How to permanently lose weight fast at home in few days

Want to shed away your tummy flap? Looking for some methods to lose your extra pounds by eating homemade food and without going to the gym? Here I am going to share my own personal experience and the method by which I reduced my weight by following a healthy lifestyle and even without leaving my favorite foods. The ongoing lockdown period is the best time to shed those extra pounds.

Are you tired of using different methods to reduce weight? Are you also desperate to shed away your tummy flap after pregnancy? Losing your weight even after the delivery of your baby is not a dream anymore. We are not going to follow any home remedies or following any unscientific home remedies for this purpose. Though you will see the results within a few days, you will not lose weight fast in just 15 or 20 days because this will be your permanent weight loss. The method that I am going to share with you is for both men and women. Yes! You read it right. Both males and females can reduce their weight and achieve a healthy BMI range with this method. Moreover, people of any age group can follow this method. Elderly people can also reduce their weight with this method as well as can control their poor health conditions like BP, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. You can also gain weight with this method (if you are an underweight person) but you need to follow a few more tips. Click here to know the tips to get gain desired weight. And the name of that method is 'Portion Control (PC)'.

What is Portion Control (PC)?

Portion Control means eating from all food groups but in portion. If you remember, you had studied about a balanced diet in the 5th or 6th standard, where you were taught to eat a balanced diet from all food groups to live a healthy life. Now it is time to implement that theory into your life. Now you will eat a balanced diet from all the food groups but in said portions.

There are five food groups:
  1. Carbohydrates- You can eat maximum 5-6 portions in day (for females) or maximum 7-8 portions in a day (for males). Not more than 2 portions at one time and not less than 1 portion in each main meal.
  2. Proteins- You can eat maximum 2-3 portions (p) in a day (for females) or maximum 3 portions in a day (for males). Not more than 1 portion at one time.
  3. Dairy- Maximum 3 portions in a day (both males and females). 6 portions in a day for nursing mothers. Not more than 1 portion at one time. Milk added in tea or coffee is also included.
  4. Fruits and Vegetables- For fruits, maximum 2-3 portions in a day for both genders. Not more than 1 portion at one time. You can even take mangoes and bananas but in portion. There is no maximum limit to consume vegetables. You can eat as many vegetables as you want in any form. It could be steamed, boiled, raw, cooked, or any other form. However, look at the oil or fat you are adding in your veggies. Also, note that potatoes, sweet potatoes, Taro root, type of vegetables are not included in vegetables. These are covered under carbohydrates.
  5. Fats- Maximum 2-3 portions in a day. Not more than 1 portion at one time. (Count the fat hidden in your other foods also, like oil in your vegetables, fat in your dairy, etc.)

Other than this, you should eat 1 tbsp. of any nuts daily once a day.

Now the question arises- What are portions? In simple language, a portion means the quantity of food which you can eat of any meal. Download the images of each food group from the links provided here. Every image clearly shows the quantity of each food item of each food group which is covered in one portion.

To explain in a better way, you can eat 80 gms or 4-6 tbsp of rice as one portion. Therefore, we said that you could eat a maximum of 2 portions of carbohydrates at a time. Thus, you can eat 160 gms of cooked rice as two portions of carbs at a time. Make sure you eat at least half a plate of vegetables in your every main meal to make you feel fuller for longer.

How can you reduce weight at home with healthy homemade diet?

The method, which you are going to follow to reduce unwanted weight, is for your life because it is a lifestyle change. You will get this lifestyle change by eating healthy homemade food. You need not to cook separately for you. You need not to buy expensive food items. You need not stop eating rice or potatoes. You have to simply eat what is cooked at your home and for all family members. However, what you have to take care of is that you must eat in your portions. Therefore, now you will lose your weight or cure your diseases with your homemade food only and without cooking separately.

Therefore, from today onwards, you will be able to make your own diet plans daily. You need not visit any dietician to make your diet plans. You are your own dietician. Make your own daily diet plans with the food cooked daily for your whole family. And trust me, your favorite pizza and burger also come under portion control.

Some examples of your daily diet plan:
Example 1
Breakfast- 2 p of carbs, 1 p of protein, 1 p of dairy, 1 p of fruit, 1 p of fat.
Lunch- 2 p of carbs, 1 p of protein, 1 p of dairy, 1 p of fruit, 1 p of fat.
Dinner- 2 p of carbs, 1 p of protein, 1 p of dairy, 1 p of fruit.

Example 2
Breakfast- 1 p of carbs, 1 p of protein, 1 p of dairy, 1 p of fat.
Mid-day snack- 1 p of fruit, 1 p of carbs
Lunch- 2 p of carbs, 1 p of protein, 1 p of fruit.
Evening Snacks- 1 p of dairy.
Dinner- 2 p of carbs, 1 p of protein, 1 p of dairy, 1 p of fruit, 1 p of fat.

This is to clarify to you that you have to complete all the said portions of each food group in a day. You can take it any time- either in the main meal or in snack time.

Other than this, you can also enjoy your favorite foods as a treat to yourself. But the calories of your treat should not be more than 120 calories in a day. Having a treat is not mandatory but an option. It's up to you whether you want to take it or not.

Which workout you should do to reduce weight?

You need to do any exercise of your choice for at least 30 minutes a day. There is no maximum limit to this. You can do as much exercise as you want, depending upon your body stamina. But you need to do any kind of physical activity depending upon your interest. You need not join any gym and pay heavy subscription charges. You can do any exercise of your choice at home.

  1. You can go for a walk. If you have a baby at home and you cannot go outdoor for a walk, you can opt for Leslie walk. Leslie walk is an innovative way of walking within a room. You will find many videos Leslie Sansone on YouTube.
  2. You can play your favourite sports. It could be any sports activity.
  3. You can even do dancing for a minimum of 30 minutes. It would be a fun workout.
Please note that household tasks done by women are not included in these 30 minutes. In simpler language, do that exercise which increases your heartbeat to a little extent. Hence, daily household tasks are not included in the workout to reduce unwanted weight.

What I did: I followed several workout videos available on YouTube. I exercised daily for not less than 30 minutes in spite of the fact that my N.E.A.T. is very high. (Continue reading to know about the term N.E.A.T.). Dancing is my hobby and I used it as workout dancing to reduce weight (not daily).

What if you don't have sufficient time to do workout?

See. I repeat. As already mentioned- It's a lifestyle change. You are not going to follow this healthy lifestyle for a few days or weeks only. You have to continue it for a lifetime so that you can stay healthy. If you can't spare 30 minutes a day in one go (though it is preferable to lose weight), you can do any physical activity for 10 minutes thrice a day or for 15 minutes at least twice a day. The choice is yours, the result will be yours.

Now I want to tell you about two terms- E.A.T. (Exercise Activity Time) and N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Activity Time). EAT should not be less than 30 minutes in a day but your NEAT should also be high. You must not be a lazy couch. Keep moving here and there. Use stairs instead of lifts. Use your foot or cycle to go to the nearby market.

Another suggestion: I strongly recommend to buy a kitchen scale if your pocket allows you. This will let you know accurate measurements of your food portions.

Disclaimer: Information provided here is obtained from various books and websites. This is a self-tested method and I have also reduced weight with this method.

Information provided in tables is collected from website, YouTube page and Facebook page of a famous registered dietitian of UK.

Dear readers, do you have any doubt? Please post your query as a comment below. I shall be more than happy to help you. Stay fit. Eat healthy. Stay healthy. In case you are still finding it difficult to create your own diet plans, post your comment below. I shall help you make your everyday diet plans with your routine homemade food.


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