How to naturally get rosy pink lips

This article explains natural ways to bring back rosy pink colour and smooth texture to the lips. Daily lip care helps to restore lost lip health. Daily moisturizing, massaging and gentle exfoliation is excellent for maintaining healthy lips.


Every person wants to have rosy pink lips, especially women. It is the reason that they use lip make up such as lip liner, gloss and lipstick to make their lips look beautiful and vibrant. It is difficult to get rosy pink lips naturally. The reason is that the lips are sensitive and exposed to dirt, heat and pollution. Consequently, it is easier for them to become wrinkled and dry. To keep lips soft, luscious and healthy, lots of care need to be taken. When lips remain healthy only then they get that rosy-pink colour which reflects inner health. Also, instead of using too much makeup on them, it is better to use natural ingredients for lip care. Lip products available commercially are full of harsh chemicals which if used for long-term can discolour lip making them look chapped and dry. Below in this article are mentioned some tips that will help to bring back lip health and make them look rosy pink and beautiful.

Avoid these habits for healthy lips

  • Smoking is not good for health. It causes various health issues. Skin tone gets lost. There will be the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin due to smoking. When smoking can exert its effect on the skin, how can it spare lips for any reason? Those who smoke regularly are at high risk of developing lip lines or lip wrinkles. Moreover, it makes lips dry, chapped and discoloured. Thus, quit smoking to restore lip health and prevent them from further darkening.
  • Quit biting or licking lips. Some of us have the habit of licking them every now and then to make them a little moist. Also, some of us try to remove dead skin from the lips by biting them or use our fingers to do the same. In the process, we are causing further harm to them. Whenever we feel lips are dry, instead of licking them or removing dead outer layers, we need to apply natural moisturizers on them to prevent further drying.
  • Restrict the intake of beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine, and cold drinks. All these drinks contain certain lip staining compounds in them that can discolour lips. Drinking them occasionally is okay but regularly is bad for lip health. Also, use a straw to minimize the damage. Less area of lips will come in contact when a straw is used to sip these beverages.
  • Restrict the usage of lip makeup. Keep it as minimal as possible. If one has to use it, make sure to get rid of all of it before bedtime. Never go to bed with makeup on lips. Make use of natural oils such as oil of almond or olive oil to remove lip makeup. Dip a cotton ball in natural oil and gently rub on lips. Wearing make up for long hours and going to bed without getting rid of it can cause lip darkening.
  • Never step out in the sun without proper protection. Sun not only damages skin and eyes but can also darken lips and cause sunspots on them. Natural way to prevent sun damage is to use an umbrella or wear a hat. Also, covering the face with a scarf can prevent damage to some extent. In the market, SPF incorporated lip balm and lip moisturizers are available that can be effective against harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Hydration is the key for rosy pink lips

Lips reflect inner health. Glossy rosy lips are a sign of a well-hydrated healthy body. No matter how many times moisturizer is applied to them and no matter how much are they protected from harsh outer environment, they still will look dry and chapped, if the body is dehydrated. Thus, drink enough water. It is the easiest way not only to restore physical health but also to be blessed by rosy healthy-looking lips. Drink enough water throughout the day and see lips colour turning light and texture turning into smooth. Moisturizing lips is another way of keeping them well hydrated from outside. Winters are the months when lips look more dry and chapped. Thus, these months require extra effort and attention for lip care. It does not mean, summers do not take a toll on lip health. Every changing weather does exert some effects on the lips. Thus, make it a point to always keep the body well hydrated and lips well moisturized. A natural way of keeping lips moisturized is to make use of natural oils such as oils of almond, soy, olive, sunflower and shea butter.

Regularly exfoliate them

We often exfoliate our skin to get rid of dead skin cells from it and after exfoliation; we have experienced how much smooth skin texture becomes. However, we rarely perform it on our lips. Our lips require exfoliation too. We need to make sure the exfoliating agent that we are using is not harsh. Also, the procedure should be gentle. Never vigorously try to exfoliate lips as it can cause more harm to them. When we do not exfoliate, we are allowing a build-up of dead cells on lips which will make them look dull and discoloured. Thus, exfoliation not only makes them look fresh by exposing the new layer but also increases the blood circulation that brings rosy-pink colour to the lips. Lots of ingredients present within the home can be used as exfoliating agents. Add sugar to honey and by using toothbrush or fingertips, lightly exfoliate lips in gentle circular motions. Also, after exfoliation, do not keep lips exposed. Immediately cover them with moisturizer.

Get rosy pink lips with daily massage

Massaging lips is one of the most effective ways to maintain and bring back the original colour of lips. Massage increases blood circulation and forces blood to the outer layer of lips which makes them look rosy pink. Thus, we need to gently massage our lips daily for 2-3 minutes using our fingertips. Massaging with some natural oil is more effective as these oils are full of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that keep lips well moisturized and soft. Massaging before bedtime is more beneficial as the oil will have enough time to penetrate deeper layers of lips and offer nourishment. If this procedure is repeated every day, lips turn healthy and pink in colour. Almond oil is good for massaging lips. Massaging with a small ice-cube for a couple of minutes on a daily basis not only makes lips beautiful but also relaxes lip muscles.

Rosewater for rosy lips

Rosewater is the magical ingredient that has been used since ages as a beauty product. Moreover, it is easily available and not expensive. One can also make it at home and the procedure is easy. Crush a few petals of rose and apply the water extracted from it on lips. Repeat it every day and see the lips changing in colour from dark to rosy pink. Rosewater can be applied alone or in combination with other ingredients such as lemon juice and glycerine. Add rose water, lemon juice and glycerine in equal amount and stir well. Using a cotton ball, apply this mixture on lips and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. Wash it with water. Follow this remedy daily and see the difference. Rosewater is the perfect toner. Lemon is a bleaching agent that helps to get rid of tan on the lips and make them look light in colour. On the other hand, glycerine acts as a moisturizing agent.


Rosy pink colour to lips comes naturally if inner health is in good shape. Lips reflect inner health. Thus, make sure to hydrate the body well and quit smoking. Wear lip make up as minimal as possible. Also, regularly exfoliate, moisturize and massage lips to keep them healthy and protect them from sudden and harsh environmental changes. Rosewater is the perfect ingredient for rosy lips. Apply it alone or in combination with other natural ingredients to bring back that rosy-pink colour to the lips. A little care and attention are required on a daily basis to bring back and maintain good lip health and natural rosy pink colour on lips.


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