How to Ensure a Great User Experience(UX) for your E-commerce Website?

Developing an e-commerce website that ensures great user experience is highly important for any e-commerce startup. Read the article to know about how to ensure a great user experience(UX) for your E-commerce website.

In the past few years, technology has been improving drastically, the internet has changed the way we live our life and the way we shop. E-commerce websites have left an enduring mark on our daily lives that enable us to buy any products even if its midnight. With an increasing surge in internet and smartphone usage, the e-commerce industry is expected to grow to a whopping $700 billion in 2021. Interestingly, a large number of new e-commerce businesses are booming at an unprecedented rate so running an e-commerce business in this fierce market will be a great challenge. Due to this, many e-commerce start-ups are now estranging out of their business due to frequent cart abandonment, lack of conversions and high bounce rates.

The retention of users from their online store is mainly due to bad user experience and a poorly built website. Hence, developing an e-commerce website that ensures great user experience is highly important for any e-commerce startup.

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In this article, we will deliver you with insights for ensuring a great user experience for your e-commerce website.

Why Does UX Matter for E-commerce?

If you are puzzled about why UX matters for an eCommerce website, you need to keep in mind that selling only good products without delivering good UX won't bring success to your online store.
UX is a highly critical element for all types of online stores as it enables your customers to effortlessly discover and buy the products that they need from your store. And when you make it effortless for customers to buy from your online store, they'll buy from your store more frequently. For this reason, you have to ensure your company delivers the best UX possible. An e-commerce website that delivers top-notch UX for its customers along with good products can accelerate their sales and increase visitor-to-buyer conversion rates, which will, in turn, drive more revenue.

Strategies for Improving UX for your E-commerce Website?

Implementing an effective UX strategy on your e-commerce website requires a lot of careful planning, work, and testing. Below we will list out some essential strategies that you must adopt on your e-commerce website for you to deliver a good UX.

  • Keep your design and navigation simple

  • An eCommerce site with good navigation helps shoppers to discover products more easily. This will also have a positive impact on the overall user experience of your eCommerce website. The navigation of your e-commerce site should be designed in such a way that it clearly expresses your website's personality. Even a slight difference in the navigation can significantly impact user experience and their ability to discover new products.

  • Optimize the content of your website

  • Customers like websites that are having simple descriptions and content, so you must ensure to develop your e-commerce website content in such a way that the information is easily accessible for your customers and should be delivered in the language of the end-user. You should optimize the content of your website with keywords, metatag elements, and XML sitemaps, this will help web crawlers to easily index your website which could improve your ranking. Instead of using traditional ways to predict the expectations of customers, you can leverage AI and Machine Learning to deliver personalized and search engine optimized content.

  • Develop a Progressive Web App

  • Developing a Progressive Web App for your e-commerce website can elevate the overall UX of your website. Developing an e-commerce website that includes various features such as push notifications, splash screens, landing page popups, and animated page transitions will deliver a rock-solid UX for your online store. If you are planning to develop a Progressive Web App for your e-commerce website, feel free to request Progressive Web App development services from Vofox Solutions.

  • Use AI to Improve your search experience

  • Every customer who visits your e-commerce site will have a clear picture of the products that they want. Of those customers who visit your online store, a majority of them instantly go to the search bar, and interestingly, people who search for products in your site have a more chance to convert.

    Use AI to Improve your search experience

    Using old-fashioned search boxes on your website won't give results and recommendations to customers that are looking for specific information. Big players in the e-commerce industries such as Amazon use AI to improve their user's search experience.
    An AI-powered search will understand your customer's intent by deeply analyzing the queries that your customers' type and can also automatically build the landing pages for a specific category of products that your customers search.

  • Simplify the checkout process

  • Most customers prefer to check out faster after selecting their products for purchase. Having a checkout process that has a minimum number of steps can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates. You can also provide a "buy as a guest" option, that allows customers to enter minimum amounts of data which can significantly increase the UX of your e-commerce site.


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