5 Reasons To Start A Career As A Pharmacy Technician

Read this article to know why being a Pharmacy Technician is always going to stay in demand and why it makes for a great career choice. Know what international opportunities you get as a Pharmacy Technician and what pre-requisites are needed for this course.

Pharmacy jobs are always going to be in demand. Everyone needs medication once in a while and some people need medications daily. Because of this, the need for good pharmacy technicians will not be something that goes away anytime soon. Starting a career as a pharmacy technician and medical assistant can be a great idea.

If you aren't sure about working as a pharmacy tech and the benefits it might have for you, that's okay. Doing a little research and reading articles like this one can help you figure out why a career as a pharmacy technician may be a really good fit for you.

The more effort you put into learning about your potential new career the happier you will be once you actually get started. Understanding why a career as a pharmacy technician is desirable is a good place to start. With that in mind, here are five reasons to start a career as a pharmacy technician at Mid West Technical Institute.

1. Pharmacy Techs Are In Demand

There are some jobs that are going to fade out as computers become more and more efficient at performing repetitive tasks, but a pharmacy technician isn't one of those. Pharm techs are in demand now and will continue to be in demand in the future. In fact, even the Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that this field is growing at a faster rate than other professions.

In 2018 there were over 400,000 jobs available as a pharmacy technician in the US. This rate is expected to grow in the next 8 years and that's a big deal. When you're looking at a job that offers stability, you can't get much better than a job in healthcare that's going to keep growing.

If you're concerned about your skills becoming outdated or stale, you won't have to worry about that with this career. A lot of your training will be done on the job and you'll be able to adjust as changes are made. This is a huge reason why pharmacy technicians will continue to be so in demand as the years go on.

Having great problem-solving skills and the ability to think on your feet can be a sign that you would make a great pharmacy technician. And when you stand out from the crowd in a pharmacy there is also more room for advancement in your career as well.

2. You Can Start Quickly

Although most states do regulate their pharmacy technicians, that doesn't mean you're going to need a 4-year degree to get started. Read more here.

Depending on where you live, you may have to take a test and be certified before you can be hired, but that's something you can do within a few weeks or months. This is a career you can start quickly.

Remember that, as with any other career, it may be easier to get a job if you're already trained. If you do seek out training after high-school you have a lot of options. Many colleges offer certification programs that will adhere to your state's requirements for a pharmacy technician which could help you get hired more quickly than someone without these qualifications.

You can also expect a certain amount of training to be done after you get hired. Each pharmacy will have their own rules and systems to use. You'll have to learn those even if you have training already. Some on the job training may be more extensive if you don't already have a certification, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try anyhow.

You may be a good fit for a pharmacy technician job if you are detail-oriented and are good at math. There is a lot of counting, adding, and weighing in the pharmaceutical field, while there are always computers and calculators to help double-check having a natural aptitude can be helpful for success.

3. You Get To Do A Little Bit Of Everything

As a pharmacy tech, you won't have a lot of days that are exactly the same as the day before. There's a lot you may be asked to do during your shift and those tasks will vary from day to day based on what the pharmacist needs help with. You could be doing administrative tasks like filling prescriptions away, or you could be filling prescriptions for a pharmacist to check.

You may spend all of one day talking to customers about their prescriptions on the phone to verify info, and you may spend the next day hardly talking to a customer at all. It's all going to depend on what needs to be done that day. And while some tasks will inevitably be the same, your overall is unlikely to be exactly like the day you had yesterday.

Since every day presents an opportunity to learn something, having a willing attitude can help you find success as a pharmacy technician. It can take a lot of stamina to be on your feet all day filling prescriptions and completing assigned tasks, but having an eagerness to succeed will make each day more exciting.

Your positive mindset may just set you apart from your fellow pharmacy technicians. When it is noted that someone on the team does an outstanding job and is willing to take initiative those attributes are remembered when it comes time for raises, bonuses, and promotions.

It might seem overwhelming when you begin to see how much hustle and bustle goes on in a pharmacy. Being in charge of correct dosages and having several tasks to do all at once can be daunting. Having a healthy respect for the job is helpful and so is having great organizational skills in order to keep priorities in check.

Through your training, both in school and your real-world experiences will help you to anticipate needs and feel more comfortable with your job responsibilities. Being prepared to take on these tasks with great training can help anyone become a pharmacy technician if they are so inclined.

4. You Can Choose Your Work Environment

Each pharmacy is a little different and your tasks may vary depending on if your pharmacy is working directly with patients, or if they're a hospital pharmacy that works mostly with nurses and doctors. If you don't think a fast-paced, patient-focused environment is right for you, you still have the option to work in a hospital pharmacy.

Although all pharmacies are going to be fast-paced, there are chances to work with fewer patients if you work in a hospital pharmacy. The same is true in reverse. If you want a job that works directly with patients, you can make sure to find a pharm tech job that works in a retail pharmacy so you can interact directly with the patients daily.

There is also a need for pharmacy technicians to work in a home care or hospice environment. Because there is always a need for a trained individual in the pharmacy, it can be a great career move. Scheduling isn't an issue either as there are many 24-hour pharmacies that will need employees for all shifts.

Having many choices in where you would like to eventually work is one big reason many people go into the pharm tech path in the first place. The flexibility and job security make this a great career for interested individuals. Any pharmacy is going to run more smoothly with knowledgeable techs working there, and you could be the next great pharm tech.

5. You Get To Help People

One of the best reasons to go into any healthcare career is because you get to help people and that's no different from a career as a pharmacy technician. You can expect this career to allow you the chance to help a lot of people as you grow and develop as a pharmacy technician.

You'll be able to talk to people about their needs, help make sure their questions are answered by a pharmacist, and even help make sure the medication they're getting is correct. Each time you fill a prescription to be checked over, you're part of making sure that the patient stays well and safe by making sure they get the right medication at the right dosage.

Many pharmacy technicians love getting to know their patients and clients. Keep in mind that the pharmacy world is still a service industry. Sometimes having extra patience and understanding with a customer or patient is warranted. After all, this prescription could be for a newly diagnosed ailment and they may be at their wit's end.

Building a relationship with patients takes time. You will want to gain their trust and prove that you are a knowledgeable professional. Being willing to smile at someone and help them understand their medication will help you become a great pharmacy tech.


A career as a pharm tech is a great way to get into the healthcare field. You'll be able to work with patients and amazing co-workers. You'll have the chance to help people and be part of a bigger picture in the area of patient care.

A career as a pharmacy technician gives you a lot of options and they're all great. Depending on where you choose to work your day could have all kinds of surprises in store. After you've put in some research you're bound to love this career and be thankful that you put in the time learning about it before you ever even got started.

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