Internet – A boon or bane to human beings

The Internet is a common thing these days. And students always get to write an essay on this topic. So, here is an essay that talks about the pros and cons of the internet. I am discussing both aspects of the internet in this essay.

Today, everyone knows about the internet. Ask a small child about sending photos or videos, and he can guide you in doing that through WhatsApp, Bluetooth or even through apps like Shareit, Zender, etc. Smartphones, our best means for browsing the internet, have become commonplace and it would be really tough for us if they are somehow snatched away from us. Though the internet is of immense help, it is also important to understand how at times, it can be detrimental to us. Let us now see both sides of the coin, namely the internet.

The Internet has been a boon to us. Let us see how.

Internet – A boon

  • Vast resources
  • Internet opens us to a wide source of knowledge. We can now explore the internet for a lot of things. We have to just search and find answers to all our queries. It helps students, especially research students, in knowing more about their respective subjects. We can also know about the places we have never been to and the people we have never met.

  • Easy communication
  • Communication has been made so simple and easy by the internet. We need not send letters or telegrams anymore. Messages and documents can be sent in seconds using e-mail, chat and various social media platforms. This way of sending messages and documents is common not only for the general public but also for office communications.

  • Video conferencing
  • With the help of video conferencing, we can see the other person. This way, we get the feeling that the other person is very near to us. This also helps in conducting business meetings without anyone having to move from his office. Reports and presentations can also be given immediately.

  • Services delivered at doorstep
  • Many e-commerce sites have opened up online portals these days. We can see the different products right on our screen without having to go out anywhere. This helps in saving time, and more importantly, these sites also deliver the products right at our doorsteps. With return and replacement policies offered by almost every e-retailer, we need not worry about defects or damage to the products.

  • No queues any more
  • The internet has made our lives a lot easier. We need not stand in long queues for railway tickets, cinema tickets or to pay bills for electricity, water, gas or even phone. The school and college fees can also be paid online. These online payments can be done instantly and very easily, sitting in the comfort of our home or office. On top of it, we need not wait for the counters or windows to open at a specified time. We can do the transaction anytime we want.

  • Reduction in the use of paper
  • Internet has contributed to the reduction in the usage of paper in schools, colleges, offices, railways, businesses, training centres, shops, etc. This is good for Mother Nature.

  • Online courses
  • Many online courses have also come up these days, especially for those who are not able to attend the regular courses due to work or some other commitments.

However, every technology has its demerits. The Internet has its own demerits as well.

Internet – A bane

  • Students take up the easy way
  • Many students misuse the internet. They do not try to find solutions to the questions given by their teachers on their own. Rather, they take up the easy way and try to search the internet for the answer. This limits their thinking and creative capabilities.

  • Heavy risk to children
  • Children are not able to judge right from wrong. They tend to spend a lot of time on endless games and in the virtual world. These activities not only create a risk to their eyes and innocent minds but also hamper their communication skills in the real world. They are also likely to lose their interest in studies.

  • Encourages illegal activities
  • Internet provides data and information in a large quantity. No doubt, many miscreants make illegal use of the internet to make some easy money.

  • Fear from internet hackers
  • Many hackers take advantage of the internet and disturb the peace of common people, government, institutions and businesses.

So, the internet has many negative things with it. But, if we human beings use it properly and carefully, the internet can be a friend of ours. We should always remember to master the technology, but never allow technology to master us.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao06 Apr 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A good article from the author. Every coin will have two sides. In the same way, all the points or all the available facilities will have good things as well as bad things also. It is the individual who has to use the available facility for his benefit.

The Internet has brought a huge change in our lives. This has made the information available to you on your fingertips. Earlier days we were sitting in the library days together to get the information and the latest position of an issue. But these days you will get that information within seconds and you will get the full information based on the keywords you use for your search.

Sending information from one place to another place has become so fast that within no time we can send the information to a person who is away from us and distance is never an issue.

Thus we can see many advantages from the internet but we should restrain ourselves from using this for unwanted issues and get the maximum benefit out of it.

Author: Swati Sharma21 Apr 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

The internet indeed has some disadvantages, but at the same time, the internet has become a necessity. Now it has become very easy to get the application and information for the jobs. You can easily learn about any job with the help of the job portal website from home. These days, the convenience of working from home is also an advantage of the internet.

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