How to choose the right doormat for the front door

You always want a good and durable doormat at your front door, don't you? But sometimes, choosing the right doormat becomes a difficult job. Consider the factors that you should keep in mind while selecting the doormat. The different types of doormats given here also give you a good idea of the choice you should make.

The doormat at the front door is one of the first objects in your house that sets the first impression on your guests. So, the front door mat should better be a unique one so as to go with your style and taste. And, along with that, the doormat should also be able to do comply with the task for which it has been put there. After all, it is not just a decorative piece.

The first and foremost job of the doormat is to keep the dirt and debris to come to the house along with the shoes. So, the doormat needs to be chosen carefully. Yes, it seems very simple, but still, a few factors when considered make the choice worth.

Factors that help you in choosing your doormat

A doormat is kept at the entrance for a purpose. And choosing your doormat, though does not require skills, still should not be considered as any useless task.
  • Shape and size

  • It is important that the dimensions of the doormat should be considered first. It should match those of the main door or should go well with the entrance width. It should not look odd there. The first feeling on seeing it should be that the doormat had been there ever since the time the door had been erected.

    Moreover, these days, you get a variety of shapes to choose from. You need not just stick to those conventional rectangular types. The oval designs may be considered if those cater to the other factors. The other doormats of other shapes like the cartoon characters, animals or any such other shapes can be considered for other inside doors if you have kids at home.
  • Style

  • Your house speaks about your class and taste. So does the front doormat. Go for a mat that goes with your decorating style. Your doormat could be a solid rough doormat, a printed colorful doormat or even one with a message on it. It could be a gentle message of welcome or even the humorous type.
  • Weather Resistant

  • The doormat outside your house should be weather resistant and long-lasting. The sun, UV rays or even rains should have less effect on your rug. Such doormats generally include natural or recycled rubber, coir, vinyl, and polypropylene. Few come with exterior paints and such other advanced features as well to make them more resistant to the conditions outside the house. These days, mats also come with quality weather-resistant materials. Choosing such a doormat will not keep you worrying about it in rough weather conditions.
  • Make of the Doormat

  • The make or the type of the doormat should also be considered here itself. You may go for the eco-friendly doormats made up of all-natural wood such as bamboo, teak or even coconut and natural cotton fiber. Else you may also go for the cast iron doormat and the polypropylene one.

Types of Doormats

These days, one may get a variety of doormats to choose from. But one should also be sure of the factors as per one need while selecting any type of doormat.
  • Rubber Doormat
  • The rubber doormats are considered weather-resistant ones. They are also good for the hot climate areas that are prone to high UV rays.

  • Cast Iron Doormat
  • These doormats come in nice designs and display sophistication and style. These can be considered durable and go well with any color of the walls and interiors.

  • Needle fiber doormat
  • Consider the needle fiber doormats if you are in dusty areas or if you have kids at home who go to and fro from the house. It not only cleans the soles of the shoes but also has a good humidity absorption rate that makes it a good choice.

  • Coconut fiber
  • These doormats are efficient not just for cleaning the soles of the shoes but also against the moisture. They dry up quickly and can be washed easily as well.

  • Natural Cotton Fiber doormat
  • The natural cotton fiber is liked by all. It is as good as a towel and feels nice to the feet. It soaks up moisture quickly. However, it cannot be considered for the outside door. Well, in case you have a portico or a small extension ahead of the main door, then this is as good as any other soft doormat.

So, now your hunt for the proper doormat for the front door becomes easier when you know the factors you need to consider while doing so. Put up a doormat that welcomes your guest with warmth.

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Author: Vandana09 Aug 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The problem with most doormats is that they tend to catch dust and varying types of general dirt very easily. For example, outside a residential home, a stray bird's feather may get caught in it, as also bird droppings. You may sometimes find sparrows pecking away at the fibre, skillfully pulling out strands for their nest. Within the house, too, a stray strand of hair will latch onto the doormat, as also grit stuck in the soles of footwear worn in the house. As for buying, perhaps an advanced idea of what you are looking for could help in selecting the right doormat.

Author: K Mohan14 Jan 2022 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Very unusual and yet important matter discussed in this article as the entrance of the house is most important and proper door mat would tell upon the cleanliness maintained inside the house. Door mats are either in plastic, or coir, and some prefer the house hold cloth mats. The best option, I feel, would be coir mats of thick size. Coir mats are most famous in Kerala and those mats which are sold by the Coir Board is of good quality and would last long.

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