Top 8 reasons to drink fresh natural juices

This article explains the health benefits of adding natural juices prepared from fresh raw fruits and vegetables to the diet plan. They can boost overall health and improve skin and hair health. They can also improve mood and prevent depression.


We all know how nutritious fruits and veggies can be. We have been told since childhood to consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day. We fail to consume them in enough amounts and thus, we deprive ourselves of their nutritious benefits. Many of us are choosy. We only eat those raw fruits and vegetables which amuse our taste buds. We skip the rest. Thus, we deprive ourselves of various nutrients. In such cases, juicing helps a lot. Freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juice boost our health by providing enzymes, vitamins and essential minerals to us. Moreover, we can add all those raw fruits and vegetables which we don't generally eat while juicing our favourite ones and enjoy the benefit. Below are mentioned top reasons to drink freshly extracted juices and make juicing a part of our daily diet.

Health benefits of natural juices

  1. Juices are nutritious- Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in various nutrients. Consuming a wide variety of them every day and adding them to every meal can boost our health. Those of us who do not find time to eat enough raw veggies and fruits and those of us who do not like chewing on them can switch to juicing and obtain the same benefits within no time. Juicing accelerates vitamin absorption. Whether we want to fulfil our body's daily vitamin intake or supply essential minerals and enzymes to it, all we have to do is pick wide varieties of fruits and veggies, extract juice out of them and quench the thirst to boost health.

  2. Keeps body well hydrated-Feeling dehydrated? Consume a glass of freshly extracted juice and see the difference. It increases the energy supply in the body and prevents fatigue. The body becomes rehydrated. Low energy levels in the body can bring fatigue. Dehydration and nutritional deficiencies are the top reasons to feel tired all the time. Drink a glass of freshly extracted natural juice to feel energized. Bid goodbye to fatigue and low energy levels.

  3. Prevents diseases and disorders- The adequate amount of nutrients we supply to our body daily, lower will be our chances to suffer from chronic illnesses and disorders. Juicing is the best way to make sure that phytonutrients and micronutrients reach our bodies in an adequate amount. It strengthens our immunity. It prevents the risk of suffering from cancer and heart-related diseases. Not only will it prevent illnesses but also help in recovering from them. It helps to get rid of harmful toxins from the body that will accelerate the healing process. It is the reason that many believe in detoxifying the body with juices. It cleanses the body from within and repairs it.

  4. Offers glow to the skin- Skin can never achieve that radiant healthy glow if we don't take care of our health in general. No matter how many skin care products we use, we will never be able to achieve that perfect radiance on it. It is because overall health affects skin health. The more the nutrients we offer to our body by drinking freshly extracted juices of wide varieties of fruits and veggies, the better skin health we will enjoy. Skin problems such as acne, blackhead, blemishes, and scars can be corrected by offering nutrition to our body. An adequate amount of nutrients accelerates the healing and repair process.

  5. Treats hair problems- Most of us today suffer from various hair related problems. Whether it is premature greying of hair, dandruff or too much hair loss, many of us keep complaining from time to time and are in search of remedies that can cure these troubles once and for all. There are many reasons for suffering from hair related troubles. Lack of nutrition is one of the top reasons for it. Drinking juices will offer nutrients to the body that will make hair thick and strong. They help hair to become lustrous and smooth by improving their quality. Thus, grab a glass of freshly extracted natural juice and bid goodbye to bad hair days which leaves hair nothing but brittle and weak making them fall here and there.

  6. Trims down that waistline- Who does not wish to have that perfect body? Fat usually gets concentrated around the waist. The best way to lose fat is to try a combination of healthy eating and exercise regime. What can be healthier than drinking a glass of fresh juice? Not only will it curb the appetite and prevent us from snacking unhealthy fatty things but will also boost our health by loading enough nutrients in our body that will keep us healthy and energetic throughout the day. It means we won't feel a thing even on our dieting days.

  7. Improves mood- It is essential to always feel good. Mood swings hinder the overall progress. If we want to be healthy and if we want to be successful in whatever we are doing, we need to make sure that we feel good all the time. Feeling sad and anxious can affect mental health. Grab a glass of natural juice and kick start the day with it. Natural juices are healthy and prevent depression. If already suffering from it then there's good news and nothing to worry about it. Healthy eating and drinking do cure feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. Thus, make a small change in daily diet plan by drinking natural juices every day and see the remarkable change in life.

  8. Keeps a person young- Nutrients such as vitamin C and E present in various fruits and vegetables can effectively prevent wrinkles. Thus, we do not have to worry about early signs of ageing if we make it a point to drink a glass of freshly extracted juice every day. Also, it increases our athletic abilities. It keeps our bone strong and gives us that young and joyful feeling.

Juicing and fibre content

Most of us believe that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is far more beneficial than juicing. It is because while extracting juices out of fresh produce, fibre content is lost. Fibre keeps us full for a long time and is good for digestive health as well as to lose weight. In such cases, blended juices can be beneficial. Smoothies prepared or the juices made in high-speed blender do not result in loss of fibre. Drinking such smoothies or juices can be highly beneficial. Also, make sure to consume natural juices immediately. With passing time, nutrients get lost from it.

Always go for natural ones

There is no benefit in drinking processed juices. Many of us are ignorant of the fact that store-bought juices are low in nutrition. To save some time and effort that is required to extract natural juices, we go for those that are available in the market. Store-bought ones not only lack nutritional value but contain taste enhancers, colouring agents and many such additives and preservatives which do no good to health. They are processed and before packaging go through a long process in which most of the nutrients are lost. The juice that is prepared in the home is 100% natural and highly nutritious. Moreover, it hardly requires any effort or time. A juicer or a blender and a few minutes are all that is required to extract a glass of natural juice.
The main aim of juicing is to provide nutrients to the body and keep it well hydrated. When we drink fresh natural juices, the purpose is served. However, the same cannot be said about processed juices. In their case, nutrients are lost along with enzymes. Processed juices are higher in chemicals and lower in nutrients. Also, when it comes to expenses, extracting juices at home is way cheaper than the store-bought ones.

Try wonderful combinations

Instead of drinking juice extracted from a single fruit or vegetable, why not prepare a glass by adding varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables. As earlier discussed, there are various fruits and vegetables which we do not eat as they do not amuse our taste buds. Why not add them in small amount while extracting the juice of our favourite veggie or fruit and enjoy the benefits. When we add a variety of fresh produce to our juicer, we get benefitted from various nutrients. Those who do not like green leafy vegetables or the taste of bitter gourd can add it to watermelon or apple juice.


Freshly prepared natural juices from fresh fruits and vegetables can do wonders to our body and mind. Whether the aim is to improve our skin or hair health or to lose some weight, make sure to add a glass or two of wonderful juices to the daily diet plan to see the difference. Always prepare juices at home as they are pure and free from germs instead of drinking the same on the roadside. When it comes to purchasing processed ones, it is obvious that those store-bought ones are expensive and do not serve any purpose. Homemade fresh juices can boost overall health and improve mood keeping mental health in a sound state.


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