Top 20 ideas to utilize spare time in the lockdown period

Are you tired of sitting free at home during a lockdown? Do you want to do something unique but don't have any idea about what to do now? If yes, then you can find some simple but useful ideas from here. Read this full article and explore the ideas for easy and worthy time pass.

It is a difficult time as no one is allowed to go outside. All have to stay at home for himself, his own family and everyone's safety. While people are doing work from home but still, due to full-time stay at home, they have spare time too. Although a few days have already passed, a lot of days are left and this opportunity can be utilized in improving one's knowledge and abilities. This period may be utilised in spending a memorable time with family and make it productive for you and your family. There are numerous ways in which you can use this lockdown period. Some of them are described below.

  1. Busy yourself in writing

    First of all, you may use this valuable time to jot down some useful things like articles, stories, etc. If you are a researcher then you can write research articles or research stories. PhD scholar can spend time in Thesis writing. You can also write memories based stories that can be published with good publishers. You can also devote your time in writing and contributing to a few precise websites and can also earn extra money.

  2. Online short term courses

    During this lockdown period, several organizations have opened their courses free of cost at this very tough time so that people can get engaged and learn. By joining these courses you can invest your time in learning. Further, these small certificate courses will also be helpful in your career. Some free course are available at the Fair & Lovely Career Foundation, Coursera, etc. Tata Steel has also opens it course at just Rs.1/- for lockdown period. You can check these courses at TATA Steel E- learning Courses.

  3. Online study

    If you are a student then you may use your free time to look at online for study. You also can attend YouTube online classes. Besides several websites like "Back to school", "Let's learn", "Unacademy", "Gradeup", "Adhyan Mantra" etc. and many more also provide free videos to users. Nowadays, UGC and CBSE are also providing online classes. You can also request to your school or college instructors to educate online. During this time, you may acquire knowledge in your area of interest and can also get command in the subject.

  4. Do-It-Yourself

    If you are truly fascinated to learn and make something creative, you can watch YouTube videos and make something new by converting waste to wealth.

  5. Connect with people online

    At this time, you may connect to your old friends, relatives via Facebook or other social platforms and also make your relation robust while maintaining social distance. Some of your childhood friends may be out of touch because of your or their busy schedule. Similarly, you can also call your relatives who didn't talk for a long time.

  6. Watch movies/ serials online

    If you are fond of movies you could additionally make use of this time through watching movies and programmes. During this period you can enjoy a few old programmes that are being aired like Ramayana on Door Darshan Channel and Mahabharata on DD Bharti. Besides a few other popular programmes also are coming like Shaktiman for kids. That means from older to younger everybody can enjoy this period by watching these programmes.

  7. Online surveys

    There are many survey sites which provide incentives to their panellists. Some of the best survey websites are Toluna, Swagbucks, Life Points, Global Test Market, Panel Station, Yuno Survey, Univox etc. You can be part of these survey panels and do participate in the survey. After completion of the survey, you may redeem your survey points for the rewards of your choice. So, by using this manner you may use some of the time in earning.

  8. Write on blogs

    If you like blogging you can start blogging. You may start running a blog or write on other's blog and share your thoughts.

  9. Online excursion

    As you cannot go outside, in this period you can take a World tour on your laptop and explore the unexplored locations.

    Apart from this, other than spending time online, you may use your time in a few other tasks which are provided here:
  10. Cleaning/ dusting of home

    Due to the daily busy schedule, you get very little or even no time for home dusting. This is the right time when you may indulge yourself in home cleaning and dusting. Wash curtain, couch covers and bedsheets. You can do it yourself and also can help your partner.

  11. Assistance in the kitchen

    At this hard time, you may additionally help your partner in the kitchen with cooking, cleaning utensils, etc. If you are a food lover then you can learn a new recipe and try now. Besides, during this time, you also can keep the spices and pulses in the sunshine. You also can clean your kitchen cupboard.

  12. Give time to yourself

    You can also get spare time for yourself and improve your skin and enhance your beauty during this free time. Make a good scrub and face pack from ingredients available in the home like chickpea flour, curd and lemon juice, etc. and apply on your face and then wash after 15 minutes. Put cucumber slices on your eyes. It will give a groovy feeling.

  13. Maintain fitness

    Don't worry all the Gyms are shut down because of the lockdown and you are not able to join. But you can do yoga or any other workout to maintain your health at your home. Select any time in the morning before breakfast, the afternoon after having lunch or in the evening according to your comfort and choice. For yoga, you can watch Videos online or subscribe to any fitness channel. You can read the article Physiotherapy exercises at home during COVID-19 lockdown stay to learn the simple exercise that can be done easily at home.

  14. Start reading

    If you like reading, you can read many books and magazines available online. Besides, you can also read newspapers online or printed editions.

  15. Enjoy nature

    If you have got a garden in your home or you are living in a society you can walk there and watch birds. At this time you may make some bird nests and keep water and food for birds also. You can also spend time in kitchen gardening.

  16. Spend quality time together with your kids

    You also can spend time to train your kids. You can help them to solve puzzles, quizzes, crosswords etc. You can also assist them to draw something unique. Also, motivate them to organise their books and notebooks in their shelves. Play with them.

  17. Manage your mobile and desktop/laptop storage

    Remove old and unused files from your system's memory and organise your systems.

  18. Long sleep

    Due to the daily busy schedule, you have to wake up early in the morning and go to bed late in the night. But nowhere is a chance to take a full eight-hour sleep.
  19. Indulge in your hobbies

    If you love to dance and music, now you have lots of time to fulfil your desire. Listen to music and also dance whenever you want. It will refresh your mood and give you energy.

  20. Future planning

    You can also plan for your future travel and any other planning.

After following a few tips explained here, I am sure you will feel quite revived and no time will be left after doing these tasks. You will be able to use your time and enjoy this time to the fullest with your family.


Author: Umesh13 Apr 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

A nice article giving so many tips for utilising the time productively during the lockdown period. It is true that time is the essence of all our activities in life and once a person can utilise his time effectively and efficiently then it is a great achievement in his life. Some people do not give time any value in their life and take it as granted. It is a big blunder.

During the lockdown period, a person can go for a myriad of activities and the sky is the limit to that. It is the imagination of a person that he can do whatever he desires within the boundaries of lockdown instructions. It is time to remember what are those hobbies and pastimes that we once thought we would do after our retirement from the service. Now though we are not retired in the true sense but sitting just like that in the house is nothing but similar to retired life. So, it is the opportune time to revive all those aspirations that we had earlier and could not do. We always thought that once we get some spare time we would take out the old photo albums and revive our memories of school days and family get-togethers and other such nostalgic things. This is the time to complete those observations and works associated with them. There are many such things scattered around our house which can be visited and seen with that exploring eye that brings real joy and happiness to our lives during this period of isolation.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao14 Apr 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

A very good article from the author. She has given various ways to utilize our time during this lockdown time. Doordarshan is giving a better chance for all of us to know about our culture and values by retelecasting old serials based on Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

As we got a chance, I and my wife is doing some house cleaning work in our native place. I am meeting my old friends in my native place and spending some time on the phone. Still, we have so many things we can do sitting in the house. Some food items like Papad can be made in the house and can be sold to the neighbours if they are interested which will give us some money. Many school-going children are in the houses. We can teach them the subjects we know so that we will get afresh of our knowledge and they will understand the subject better.

Moreover, we can spend a good time writing some content either in our local language or in English or can read books of our interest. There are many ways to work online and earn some money. It all depends on our interests and outlook.

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