The Best Behavioral habits for Success in life

There are certain behavioral habits that have become absolutely essential for success in a dog-eat-dog competitive world. These can be acquired with practice and patience. Certain important features of these behavioral traits and simple ways to develop them are described in some detail in this article.


Across professions, the best of technical or professional knowledge or skills to execute tasks related to the core specialization are found to be totally Inadequate when the best behavioral habits are missing in employees at any level. Of course, these are very important among managers. More so, if they are being groomed to assume leadership responsibilities. These behavioral habits are essential not only for career success but success in life itself.

Be that as it may, it turns out that the best behavioral habits are a) Ability to listen patiently b) Adopt the best body language c) Be firm in decision-making d) Have innate interest to develop others and e) Never talk pessimistically at any point in time.

Ability to listen patiently

This is extremely important as a behavioral habit. The most important quality that stands out in any person is his or her ability to listen patiently to anything that is being said. It is commonly seen that even the best of suggestions often emanate from the shop floor workmen. They may not be educated even up to a diploma level in engineering. But they have abilities that even managers fail to address or find out. Those managers who listen patiently to such workmen are quite successful in diagnosing the actual root cause of a problem. The Japanese are experts at this art. The workplace is often defined through extensive practice of what is called the PDCA cycle. PDCA stands for Plan, Do, Check and Act. This is quite often simplified with the best solutions to problems. The "check" in PDCA is important. When employees check the progress of ant action that is done, the process provides good feedback on the learning. The managers who listen to such experiences of learning do become effective managers.

It is not that listening is important only in work situations. Housewives desperately want to be heard and listened to. Children cry for attention as well. They need recognition all the way. Unless they are patiently listened to, there can be no progress at all.

Adopt the best body language

This is important too. Managers who exhibit the best body language are those who are able to effectively engage with their employees. This habit is important at home and in social meetings as well. Movement of the eyes, acknowledging something being said through nodding of the head and then intervening at appropriate times to say "please come again" to listen to something important being said and so on, will make a whale of a difference.

This practical experience will bear this out. A worker in a modern factory, unfortunately, lost his life in an accident within the factory. The HR Chief immediately sprung into action. He reached the native village and immediately handed over the Rs.10,000 towards funeral expenses. Word spread. The village is situated just six kilometers from the factory. A crowd of six thousand immediately gathered. The choicest of abuses followed. There were a few youngsters who even tried to harm the HR Manager. However, this was stopped by the elders in the village. It was these villagers who helped in making the situation a calm one. The HR Manager had already taken the oral permission to promise one job to the kith and kin of the employee who was no more.

He was so calm and all the while gave the villagers that the company would do all that is required in the time of deep distress. He did not even accept a glass of water from the villagers. He gave Rs.4000 of his own money for transporting the dead body and volunteered to take an active part in the funeral. Every movement of his made the villagers see reason. True to his words, a diploma holder, who was still in the final year, was given an assurance in writing that he could join his join the company as a trainee immediately after his course was over, with his provisional certificate. The company also arranged a training course for the widow and two other women of the same village in making plastic bags. The marketing was done by the company among its own employees. Today, this business is flourishing and the women have firm orders on their hands. Everything was possible only because of the HR Manager and his superb handling of the situation.

Be firm in decision-making

The aforesaid example is a good example of firm decision-making. Having a good grasp of the situation is very important. More often than not, we allow our emotions to cloud our decision making. This is the wrong approach. Decisions should be taken only on the basis of data and a foolproof backing of the data that would minimize any risk. This is important too. The most appropriate behavioral habit is to remain emotionless and not allow others to guess what one is thinking. The period should be spent on deep introspection about the pros and cons of any decision. If it is a crisis like the aforesaid real-world experience, the appropriate behavioral habits would be patience, a grim but empathetic face, ability to nod the head quite often, reaching out to opinion leaders, physically comforting the survivors and so on. The HR Manager did all this and was able to diffuse the situation.

In normal times, a calm mind and even the habit of taking down notes will help a good deal in the emergence of the best of outcomes.

Have innate interest to develop others

This should be seen by other people. The cunning and insecure boss would simply give it away. He would always wear a worried look. His face would convey his fear. The best of bosses who are development-oriented would smile, offer hand-holding, share ideas and give enough freedom. They would permit their subordinates to also do mistakes. They would encourage them to develop new knowledge. These are the true leaders.

The best of leaders are those who crave intelligent subordinates. The leaders engage themselves only in strategic planning. This behavioral habit can also apply to situations in families. For example, those men who want their wives to feel empowered would go all out of their way to not only educate them but also teach them new skills. They would indulge in behaviors that would easily indicate that they are quite serious in such endeavors. For example, they would openly announce their intent to all relatives. Secondly, they would happily do all household chores, so that their wives find the time to concentrate on career interests. There are many who shift to cities like Hyderabad and take care of the child or children when their wives get to do the prestigious PGDM course from the Indian School of Business. I have known two such families. Today, one family is settled in Australia and the other in Singapore. It should be noted that ISB is a globally recognized institution. Getting assignments abroad is so common.

Never talk pessimistically at any point in time

This behavioral habit should be there in every human being. It can be found so commonly in villagers and those who engage themselves in entrepreneurial activities in the semi-urban areas. Wherever the small town is the center, there is enough scope for the business. They are not too ambitious but they are shrewd enough to make enough profits for a decent living. They live in their own independent houses and zip around in their cars. Yet, they are always optimistic.

This is exactly what we should do at any point in time. Any crisis will boil over. It just takes a bit of time. Patience and belief in one's abilities are key to the real exhibition of optimistic thinking at any point in time.


Based on some real-world experiences and also conceptual inputs having a bearing on applied behavioral sciences, a few behavioral habits have been discussed. The habits, when effectively developed, will contribute to not only career success, but also success in one's life in general.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao24 Mar 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Unless otherwise you groom somebody who can take care of your present work. So we all should have an interest in developing subordinates and see that they will perform at their maximum caliber so that we can be groomed to the next higher level by our seniors. This is a very nice aspect and true by all means.

Taking a decision at the correct point of time is very important. A person who can make the right decision at the right time will flourish. Some people are not very clear in their goals, thoughts, and actions. They never make a decision correctly. Such people are never successful in their attempts. Take the decision. Some times it may not be the best decision and some times it may be a bad decision. But not taking a decision will be considered as the worst thing one can do.

The author explained the requirements in the behaviour of a person who wants to be successful.

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