Common Cold: Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies for relief

Cold is a common ailment caused by a viral infection. This article gives an account of the symptoms of cold and the reasons for the cause of the cold. Also, go through this article and learn important tips on how to deal with the cold and the various home remedies that help to overcome the problems of cold.


Usually every individual faces the problem of cold once or twice a year. People of any age may be affected by the common cold. Small children and old persons are most commonly and frequently affected by this ailment as they have less immunity power to fight against germs that cause cold. Along with cold, cough and fever are the common symptoms of this ailment.

Causes of common cold

Common cold is caused by Rhinovirus. This virus can survive in all kinds of climates and is cosmopolitan in its distribution. If a person coughs during common cold ailment, at least one lakh viral germs enter into the atmosphere. The virus can survive within our body for a long duration. As antibiotics can't work on this virus, to relieve the cold ailment it takes more time. Though the body develops immunity to the cold, there are more than 80 different strains of rhinovirus as well as other species that cause cold are present in nature. The virus even survives outside our body for more than 48 hours. The virus can easily spread by droplet infection and contact.

Symptoms of common cold

The following symptoms can be observed in the persons who got affected by cold
  • Breathing becomes difficult because blockage of nose

  • Sneezing nose, tearing eyes, reddening of eyes and cheeks

  • Loss of olfaction and phlegm formation in throat

  • Headache, swelling of tonsils, irritation in nose and throat

  • Difficulty in breathing, chest pain

Home remedies for common cold

Common cold has no medicines to cure and so one can get relief only by using some home remedies.
  • Individuals suffering from cold should consume only boiled water and it will give relief to the patient.

  • Consuming hot water mixed with honey and lemon juice will improve the immunity of the body to fight against cold.

  • Inhaling water vapours from boiled water mixed with turmeric powder, eucalyptus oil, any Balm will give relief from cold. It helps to give relief from breathing difficulty and also clears nose.

  • Consuming milk mixed with turmeric powder will help to provide good sleep and relief. Antibiotic substances present in turmeric will help to provide protection against cold.

  • Consuming ginger tea will help to give relief from cold and cough. Water boiled with ginger and to which lemon juice, honey, pudina leaves are mixed and consumed. This will give relief to the patient.

  • Milk mixed with pepper powder or decoction of pepper will definitely give relief from cold and cough.

  • By chewing Tulsi leaves mixed with rock salt will give relief to cold. Tea made with Tulsi leaves also give the same effect.

  • Barley water mixed with lemon juice, soups made out of lemon, garlic, ginger, turmeric, pepper powder, onions will give definite relief.

  • Inhaling Camphor smell frequently also will give relief from cold

Self-care to be taken for common cold

  • Individuals suffering from cold must take complete rest. But if they go to their work and offices the cold becomes severe and the other people also may be affected with cold.

  • Individuals affected with cold must carry a handkerchief to close the mouth while sneezing and that will help in spreading of germs to others.

  • Completely avoid drinking cold water and working or sleeping in AC rooms. This will aggravate cold.

  • Always drink hot water and avoid consuming ice creams during cold.

  • Gorgle hot water mixed with salt if the person affected with cough along with cold.

  • Wash hands frequently especially before taking food that avoids the further entry of germs into the body.

  • Consume Vitamin C tablets to improve the immunity of the body to fight against cold.


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