How to safeguard our self respect at all times

Self-respect is the most important quality of any human being. There can be some situations where our self-respect can be challenged. Whatever be the situation, one can easily uphold his or her self-respect, in a diginified manner. Certain methods of doing so are discussed in this article.


The world's best behavioral scientists often advise any young man or woman to be self-motivated. Along with this advice, they also advise anyone to uphold his or her own self-respect. This is not rocket science. We can always safeguard our own self-respect in certain simple ways.

Be that as it may, safeguarding our self-respect involves a) Never borrow any money from others b) Be a no-nonsense person c) Do not allow yourself to be insulted d) Keep away from snobbish people and e) Keep your head always high.

Never borrow any money from others

One should not borrow any money from others. One should also not lend such money. An upright policy of being friendly and helpful to others and also being transparent can often happen without any monetary transaction involved. All that it takes is to encourage people to think aloud about how to solve their own problems with their own resources. Once this happens,, we can easily safeguard our self-respect.

When we start understanding how different people live within their own means, our task becomes simpler. We will have known some simple ways to do so. For instance, it is quite common to find even seven bachelors or unmarried girls living in some two-bedroom house and cutting down cost by sharing not only the expenses but also all household chores. This is quite common in all metros. Housewives manage all expenses very innovatively. There are many who cut down on the consumption of meat and convince their husbands to play ball. If we borrow money from others and are not able to either repay the interest or capital or both, we land ourselves into deep trouble. The same applies to any bank loan as well. Living within our own limits is the best method of safeguarding our self-respect at all times.

Be a no-nonsense person

Any person who just does his or her work and does not indulge in any office or factory politics will always be appreciated. He or she can easily sail through such politics in any given situation. The no-nonsense image will positively help. In the best of organizations like ITC, Asian Paints, L&T and so on, any individual can reach the top based only on his or her performance. Hence, we need to identify all avenues where we can project ourselves as no-nonsense persons. Yes. safeguarding our self-respect will become that much easier in such circumstances.

Do not allow yourself to be insulted

Irrespective of wherever you live, people will respect you for what you talk and do. For what you intend to do in any situation and how you are approachable. Every single problem in most situations only demands a little bit of tact and assurance. If you find that some egoistic people are present in your neighborhood, it is better to keep away from them.

Ir is always fine to be friendly with anyone but not tolerate any insult. In weddings and other social functions, it is always possible to find people whom we already know. Or whom we know but not have been in touch for a while. We can easily get across to such people and enquire about their welfare. We need not antagonize anyone. This will include those we know to be quite egoistic and who may take the opportunity to insult us in some way. For example, in weddings, it is quite common for ladies to wear the best jewelry that is always costly. Those who do not have such resources, often wear simple jewelry or even none. Occasions are common when rich women pass unwanted comments on the relatively poorer people. It is wise to just keep away from them and walk away even if they provoke us.

Such repetitive behavior will enable us to stay within our comfort zones and not be insulted at all. We can always say hello or just smile at such people. If the response is negative we just need to move on. The world will always have different types of people. We cannot change the world or expect every single human being to behave in a good manner at all times. They may or may not do so at all. We just need some tact and intelligence to act in ways that do not offend anyone but still stay safe.

Keep away from snobbish people

The snobbish people are always people who have a big ego. They exaggerate their wealth or their intelligence or contacts. They would claim to have everything, even when they do not have anything. They are often untrustworthy. Yet, they would tend to give an extremely false opinion of who they are. Interacting and making friends with such people is not only not desirable, but can make us very uncomfortable. The best of people who are not snobbish at all are commonly observed to be the people who have struggled through their lives and made it big, only on the basis of their intelligence and hard work. It is these people who will be helpful and respect us too. It is these people who are really good for emotional support and happiness.

Keep your head always high

This is actually deceptively simple. We always have to face any situation with courage and with a calm mind. For example, if either life partner is down with some serious illness, we need to explore how he or she can be taken care of. It is also impossible to take leave from office for more than specified periods of time. The one life partner who is already employed would then become the breadwinner. All that needs to be done is to even liquidate one's assets and clear all debts. Once this is done, we can look up to alternatives. These are not difficult either. For example, the more we safeguard ourselves from any eventuality through a term life insurance and good medical insurance, the better. It is wise to go in for a big amount and rather pay the premium on medical insurance. This should be done when one is quite young and also perfect in terms of health. Once this is done, it becomes easy to keep our heads high.

If we had not done much homework, we should learn from our mistakes and then safeguard ourselves for the future. It should be clear to any one of us that life insurance is never an investment. We just need a good cover to safeguard ourselves in the event of untimely death. We should not come to the streets. We hence require a good comprehensive term insurance plan to take care of ourselves. We need to gather all the information on the entire range of options available and then act on the same.


Life is always tough. It is more so, even now, when the times are very tough. Yet, when we learn to adjust to all realities, we can easily realize that safeguarding our self-respect is not rocket science at all. We can always learn from our own experiences and from those of good people around us.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao07 Mar 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A good presentation by the author regarding protecting our own self-respect. Self-respect is very important and we should never give a chance to others to talk bad about us. This depends on your own behaviour and how you deal with others.

If we want an undue favour from anybody they may do it now. But they will take it as an advantage and they will talk about it not only with you but with others also. So it is always better we should not ask somebody to do some favor to us. Keep up your pride and try your best.

We should never go for jobs which may not be suitable for our stature. If you go for such works again people will think that you are fond of money and you are ready to do any type of work for earning money. This is no good for you. Never be proud but never degrade yourselves. That will always give you good value. Be away from ego.

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