Effective ways to naturally improve vision

This article explains the simple ways that are effective enough to naturally boost eye health and improves vision. Following a healthy eye diet and regularly practising eye exercises will gradually improve the eyesight.


Our vision through which we see the world is one of the best gifts given to us. However, most of us do not care for it. Thus, we do not take care of our eyes in the proper way and take them for granted. In the process, eye health deteriorates gradually. Consequently, it affects our eyesight. All we know is that we can correct our eyesight by undergoing surgical procedures or by wearing lenses. However, there are also simple yet effective ways that can help us maintain good eyesight and prevent further deterioration of eye health. Also, they can help in improving eyesight in individuals in whom vision is impaired due to other medical reason. Though the correction does not take place overnight, still, following these effective remedies can slowly and gradually bring improvement in vision. Also, eyes are complex organs and thus, it is essential to follow the majority or combination of these simple remedies which are beneficial for good eyesight. Below-mentioned simple yet effective tips will help us to keep our eyes in good health which will ultimately help us enjoy good vision.

Shield the eyes from sun damage

We often wear sunscreen lotions before stepping out in the sun to make sure the harmful sun rays do not cause any damage to our skin and result in sunburn. On the other hand, when it comes to protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays, most of us do not care much. Sun damage caused to eyes should not be taken lightly. Slowly and gradually the harmful sun rays deteriorate eye health and weaken eyesight. In some cases, the damage can be to such an extent that it can result in loss of eyesight. Eye damage caused by the sun can result in various conditions such as cataracts, pterygium, macular degeneration and astigmatism. Thus, just like our skin, we need to take certain preventive measures that will protect our eyes from sun damage. Wearing a suitable hat is one such measure. Also, it is always beneficial to wear protective sunglasses. Do not purchase the ones which are sold on the street side. They hardly serve the purpose. Sunglasses should be able to prevent harmful UV rays of the sun from entering our eyes. Thus, purchase good quality and branded ones. Also, for extra precaution try to purchase wraparound sunglasses which makes sure that harsh sun rays do not enter our eyes from sideways. Next time, when we step out in the sun, we need to make sure that we wear sunglasses and understand that they are not meant to make us look cool. Their purpose is to protect our eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

Give rest to the eyes to improve eye health

How many of us sleep for adequate hours? Enjoying a good sleep is one of the easiest ways to keep our eyes in good health. Those of us who do not sleep well or sleep for adequate hours are exerting too much strain on eyes. Consequently, the eyes remain dry and tired throughout the day. It is not good for eye health. It is not just our mind and body but our eyes too work throughout the day. Thus, they need time to relax and recover from all the stress and strain that they underwent the entire day. The best way to offer some rest to them is by sleeping for at least 7-8 hours. Moreover, make sure that sleep is of good quality. Going to bed with all the work-related stress and waking frequently in between sleep will not allow us to enjoy high-quality sleep. Thus, do not bring work to the bedroom. At least 30 minutes before going to bed, get rid of issues and all the work that can cause stress. Before going to bed, make sure to relax and ease out all the stress that will ultimately help in enjoying high-quality sleep for adequate hours.

Protect the eyes from optic damage

Various factors can cause optic damage. Smoking is one such activity that can cause damage to the eyes and deteriorate eyesight. Smoking is bad for overall health and that includes eyes too. It causes optic damage and consequently, it accelerates the process of developing macular degeneration, optic nerve damage and cataracts. It causes too much strain on eyes and makes them look dry and tired. Damage caused to eyes from years of smoking cigarettes can be corrected by quitting it. Slowly and gradually the inflammation in the blood vessels of eyes will decrease, and consequently, eyesight will improve. Not just smoking cigarettes, any activity that is tobacco-related needs to be stopped immediately if the aim is to improve eye health. Quitting smoking is not that easy but of course, it isn't impossible. Gradually decrease the number and after a certain period try to quit it completely.

Also, there are certain activities in which there can be danger of suffering from optic damage. Some of such activities are conducting science experiments, playing sports, garage works and carpentry. It is important to wear protective glasses or eyewear that prevents injury to eyes resulting from sharp objects, laboratory instruments, harsh chemicals, garage metals and wood shavings. Polycarbonate protective eye wares offer protection to the eyes and prevent damage to eyesight.

Follow a healthy eye diet

There are numerous amazing foods to improve eye health and eyesight. Including them in a daily diet makes sure that eyes remain stress-free and healthy. Increasing their intake will improve vision gradually and naturally. Increase the intake of foods which are rich in vitamin A. Some of them are green leafy vegetables, almonds, oranges and gooseberry. Also, fulfil daily dose of vitamin C and prevent cataracts from developing. Vitamin C also increases blood circulation in the eyes. Thus, increase the intake of oranges, lemons, tomatoes and grapefruits which are all good sources of vitamin C. We all know how beneficial carrots are for good eyesight. Include carrot in daily diet by adding it to soups, salads and other recipes. Drinking carrot juice is particularly beneficial as it fastens the process of eye repair and improves eyesight. Moreover, carrots are loaded with antioxidants which overcome the oxidative stress and contribute to the process of improving vision. Copper is also good for eye health. Drink water stored overnight in a copper container and naturally improve eyesight. Also, omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fishes are good for eye health.

Practice eye exercises to improve vision

Just like our body, our eyes need some exercises too. These are simple exercises that hardly consume any time and require any efforts. Moreover, they can be carried out in short breaks that we take in between our work. Follow these simple eye exercises daily to improve eye vision and maintain eye health.
  • One such exercise is to take some time off to blink eyes. Blinking prevents drying of eyes. It moisturizes them. Take some time off in between work and make sure to blink eyes rapidly and slowly.

  • Move eyeballs up and down but make sure the eyes do not blink. Repeat this for 15 seconds before resuming the work. Also, moving eyeballs horizontally and diagonally is equally beneficial. It helps to get rid of strain from eye muscles.

  • Rolling eyes in circles is also an effective eye exercise that helps to get rid of stress from them. Make sure to roll them in clockwise as well as in anticlockwise direction.

  • Another exercise is to rub palms of both the hands together. Place them on the eyes so that they feel warm. This activity relaxes the eyes. It is more like a warm-up exercise to eyes and is known as palming. It can be done before and after performing other eye exercises.

Take frequent breaks

Just like our body and mind, our eyes too need frequent breaks to get rid of stress and pressure exerted on them. It is especially necessary in case of those individuals who spend too much time in front of a computer screen. Also, it is beneficial in case of those individuals whose maximum time is consumed by television or mobile phones. Frequent breaks allow eyes to relax. One thing that can be done to improve eye vision is to decrease the brightness of the screen. Too much brightness causes too much stress on eye muscles and quickly makes eyes tired. Protective eyewear helps in preventing strain on eyes. Take some time off to slowly and rapidly blink eyes to moisturize them from time to time. It will prevent drying of eyes. We can follow a 20/20/20 rule which will help us protect our vision and improve it over time. According to this rule, we need to take a 20-second break after spending 20 minutes in front of a computer screen. In that 20 second breaks, we need to look at any object that is placed 20 feet away from us. This type of break helps our eyes to get rid of stress and strain. In 20 seconds breaks, eyes feel relaxed and rejuvenated. These types of frequent breaks improve our vision and eye health.


Author: Swati Sharma18 Aug 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Our eyes are the most important and sensitive par and we should always take care of them Author explained the way to care our eyes very well by the article. Now-a-days there are many reasons of increasing pollution, lack of nutritious food, spending hours on mobile or computer etc. which have a very bad effect on our eyes Never make the mistake of wearing glasses of others because in such a situation there is a strain on the eyes and it can cause headache and weakening of the eyes. Which can prove to be very dangerous. Periodic eye check-ups should be done so that if there is any problem, it can be corrected in the initial stages. When you work on computer for a long time then you should take some breaks in 50 to 60 minutes and while taking break if possible so keep a wet cold cloth on your eyes , it will give them rest. Do not rub your eyes.

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