Five major mistakes that one should never do for sure success

We are all human beings. We have our own strengths and weaknesses. Irrespective of our social and economic position, through systematic efforts, we can always become far better in terms of terms of satisfying our short-term and long-term goals. Yet, we do some major mistakes. Five of such mistakes that we should positively avoid for sure success are sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.


The five major mistakes that we should positively avoid in our lives are a) Waiting for the "good time" to come b) Listening to and being guided by timid people c) Never taking even minimum risks d) Developing destructive habits and e) Being pessimistic for whatever reason.

Waiting for the good time to come

One can understand when there is a special occasion such as joining in a new job in an organization. Parents will obviously advise us to follow the "good time". This is called rahukalam in Tamil. One understands that this is followed by many communities in India.

Be that as it may, is it not ridiculous that we are often taken over by such beliefs in making the minimum of efforts? Someone tells us that "our time" is not good. We get taken away by such ridiculous advise and do not even enrol for a new job-oriented course or pick up a vital skill. Some commercial astrologer would chip in and ask us to do some special pooja to ward off some not-so-favorable position of some planet in our horoscope. This sort of merry-go-round goes on and on with disastrous results. We lose opportunities. We lose sight of whatever is possible in a given situation and even forget our own strengths. A good 36 months gets wasted and then when we realize that the pooja had no effect at all, we realize that we have really lost something somewhere.

Let us take a counter-logic to examine where we go wrong. Consider for a fact that the Japanese run the fastest trains in the world with the most advanced technology. Today, it is also a fact that the Chinese have also jumped in and they are really challenging not only Japan but the US as well. The latter is trying to preserve it's hold in international trade and hence has come up with protectionist measures. So, what has made the difference? It is the belief in science and technology. It is terrific hardwork combined with a focus on global competition and taking on the best in the world. Haier, for example, is a formidable global Chinese player today.

It decomes clear that "good times" do not exist. It is a mirage. It is something that we should totally forget in our day-to-day lives. Only hard work will take us ahead. Of course, we should also have a focus in whatever we do.

Listening to and being guided by timid people

There are timid people in any given situation and environment. They tend to instill some fear in us at any time. They always have a list of "dont's" and tend to lecture to us to "never take any risk". Such people do us no good. We do not gain one bit from their advise. They never see reality beyond their narrow confines.

For example, one year ago, a distant relative of this author was posted at Indore. He is a banker. Since he is an officer, he had to obey orders. In came a rather timid relative. He warned him that any North Indian city is not safe and that it is advisable for the young officer to not take a risk. He could ask for a rural posting instead, came the suggestion. The person was confused. However, this author and a few close friends suggested that he accept the Indore transfer and go there with his wife and child. The child was after all, studying in just the fourth standard. His wife was a teacher of economics in a CBSE school and since there were many good schools, getting her a good job at Indore would not be a difficulty. Both the man and his wife knew some Hindi as well. As it happened, after the transfer, the family is so happy that they would never ever come back to Chennai at all!! The child picked up spoken Hindi in less than just six months. This is exactly what can happen if we ignore the advise of timid people.

Never taking even minimum risks

It does turn out that those who had landed in Mumbai, picked up some job and then enrolled themselves for the part-time MBA or other Master's degrees in Marketing Management and so on from the University of Mumbai, have grown from strength to strength, as they had taken up value-added jobs in different companies. What is the risk that they had taken? It is just that they had taken the minimum of risk. They had worked so hard and made it big in the biggest commercial city of India, where it is always possible to find one good opportunity or the other to go ahead in life and keep on growing in one's career. Those who are skilled but uneducated like the Nair community youngsters from Kerala is an example. They do not hesitate to go to any new place and just set up a tea shop. They know the art of making very tasty tea. They always work on volumes. Hundreds go to their shops and become regular customers as they get hooked to the taste of the tea and snacks. One can find hundreds of such shops in every major townn or city of Tamil Nadu and most of South India. They are very hard working. They make a differentiation in terms of what they can offer in a totally new business environment. This is exactly what we should do. We need not set up tea shops. But we can always learn the basics of business tactics from such hardworking people.

Developing destructive habits

This may sound like common sense. But it is not. What starts off as a "fun" habit with some friends, becomes an obsession. The habit just consumes us. Smoking is another such dangerous habit. Sleeping too much on weekends is another dangerous habit. These habits have the potential of really pulling us down and making us not aware of our priorities. The pleasures simply overwhelm us and we tend to neglect whatever needs to be as part of our efforts to create a better world for ourselves. Such attitudes associated with destructive habits should be totally avoided if we are to make any difference to our success in our lives.

Becoming pessimistic for whatever reason

The loss of a job or death of a dear friend or either parent sometimes happens and we are shattered. We are at a loss to understand what happened and why. We suddenly see something negative and essentially pessimistic.

This is a potentially dangerous situation. We should remember that certain unfortunate things do happen. Even a loss of job needs to be managed in a very intelligent manner. Alternative jobs may mean a dip in salary. This can happen. However, it is always important to note that we need a move on to something far better in our lives. We need to understand that nothing is lost in any given situation. For example, we could take a jewel loan with any bank and then start a small business till we find a new job. Alternatives are now available aplenty. For example, we now have many YouTube videos where young professionals, with a record of success in IT jobs, have changed gears through profitable agriculture through organic farming methods. The initial teething troubles have been overcome and, today, a growing tribe of youngsters are taking towards such profitable alternatives. It is high time that we need to understand current realities. Nothing is impossible and we only need to try. Our efforts and hard work can not only enable us to survive, but also succeed at any point in time.


Certain aspects of five important but vital mistakes that we commonly do, have been discussed in the afresaid paragraphs. One can always innovate with experience and go on to achieve even greater success in their endeavors at any point in time.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao04 Feb 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

True our way of working only bring us either success or failure. I have seen some people who want to start their work when the time is auspicious. That will make them lose time. People who start work the moment they think about doing that work are always the front runners. There are people who try and work as hard as possible with a focus on the aim. Such people will be successful always. So if you want to be successful you should be focussed and concentrate on the task. Shattered efforts will never lead to success.

The people who guide us properly and give us good suggestions only should be contacted for suggestions. There are some people who will never want you to be successful. They will give you the wrong guidance only. So such people should never be asked for suggestions.

Positive thoughts are the primary requisites for success. You should start the work with a thought that you will be successful. Then the positive impact will come to your mind and you will try to go in a direction where success will be waiting for you.

A good write up from the author and good reading material for young people who are about to start their career.

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