Simple ways to get baby soft skin

This article explains simple yet effective ways to get rid of dryness from the skin and make it soft and baby smooth. Following strict skincare routine and making changes in lifestyle can make skin healthy and super smooth.


Ever touched a baby and felt the super smooth skin? Once we all had it. As age progresses, we tend to lose the smoothness as lots of factors take a toll on skin health. These factors leave their ill-effects on it. Acne, harmful sun rays, cosmetic products, pollution and sudden environmental changes are some of these factors that play a role in making our skin look rough and uneven in tone. They bring signs of premature ageing such as age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Texture and skin tone changes. Our skin starts sagging and appearing dull. We need to put up a tough fight with these factors. If we follow a strict skincare regime, we can maintain our skin health, and also can be blessed with radiant and flawless looking baby soft skin. Below are mentioned some simple yet effective ways to achieve soft and super smooth skin.

Avoid these habits for healthy skin

  • Never step out in the sun without wearing sunscreen lotions with SPF incorporated in them. Harmful ultraviolet rays can damage the skin and make it tanned, rough and wrinkled. They destroy elastin and collagen which are skin's connective tissues. It is the reason for the loss of elasticity from the skin and the appearance of premature signs of ageing.

  • Just like sun rays, too much hot water is also not good for skin health. It damages skin and is a threat to its smoothness. It flushes out natural oils from skin which are essential to keep it smooth and soft. Thus, avoid splashing hot water on the face and indulging in hot water baths. Instead, go for warm or cold water baths.

  • Do not excessively and regularly eat processed unhealthy foods. Only healthy skin will remain soft and smooth. Also, skin health reflects inner health. Thus, regularly indulging in unhealthy foods can cause harm to health. It decreases the number of friendly bacteria in the gut. An imbalance that gets created can cause inflammation that gets reflected on the skin.

  • Do not drink alcohol or at least drink it in moderation. Alcohol dehydrates body and dehydration harms skin health making it rough and wrinkled. On the other hand, the well-hydrated body keeps skin soft and supple.

  • Do not allow stress to make room inside the body. It not only exerts ill effects on mental health but also contributes to physical illness. It can also damage healthy skin. Thus, get rid of stress by eliminating the factors that are responsible for causing it. Also, spare some time for relaxation that can help in getting rid of stress from life.

  • Do not smoke as smoking ages an individual quickly. Quit smoking at the earliest. Smoking is not only bad for physical health but can also bring premature signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and make skin look rough and dull. Tobacco causes cellular damage in the skin, removes nutrients from it and affects its health.

  • Do not leave skin unmoisturized and exposed irrespective of weather conditions prevailing outside. Winter months require extra care as skin tends to lose more amount of moisture and looks rough and dehydrated. Apply heavy moisturizers every few hours to keep skin well hydrated during cold weather. However, also keep skin well hydrated and moisturized throughout the year.

  • Do not remain sleep deprived. It is important to enjoy our beauty sleep. It allows us to calm down and rest. Those who do not sleep for adequate hours are causing damage to skin health. It is because tiredness easily gets reflected on the skin in the form of roughness, dark circles under eyes and dullness.

Skincare regimen

Following below-mentioned skincare routine regularly can help to get rid of dryness leaving skin soft and supple.
  1. Get rid of dead skin-
    To get rid of the dead skin layer, we need to exfoliate regularly. It removes dead skin cells that make skin dull and rough. It exposes a new layer that is super smooth and fresh. Begin with proper cleansing. Excessive cleaning or exfoliating can damage skin and rip natural oils that are essential to keep it moisturized. Thus, only cleanse skin once or twice a day and exfoliate it not more than three times a week. Different types of cleansing and exfoliating products are available as per the skin type. Choose the suitable ones. We can also use natural ingredients. Also, both cleansing, as well as exfoliating skin on face and body, should be done gently. Cleansing helps in getting rid of dirt and debris from the surface. Exfoliation helps in cleansing from deeper layers which will help to get rid of dead skin cells from the surface and accumulated dirt and blackheads from deeper layers.

  2. Moisturization is the key-
    If the aim is to seek baby soft skin, we must keep it well moisturized all the time. Dehydration shows its effect on the skin making it dull and rough. Thus, drink plenty of water throughout the day. The well-hydrated body keeps skin fresh looking and super smooth. Apart from that, soap that we use for cleansing should not be harsh. It should contain moisturizing ingredients in it. After washing the face or taking a bath, never leave skin exposed. Pat dry with a soft towel. Immediately apply moisturizing cream or lotion on it. Moisturizing damp skin enables better absorption of ingredients. It locks in moisture which is essential to keep it smooth and fresh. Leave moisturizers overnight on the skin which is another step in making skin super smooth.

  3. Improve skin texture-
    What can be a more efficient way of improving skin texture than indulging in regular massages? Massaging improves blood circulation. It, in turn, increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the surface and deeper layers. Better the circulation, better will be the texture. A small ice cube gently massaged on facial skin does the trick. Daily massaging with baby oil, and leaving it overnight on the skin is highly beneficial. Natural ingredients such as oils of coconut, olive and almond are rich in vitamin E can also be used. To lock in moisture in the skin, make sure to cover hands and legs by wearing cotton gloves and socks. All these steps taken to improve skin texture will contribute in making it ultra-smooth.

Lifestyle changes for baby soft skin

These below-mentioned changes can naturally bring improvement in the skin texture and make it smooth.
  1. Leave sedentary lifestyle-
    Overall health exerts an effect on skin health. If a person is healthy, health will get reflected on the skin. Exercise keeps a person fit and healthy. A sedentary lifestyle is bad for health. Thus, it is essential to spend at least 30-40 minutes a day to exercise. It helps to get rid of toxins from the skin in the form of sweat. Exercise increases blood circulation. It means more amount of oxygen and nutrients reach the skin. The better the circulation, the lesser will be the free radical damage. Skin will be able to heal itself in a much better way. Exercise regularly to prevent skin related problems and keep skin soft and silky smooth.

  2. Eat and drink healthy-
    Skin requires vitamins, proteins and other nutrients in adequate amount to remain healthy. Eating a diet that is rich in these nutrients will ensure that skin remains super smooth and healthy. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content will do the trick. Our body requires at least eight glasses of water in a day. Providing an adequate amount of water intake throughout the day and eating water-rich foods will make sure that skin remains soft and supple. Even calories from liquid foods should come from healthy sources. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol. Avoid processed foods as they are refined carbs with no nutritional content. Eat and drink healthy and incorporate foods that are rich in water content, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids.

Skin pampering tips

  • Use aloe vera as it is one of the best remedies to keep skin smooth and supple. It can be used daily without any harm. Aloe vera gel is available in the market. One can also obtain it naturally from aloe vera leaf. Extract the gel and apply it on the face and the body. Let it remain for 15-20 minutes and wash with warm water. Aloe vera helps to get rid of roughness from the skin and offers conditioning effect.

  • Pamper skin by immersing the body in luxurious baths. Add milk, rose petals, honey and a few saffron strands to it. Relax in the bathtub and let all these luxurious ingredients exert their effects in calming and moisturizing skin.

  • Every week for at least a couple of times, pamper skin by applying masks on them which have a moisturizing and hydrating effect. Prepare these masks with natural ingredients. For example, use fruits such as papaya, apple, avocado or banana and vegetables such as tomato or cucumber. Take any of them. Mash them properly and apply them on the skin of the face and entire body for at least 15 minutes and clean with water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use the same moisturizing lotion in every season?
During summers, light moisturizers and in winters, creamy moisturizers are beneficial. Light moisturizers may not overcome dryness in winter. Likewise, heavy moisturizing lotions may seem too heavy for the skin during summer months.
What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?
Dehydration in the body is responsible for dehydrated skin which is nothing but a skin lacking enough water content. Dryness in the skin is the result of an excess amount of oil getting stripped from it. Thus, dehydrated skin is one which is low in water content, and dry skin lacks oil.
Why does my skin look reddish after I exfoliate every time?
It is because of using the wrong technique of exfoliation. Too much scrubbing or over-exfoliating is causing harm to the skin and making it look reddish. Exfoliate only twice a week and do it gently in a circular motion.
Why can't I use body moisturizers on my face?
Body moisturizers contain heavier ingredients. They moisturize and hydrate the skin of the body. Face moisturizers take care of delicate facial skin. Body moisturizers are too heavy for face, and facial moisturizers may not work well on the body.
What steps should I follow to get smooth skin?
Always begin with cleansing. Use a moisturizing soap or a gentle cleanser. Follow it up with a toner. Once it dries up, apply a moisturizer on it. To keep skin soft and smooth, follow these three steps twice a day.
Why does the skin look more dehydrated after applying toner?
It is because of the harsh ingredients present in the toner. These ingredients trigger more oil production and cause skin irritation. Use mild toners such as rose water.
Should I apply toner all over my face?
Avoid the sensitive skin under the eye area. Limit the application to only T-zone, in case of combination skin.
Why does the skin look oily after applying moisturizer on it?
It is because of the use of the wrong moisturizer. Those who have oily skin should use light water-based moisturizers, and those who have dry skin should go for the oil-based moisturizer to keep their skin baby soft.
Should I skip moisturizers as I have sensitive skin?
Moisturizer is a must irrespective of skin type. For sensitive skin, choose moisturizers which are free of acids and fragrance. Gentle moisturizers will keep sensitive skin well hydrated and not irritate it.
Why does facial skin experience burning sensation while using face cleansers?
It is because of the harsh chemicals present in the cleanser which might not be suitable for the skin type. The other possible reason may be that the skin is sensitive to such ingredients and require hypoallergenic products.

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The author has submitted an interesting article on how to have the baby soft skin and probably many would love to have it but due to ageing and other factors, the simple ways as suggested might work to our thoughts. In those days elders used to tell the young ones not to roam on the roads without any purpose and they would loose the charm of the skin and face look. But those advice were not taken in right spirit. Now the author has mentioned the reasons for it. Nothing can match the turmeric paste that is made in the house. Apply the same on the face while going to bed and that would have lasting effect on the face for sure.

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