Top 7 side effects of wearing makeup

Makeup products help us to beautify ourselves. However, they come with many side effects. Some of them cause skin allergies, skin infections and hair related troubles. Skin and hair cosmetic products should be used cautiously to minimize the negative effects. Check this article and find out the harmful side effects of wearing makeup.


We often love to cover up our flaws and look perfect. Since makeup can do that for us, we consider it as our friend. What it does is, it brings out our best features and conceals the flaws which bother us. Consequently, our self-confidence increases. However, if we wear it all the time and do not take those extra precautions and also not follow skincare and haircare regime, within a short period we will start to experience the harmful effects of these products on our skin and hair. In no time, it can turn from our friend to our foe. Most of us do not read the labels while purchasing the products. Brand names, ingredients put in them should be taken into consideration before products are purchased. The better the quality, the less harm they will exert on our skin. Also, if a product is labelled as organic does not mean that it is free from exerting any ill effects. Organic and natural do mean that the product is relatively safe Below are mentioned some harmful ill-effects of cosmetic products.

Side-effects of makeup

  1. Hinders skin repair process- Our skin can undergo the process of healing and repair on its own. It usually does that during the night time when our skin is free from cosmetic products and our pores are clear and free. Those of us who make it a point to get rid of makeup completely before night time does get to enjoy good skin repair. Those of us who go to bed with makeup on the skin or those of us who do not properly remove it contributes to clogging of skin pores.

    What to do- Never go to bed with makeup on the skin. No matter how tired we are, we must spare a few minutes to make sure that our skin is clean enough to breathe properly. Whether it is eye makeup or lipstick, whether it is moisturizer or a light foundation applied earlier on the day, make sure every bit of it is removed before bedtime. We can use skin cleansers or makeup removal products available in the market or make use of a home product such as olive oil. Also, we should do it gently and not rub our skin vigorously.

  2. Causes premature ageing- We use makeup to conceal the fine lines and wrinkles as much as possible. Who might have thought that the same products contribute to our ageing process? Using too much makeup and wearing it too long can make skin dry and dull. Dryness triggers the formation of fine lines and accelerates the ageing process. Wrinkles start appearing on our face. Not using the right cosmetic products for our skin is also a major cause for wrinkles and ageing.

    What to do- Wear makeup as and when necessary. Do not wear cosmetics all the time. Do not load too much of makeup on the skin. Let skin breathe and the pores remain open which will contribute to the skin healing process. Apart from it, whether it is foundation cream or a moisturizer, make sure it suits the skin. Buy products according to the skin type to ensure minimal damage. Talc is known to increase skin dryness which in turn causes fine lines and wrinkles. Restrict the usage of such products and keep the usage to as minimal as possible.

  3. Makes skin infected- Skin pores get clogged by makeup. Consequently, acne results on the skin. Too much oil production on the skin can worsen the situation. If already suffering from acne, do not use too much makeup as the infection can spread to neighbouring areas and within no time the whole of the face become acne-prone. Cosmetic products contain certain oils that can trigger acne formation on the skin. These oils can clog the pores. Thus, those who are suffering from oily skin and clogged pores should make sure to not use oily products. Instead, use the ones that keep skin light and free from oil such as talcum powder and avoid heavy creams and moisturizers.

    What to do- Never share makeup with others, especially brushes that are used to apply makeup. Here sharing is not caring. Sharing of cosmetic products and makeup brushes can spread skin infections along with other infections such as cold and flu. As and when necessary, try to sanitize all those items that can be sanitized to kill germs lingering on them. Never use products after the expiration date. If used there will always be the risk of suffering from skin infections.

  4. Causes skin allergies- It is very common to develop skin allergies if one wears makeup for too long hours and in the long term. There are lots of ingredients incorporated in the makeup which are responsible for causing allergies on the skin. Fragrances and preservatives, spreading agents such as sodium lauryl sulphate are the top ones. The two commonly seen skin allergies are allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis. These allergies can cause blisters, swelling, burning sensation and itching on the skin.

    What to do- Do not fall for those products which smell good. Fragrances added to them can likely cause skin allergies. Thus, go for fragrance-free makeup products. Do not continue using cosmetics if any type of skin reaction is seen. Immediately stop using them and follow a strict skincare regime. Purchase oil-free makeup kit and look for hypoallergenic products to prevent skin allergies. Those who have sensitive skin should always be more careful before trying any new product and do a patch test before applying it generously.

  5. Hair related troubles- The makeup industry is not just restricted in manufacturing cosmetic products for the skin. There are various hair products launched in the market such as shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, serums, hair colours, sprays that are trending now a day. The more the number of products we use, the more harm we are causing to our hair health. Consequently, hair is exposed to toxic chemicals which cause too much hair fall, baldness, dandruff, itching, redness on scalp, premature greying and other hair related problems.

    What to do- It is okay to use certain hair care products but make sure to check the labels before purchasing the products. If shampoos and conditioners are made up of natural ingredients, they will be less damaging to hair when compared with those products that are loaded with chemicals. Restrict the use of hair gels and sprays. Do not often colour hair using hair colours available in the market. Instead, go for natural colouring agents such as henna that also acts as a natural conditioner to hair.

  6. Makeup affects eye health- Eyes and the area around them are quite sensitive. If we love wearing eye makeup, we need to carefully choose the right products and not just randomly buy something. Certain ingredients present in eye makeup products can cause eye infections and damage eye health in the long run. It is very easier for the ingredients present in eyeliner and mascara to enter inside eyes. Contaminated products can be so dangerous that they can even result in loss of eyesight.

    What to do- An extra precaution needs to be taken while applying eye makeup. When applying glitter near to eyes make sure it does not by any means enter inside the eyes. Glitter is capable of causing scrapes on the eyes. Never use the products after the expiration date. Never share eye makeup with others. Eye pencils have to be sharpened before using to get rid of any contamination.

  7. Cosmetic products uneven the skin tone- We often make use of cosmetics such as foundation creams to conceal discolourations on the skin to make it look flawless and even tone. It must come as a shocker if it was revealed that these same products can cause skin discolouration if used repeatedly for the long-term. Makeup products such as skin toner, moisturizers, and sunscreen lotions can discolour the skin. These products contain certain ingredients that are responsible for causing an uneven skin tone. They may also make skin patchy and red.

    What to do- Not all the products are unsafe to use. Whenever buying cosmetic products, make sure that they are of good quality. Check the ingredients list and read the labels properly. Restrict the use of cosmetic products and go for natural ones. Some of us like to wear a lot of makeup. In their cases, to avoid such skin discolouration, they must follow a strict skincare regime after getting rid of their makeup at the end of the day.

Bottom line

A little bit of makeup and a slight touch up here and there do not cause much harm if used once in a while. It only causes ill-effects when it is used every day and for the long-term. On one hand, applying it conceals our skin flaws and makes us look radiant and even-toned. On the other hand, it does exert lots of side effects. Precautionary measures listed in the article if followed can help prevent the side effects of cosmetic products on skin and hair.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao09 Mar 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Good narration by the author. The ill-effects of wearing makeup were discussed in detail. Today by using some synthetic chemicals one may be looking beautiful/ handsome. But they will cause some unwanted reactions and our skin will get affected seriously.

Many of us use colour dye for colouring our hair. It may be looking nice now physically to see the hair. But the chemical is going to cause serious side effects to you. The hair will become thin and the rate of falling of hair will increase. Like this, there are many unwanted reactions in using these items.

But there are some naturally occurring plants and herbs which will be good for our physical appearance and at the same time will not have any side effects by using them.

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