My favorite teacher in school

Want to write an essay about your favourite school teacher? This essay can be used as a starting point. I have explained about my favorite teacher in school. I have also mentioned the reasons for being my best teacher. She has taught me with great devotion and also contributed with commitment.

My school is a large building with several classrooms from Grade I to Grade 10. Every grade has four sections, and that is why many teachers are appointed to teach different classes. Apart from our regular class teachers, we have subject teachers for drawing, Physical education, and Hindi. I am studying in fourth grade now and my class-teacher is my favorite teacher. She teaches us Moral Science, English, Science, Maths, and Social Studies. Her name is Mrs. Gita and we address her as 'mam'. She is a simple teacher who wears a saree everyday and wears salwar kameez occasionally. Although she leads a simple life, she is intelligent and talented.

Why I consider her as my favorite teacher

She enters into our class with great enthusiasm and she walks briskly. She warmly smiles at everyone when she enters into the classroom. So the students are happy to greet her and wish her "Good Morning, Mam". Then, she politely greets everyone as 'Good morning children'. She dresses neatly, wearing clean clothes along with a long plait. Although she does not apply any cosmetics, she looks pretty.

Then she opens the class register to take class attendance. She speaks clearly in a moderate tone, so that everybody can clearly hear her. But, she does not speak in a dreaded tone like some of the teachers. She politely tells us to open the book stating the page number and paragraph she would teach. She explains every subject with interest and enthusiasm. She cites the most interesting examples for every chapter. So, the students get absorbed when she is teaching in the class. Also, she uses body language and gestures to explain any concept clearly. For example, she taught us the concept of 'water cycle ' in science so well - she made different gestures to indicate water flowing, turning into ice, and again becoming vapor. So, we remember the concept forever. She always uses a map to teach geography and uses a cane to indicate the locations. ut, she never uses a cane or a ruler to spank children. She never believes in spanking anybody because she is too emphatic. If any student misbehaves in the class, then she explains to them about manners and etiquette so that the students realize their mistake. If the student still does not behave properly, then she states in a low tone that she would retain the student with her after the school hours. So, the students then realize their mistake.

If a student is not coping up with the class curriculum or is not able to study, she appoints students who are intelligent to teach them. She monitors such students regularly. She has clearly stated to us that if any student has any queries, then they should meet them in the staff room during the lunch break.

She is a good orator with a soft tone, but yet her pronunciations are clear. Our parents are also fond of her because she speaks politely to them and does not speak ill about any student.

Her contribution to the school

She is a great singer who is trained in the field of singing since childhood. On every special occasion, she sings melodiously on the stage. Also, for the annual gathering, she prepares the students with great enthusiasm. She even assists the choreographers and teaches us to dance. She conducts different activities for the students such as the fancy dress competition, flower arrangement, and different activities to improve overall personalities of an individual. Everybody in school admires her because she always thinks positively and never speaks rudely with anyone.


Author: Umesh07 Feb 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 9

Interesting and well-presented essay by the author. Everyone has school memories and people remember their teachers especially the one who had made an impact on their lives.

I take this opportunity to share about my Mathematics teacher who was very strict and did not tolerate any nuisance. In those times it was very usual for teachers to beat the students if they did not behave properly. In the mathematics class there used to be pin-drop silence and no student dared to make any noise or disturbance. We were so scared of him. Another thing was that he taught very well and we could understand the difficult subject like mathematics so easily. To keep us alert he used to ask simple questions, the answer to which was easy if a student was concentrating on what he was teaching. This was his usual way to test the concentration and focus of the students. I was in the list of top 10-12 performing students and time to time he used to ask questions to us also. One day I was having a lack of concentration in the class which he might have observed and soon a question came to me. I stood but was not able to understand the question well and was cutting a sorry figure. I also knew that if I gave a roundabout or wrong answer he would not like that and though I have not got his beatings so far the situation was looking much alarming to me. Anyway, I simply looked down and by doing that I was silently admitting my mistake. He shouted on me and told curtly that if I did not focus in the class next time he would beat me up to make me alert. I was narrowly saved and thanked God for the day. I, in fact, had an opportunity to meet him after a long gap of 15-20 years when I was well settled in my career. I wished him though I had that old inherent fear of him in my heart. But he met me like a friend and talked so nicely remembering those old days that I soon forgot all those fears embedded in my mind. We can never forget some of our teachers.

Author: K Mohan08 Feb 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

An essay on the favourite teacher can be written in different ways as each of us must have gone through different experience at the school level. Here I want to share the great Tamil teacher Chintamani. She came all the way from Chennai to teach few students in Tamil subject and she used to teach slowly and to the understanding level of all students and we never used to get any doubts. Such teachers are rare these days, The present teachers are not able to teach and convince properly and that is the reasons many students are going for extra class and tuitions. But those teachers were well dedicated and had much knowledge on the subject and branch matters.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao11 Feb 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

A very good article from the author in which she has mentioned about the good qualities of her favourite teacher. I like the way she built the write-up.

Almost all the students will have a favourite teacher during their student days. The student will never forget this teacher throughout his life. My father's brother was a teacher in the high school in which I studied. He used to teach English and Social Studies in the school for 8th,9th and 10th classes. Many students used to like his teaching methodology. He used to explain the subject in a very simple form and used to give very good examples so that we will remember the whole subject for long.

In addition to teaching in school. he used to take tuitions also and many students used to come to get the coaching in the house. He used to take tuition for all the subjects and his English writing was excellent. He used to write a summary of the lesson in a very simple way and in the shortest text. The students who learned from him used to pass in all subjects. He was admired by all the students. He passed away when he was just 62 years. But all the students who studied under him remember him today also. Whenever his name comes all of them will salute him and say they are today in this position because of him only.

Such teachers were many those days. We can't forget them and we owe a lot to such teachers.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha11 Feb 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The teachers coming across in our lives especially at the stage of secondary schools remain in the midst of our minds due to their dedication and their unique ways of teaching create sustained interest in the subjects being taught by them. Interest in a particular subject definitely develops due to their presentation-skills.

I was highly impressed with my teacher teaching Chemistry in such a lucid style that even some of the lessons taught by him is still in my mind as if revised yesterday. Dalton's law, Avogadro's hypothesis, the structure of atoms etc were some of the favourite topics which aroused my passion at the later stage. His unique way of teaching in a simple language intensified my curiosity on this subject. With the passage of time, in each session of the year, there was a change of the teachers but Sri Amiya Narayan Banerjee, my pet Chemistry teacher would remain in my heart due to his impeccable way of teaching.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan26 Aug 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Very good article written by the author. Obviously, this article freshens up our memories of school time. I got very excited on reading this article. The teacher has great importance in our life. Their way of teaching, discipline and blessing make our life success.
In general, I used to like many teachers in my school days but my most favourite teacher was a science teacher when I was in the 9th standard. Her name was Bala. Her way of teaching was so nice that there was no need to revise at home. We used to learn everything in the classroom only. We used to wait for her class. She had a lot of patience. She used to freshen our mind by cracking jokes during the class period. Even today, she is in my memory because of her good qualities.

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