody stays within their limits and does not interfere in one's family decisions.

Background check

Same caste marriage is given importance because a family's background can be easily verified. Since people move to different places in the world these days, even people of the same caste cannot be easily verified. Though the family stays in the same village, town or city for many years, the groom/bride studies or works in a different place. So no matter whether it is the same caste/religion or inter-caste/religion marriage, background verification is different and that cannot be an advantage in same caste marriage anymore.

Though the number of inter-caste/religion weddings have increased, the percentage of such types of weddings are less only. Most of them are love marriages or love cum arranged marriages. Inter caste/ religion marriages are encouraged by parents only if they have clarity and knowledge of children's life. I believe it can be increased only by the educational, professional and financial ability of people because no parent is ready to accept a man or woman to their family just because they belong to the same caste/religion. So the younger generation should concentrate on their skill sets and live a fulfilled life which can give hope to their life partner's parents.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao30 Jan 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

It is true inter-caste and inter-religion marriages are increasing and also being accepted by the parents.
My friend's daughter is a PG in Medicine. She was in love with another doctor who belongs to another caste. The parents of the girl and boy accepted their love and performed the marriage very well.

Slowly in our society, caste and religion are losing their importance. Many people live in harmony even though they are from different backgrounds. Only political leaders in between bring these points for their survival or for their benefit. Because of this harmony young minds are not considering those two issues as important for their life together. That is the reason I think these marriages are increasing and many are welcoming it.

As long as the two involved understand each other and can adjust with each other, their married life will be excellent irrespective of their caste, religion or financial status.

A very well written write up from the author.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha31 Jan 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Intercaste marriage can be promoted with the fresh review of our system where the parents have to take up leading roles in encouraging their children to go in for such marriages where children find the values and tastes of the other families exactly like the one enjoyed in their own families. If the values of the two families are matching, the caste system would not impede the relationship of the two families.
However, we will have to analyse the temperament of the couples so that they are made for each other and their alliance would foster love and strong ties of the two families. Babies born after marriage would not suffer any setback as a result of the union of two different caste orientation.
A good write up by the author.

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