Why a movement loses it's appeal?

Have you ever been in a movement to protest against something or are serious about starting a movement afresh? You must know the ways to carry forward any movement. This article is the author's personal experience, giving a glimpse of the present situation.


There has been a widespread protest after the introduction of CAA in both the Houses of Parliament. Properties were destroyed and a few people died during the protest movements in various parts of the country. These incidents are very unfortunate because a few people had to pay the price by laying down their lives during the protests. The question that obviously comes to one's mind is in a democratic country why people will be killed for taking part in protests? This cannot be justified and neither the destroying of properties. Though destroying public properties is unjustified, when people face an existential crisis they can resort to any means to put forward their demands.

Why the feeling of insecurity
The existential crisis will automatically crop up in one's mind when she/he gets to know that detention centres are being set up for the people whose citizenship is in doubt. Many people living in a place for a fairly long time couldn't submit the required documents and that's why when they suddenly got to know that they are not citizens of this country they were dumbstruck. Imagine the situation of them living in their place without any identity. It's very natural to feel absolutely clueless and dejected and when they find a few others like them, they can possibly resort to violent methods as a form of protest.

The role of law enforcing authorities
In this situation, the law enforcement agencies should handle things carefully and must be patient. It's the responsibility of every government to protect its citizens and they can only resort to strong methods if genuinely things go absolutely out of control. In any country and in any kind of movement students actively participate from the beginning and since students are the future of the country, no government can deny their right to protest. Passing any Bill in parliament doesn't mean that every citizen should welcome it and before enacting such legislation, all the stakeholders must be taken into confidence. If it is not done then any government will face a mass protest by the public.

What people said who participated in the movement
For any mass movement, the participation of citizens from all walks of life is essential. If the movement is limited to a particular group of people, then it cannot become a mass movement. There is one such movement against NRC and CAA going on at a prominent place in Kolkata, though many such movements are taking place in various other places too, and the author had the opportunity to talk to a few people to gauge their mind.

On being, asked why he is participating in the movement, one person said that some of his friends told him that he will not remain a citizen of India and that's why he came to support the movement. Another person, quite aged, said that how many identity cards can the government introduce and which one is the right one to prove citizenship? The Prime Minister and the Home Minister are not talking in the same tune - while one said that there is no talk on implementing NRC, the other said NRC will be implemented countrywide. He also said, when the government can provide citizenship on the basis of religion, where is the guarantee that in the future, they will not ask for providing citizenship on the basis of one's skin colour?

Another one said that somebody showed him a report, a few days earlier, on a website that during NPR, one has to tell the enumerator about the place of birth of his parents, which he doesn't know. This keeps him worrying all the time. When asked to provide the link of the website or the document where he read the story, he failed to do so.


As I already said, to carry forward a mass movement, the participation of a diverse group of people is essential and there must be people from all walks of life to support the cause of the movement. Along with this, the participants must know why they are taking part in the movement. If they cannot sing in the same voice, it will not be a chorus rather it will be a cacophony. The current ongoing gatherings may be large, but there is minimal or no participation by diverse groups. Though it's not a political movement, the people who want to carry forward the movement must sensitise others about the movement with relevant facts to make it a successful one.

Article by Sankalan Bhattacharya
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Guest Author: Tania Bhattacharya04 Feb 2020

This article contains useful information as to why a movement loses its appeal and the points have been presented in a lucid manner.

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