Why stainless steel bottles are better than plastic water bottles

Water bottles are a must in every household. We have them in the fridge, on the dining table, carry it to school and so on. Of late, the plastic water bottles are being replaced by the stainless steel ones. In this article, I have discussed, why stainless steel bottles are better than plastic water bottles.

A nice gulp of water from your favourite bottle on a hot summer day is the first thing you would look forward to while on travel. You would seldom forget to carry a water bottle along with you on such trips. Now, if I ask you, what kind of bottle do you carry along with you, the pale steel ones or the bright plastic ones that go with your style?

Had we been discussing this a couple of years back, your answer would have definitely been plastic bottle, isn't it? Obvious enough, because plastic water bottles are lighter and fancier. They come in different shapes and sizes. What more would you want? You and I had been cherishing the plastic bottles for a long time. Not only adults, but even kids prefer the plastic ones. The plastic water bottles were a must-buy for school children at the beginning of the academic sessions.

Talking of recent days, the stainless steel bottles are now replacing the plastics ones gradually. The steel bottles, once tagged as boring, are back in fashion. Though the steel bottles are heavier than their plastic counterparts and come in a very limited range of colors and shapes, they are becoming popular by the day. Less due to their own merits, more due to the demerits of plastic, the stainless steel bottles are becoming more and more acceptable.

Why are the steel bottles better than plastic bottles

Not all plastic bottles are the use and throw ones. The bottles commonly used at homes are made of sturdy material and seem to be good and healthy. But unfortunately, even the sturdy plastic ones are not much good when compared to the steel ones. Let us see why the stainless steel bottles score over the plastic bottles:

  • Stainless steel bottles are much durable
  • Stainless steel bottles are expensive when compared to the plastic ones. That is the main reason we had been buying the plastic ones. But the plastic bottles wear away very fast. On the other hand, durability is the prominent attribute of steel bottles. They can be used for a very long time. They do not get crushed easily nor do they bend or get disfigured, unlike the plastic bottles.

  • Steel bottles are easier to clean
  • Cleaning is a big advantage for the steel bottles. These are easier to clean. Just put the liquid in it, rinse it and it is done. You may say the same for the plastic bottles too. But, what about the odour that the plastic bottles give out! The pores in the plastic are not as good as you think. They leave a odour after use and need to be cleaned frequently and thoroughly.

    Easy cleaning makes steel bottles a good choice for use in the dishwashers as well. This is not the case with the plastic or the glass bottles.

  • Steel bottles do not retain flavour
  • Steel bottles are preferred when fluids or other drinks are to be carried in them. Steel does not retain any flavour as the plastics do. Just count how many times did you get the flavour of juice in your drinking water even after several washes after having taken the juice just once in the bottle. But with the steel bottles, you just need to wash them once and the flavour is all gone.

  • Steel bottles keep the water cool for a long time
  • Taking water in plastic bottles may not be a good idea if you are not having thermos flasks with you. But with steel bottles, you are assured of cold water even after hours of carrying them in the car. Steel bottles keep the water cool for a longer time compared to their plastic counterparts.

  • Stainless bottles are better, health-wise
  • The stainless steel bottles do not contain the harmful chemicals that are being used for the manufacture of plastic bottles. When you are using the steel bottle, you are sure that it does not contain the BPA (bisphenol A), which could cause health issues. Moreover, you are also safe from harmful bacteria with regular cleaning of the bottles. However, one needs to ensure that the bottle is made up of stainless steel and not aluminum.

Nowadays, the stainless steel bottles are also available with desirable features like carrying straps, handles, clips and even special caps. You also get them in a variety of colours and shapes. Made of stainless steel, they are not going to rust. Moreover, a sip taken from a stainless steel bottle is your way of doing a bit towards safeguarding the environment.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao22 Apr 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Plastic is causing many pollution problems and everybody is trying to replace plastic with other materials. Use and throw bottles that are used for storing water and selling water are the main source of plastic waste. There are two or three alternatives we can think of like steel or glass containers. Glass containers are costly but are not durable and steel containers are durable but costly. Steel containers will keep that coolness for some time but slowly the coldness will go as metal is a good conductor of heat. I always feel we should go back to our olden days when we were using clay pots for water storing. Nowadays clay bottles are coming into the market and they will be good to replace plastic containers.

Author: K Mohan13 Dec 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

In olden days there used to be wide usage of brass and copper vessels and over the period of time people started using aluminum vessels and then shifted to steel vessels. And now in modern days the steel bottles are widely used for carrying drinking water and beverages. The water when stored for more hours and days in the plastic bottles, the fungus residue would form in the bottom and that is not seen with the naked eyes and if we drink such water it will tell upon our health. It is said that during summer, the stainless steel bottle would keep the water more cool than expected whereas the plastic bottle gather heat from outside and the water gets warm. By choosing stainless steel, we are also discarding the plastic item in one way or the other.

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