The ten emotions of Power: Learning from Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins in his book on "Awaken the Giant Within" talks about the ten emotions of Power. Each and every emotion is illustrated with appropriate quotes from the book and then illustrated in the context of our real-world lives. In doing so, every effort has been made to make the points as simple as possible.


The ten emotions of Power are a) Love and warmth b) Appreciation and Gratitude c) Curiosity d) Excitement and passion e) Determination f) Flexibility g) Confidence h) Cheerfulness i) Vitality and j) Contribution. Obviously, due to constraints on space, each emotion will be discussed only in some detail. As usual, a few quotes from the book will be taken as such. The examples from our real-life will be discussed too.

Love and warmth

This is not rocket science at all. Right from Mahatma Gandhi to Mother Teresa to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa to Swami Vivekananda, everyone has talked about this emotion in detail. Anthony Robbins himself quotes Emmet Fox. If you could only love enough, you could be the most powerful person in the world". ( page 264). Proof of this can be found in many non-profit organizations that are run to take care of the old and the destitute people.

Appreciation and Gratitude

Our home is the best learning laboratory in this respect. Listen to the voices of anyone above 70. True, they may be spiritual. But spirituality is just a sugar coating. They live without any expectations. They are kind to all and, since they have seen it all, they have a bigger sense of gratitude to God. Even the great A.R. Rahman said this when he won the Oscar award: "Ella pugazum irivanukkae"( all this achievement is due to God). Nearer home, our housewives expect to be praised for their efforts in making any good dish that we eat day in and day out. Our children want appreciation for every small success. After all, life is complete only when we recognize the intrinsic worth of our near and dear ones.


This is another important emotion. Here is a quote from the book." If you really want to grow in your life, learn to be as curious as a child. Children know how to wonder -- that's why they are so endearing."( pages 264-264). The advertisement experts who bring us all the eye-catching advertisements are taught and trained in this art. This element of curiosity is invoked in the child-centric advertisements ( the most famous one is that of Surf Excel, where the boy spoils the cricket ground and then his mother does the rest at home).

Excitement and passion

This is another important emotion. "Excitement and passion can add juice to anything. Passion can turn any challenge into a tremendous opportunity. Passion is unbridled power to move our lives forward at a faster tempo than ever before"( page 261).

Look at the IPL tournament. Passions run so high on the field. The excitement is nail-biting. People can be seen praying at any time. This is the best that can ever happen in India. It brings out the excitement and passion in people like never before. It can create a big sense of "let's make it" kind of feeling and thought in any human being. It has been seen that the young MBAs from the IIMs and the ISB, in particular, take up jobs in the risky start-up space only for the excitement and passion that the jobs have in them.


When we see small entrepreneurs making money, we can see this emotion in full flow. Look at the humble guy who sells just the coconut water. He would engage you in conversation and even ask about your family. He would offer a small discount for bulk purchases. He knows how to seel, only because he is determined.

Here is one memorable quote from Anthony Robbins; "Determination is the wake-up call to the human will"(page 265) The example of the coconut water seller would ideally fit the bill. The small entrepreneurs keep the economy growing. Those who sell spinach are another example of determination. Through perfect use of organic farming methods with the minimum use of pesticides, these traders bring the fresh produce at around 6 AM to the residential localities. According to informed sources, the total cost of production is around Rs.2 for a bunch. The produce is loaded on to mopeds ( the petrol cost is the bare minimum) or to bi-cycles where the cost is zero. The traders laugh all the way to the bank, as the entire profit is non-taxable. This is a perfect example of determination.

Look at the high-achievers who have the killer instinct in them. Apart from cricketers, there are mainly even in our own neighborhood. We do have examples of doctors who serve with so much dedication and love in the rural areas that are barely connected by a few buses every day. It is their determination that makes a vital difference.


"If there is one seed to plant that will guarantee success, it's the ability to change your approach. In fact, all those Action Signals -- those things you used to call negative emotions -- are just messages to be more flexible!"( page 266).

Proof of this can be found in the IT professionals. There are many who quit the likes of TCS. They then go in for smaller organizations, where their job descriptions give them a larger scope for show-cashing their talent. The logic is simple: it is better to be a small fish in a pond rather than being a big fish in an ocean. And they are correct too. It is only in such smaller organizations that they are more likely to go abroad and get to do the best of value-added jobs, by effectively using their skill-sets.


"Imagine and feel certain about the emotions you deserve to have now, rather than wait for them to spontaneously appear someday in the far distant future."( page 266). The current situation is the best example. We are all holed up in our houses for our own safety. Now is the time to effectively use engines such as ISC and do our best. Reassuring ourselves that we have it in ourselves to make a vital difference and make us feel confident.


"Cheerfulness enhances your self-esteem, makes life more fun, and makes the people around you feel happier as well"( page 266).Take some time off to see any infant. The child will simply smile as often as possible, and even if he or she is just five months old, would make every effort to communicate something through body language. God has given them the power to be cheerful.

It is the best period to enjoy life. When the child is over one year old, the child starts making as many pranks as possible to garner attention. He or she becomes so curious and creates cheer for everyone around.


This is all about the physical health of any human being. The author emphasizes the importance of sleep and breath. He also talks about having less stress. This is vital.

Given our present trying times, it is vital to remain calm and do some physical exercise or the other. Merely spending hours together before television screens do no justice to our health. Evidence is now available that yoga is also a good medicine in this respect. Each of us should find our own way to keep ourselves fit. A brisk walk for thirty minutes in a neighborhood park will do us a world of good.


Here is one memorable quote from the book. "The secret of living is giving".

And he then follows that with another more profound one, on the same page ( page 268)."There's no richer emotion I know of in life than the sense that who you are as a person, something you've said or done, has added to more than just your own life, that somehow it has enhanced life's experiences for someone you care about, or maybe someone you don't even know".

This is exactly what life is all about. When we make a meaningful contribution to the society in whatever way we can, we are also adding meaning to the aforesaid quote. For example, a small restaurant in Mylapore, Chennai, that sells evening snacks for just Rs.10/- apiece, and made out of the best cooking oil that is never re-used is also making a useful contribution. We need snacks in the evening at around 5 PM and if someone is able to provide it at a reasonable cost, we would simply lap it up. The biggest difference is that it is done hygienically and we can be assured of quality.

Likewise, any human being who is a preacher of peace is also making a big contribution. He or she makes others think about possibilities. The possibility of non-violence and of being able to reach out to millions through the best of means possible. The scope is endless.


The ten emotions of power, as enumerated and explained by Anthony Robbins, have been discussed in some detail in the aforesaid paragraphs. Hopefully, the discussion will open up new vistas of learning and curiosity and enable a wider canvas of ideas to emerge in any human being at any point in time.

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