Planning the furniture in your child's bedroom

Planning the furniture in a child's bedroom could be a failure if not done properly. The bedroom with the furniture should be comfortable for the child. This article will give you certain points that need to be kept in mind while planning the furniture. Few basic furniture list is also given for your convenience.

Now that your child is grown up enough to move out of your bedroom, you need to plan his separate bedroom well. He should not only find it comfortable but also enjoy his so-called space in his new bedroom. Your child, in a way, is moving out of your world. So you can ensure that his stay in the bedroom is a happy one.

And there are other situations when you need to plan the furniture for the second bedroom. Maybe, you have just moved into your new flat with your grown-up son or daughter. Or say, your son is joining you back after his hostel stay or after having worked in some other city for a couple of years. You did not have the need of doing with the furniture earlier, but now, you want to. So, you definitely would desire to put in the best furniture out there for your child. But beware, don't overdo with the furniture. Your child's world is not limited to furniture alone. Plan the layout prior to his moving in.

What should you consider while planning the furniture

The age of the occupant

Now, that is the first thing that should be considered- the age of your child. That gives an idea of the requirements as well. If your child is a school or a college-going child, then his requirements will be different from those of a child seeking employment or preparing for the interviews. The office going occupant of the room may have different requirements. The requirements here may vary.

Style and taste

The furniture should go well with the style and the taste of the occupant. It could be either the traditional style or modern style furniture. Or you could very well choose the transitional style that is not too traditional or too modern. The occupant's taste also should be considered here. The furniture so planned could either be clean with minimal designs or loud with bright colors or it could just be warm and cozy. If your child is too young to have developed his/her own taste on this, then you can go on with the furniture that you might have used in your living room. But the occupant should not feel to be living in a guest room.


Now, budget is the primary thing controlling all your plans especially when you have to shed out a hefty amount for the furniture. You can decide on whether to buy the new ones or go with the second-hand furniture which could come at much cheaper prices. You should also decide if you would like to buy all the furniture at a go or on a piecemeal basis. Else you can buy few from the showroom and get some customized furniture made from the local carpenters.

Blending with the colors and shades

Many of us want everything to be matching. The furniture should match the color and shade of the walls. But sometimes, too much of matching does not look attractive. Rather the furniture should blend with the colors keeping in mind the taste of the occupant.


Remember, you have limited space in the room. Overdoing with the furniture will leave less space for moving around or even for adding other things in future. Moreover, free space gives a clean look to the room and one is able to appreciate the room itself.

What should the basic furniture be

You can list down the furniture required in the bedroom. Again, the list depends on the lifestyle and the requirements of the occupant. The list may move up or down with time. However, there is certain basic furniture for the child's bedroom.


Well, when it is a bedroom, the bed itself makes the first furniture in the room. The bed should be a quality product. This is the place where your child would be relaxing after the day's long work. So, it should be sturdy but not too plain. Also, you may have to think if the bed should be having the raised plank at the bottom lest the feet of the child may be cramped. Wrought iron bed can be thought of that is cheaper with more designs. These, however, wear out much earlier than the wooden ones. If you choose the wooden beds, then you have the option for going for simple paints or polished ones. But most of all, the mattress along with the accessories should be welcoming.

Bed side tables

Even your child may require the side tables. Such side tables are quite necessary where you can safely put your mobile, glasses and water bottle. The book that is taken up for bedtime reading can also be kept there.


A dresser in the bedroom makes it quite self-sufficient. It helps in organizing and keeping the petty things that anybody needs while dressing up before leaving the house. But one needs to see that there are more drawers in that. However, this may be opted out of the list in case there is a burden on the budget.


The wardrobe can be made a little simple with the mirror on the outer door of it if you are dismissing the dresser. The wooden ones are heavy but more durable than many other materials. Moreover, they also have nice carvings on them making them look elegant. But you also have a wide range of other materials to choose from. You may choose to have an aluminium one or the iron one or even the plastic one.

Study table

The study table or just a writing table becomes a must if your child is a school or college going one or even when he is preparing for some entrances or interviews. A wall-mounted folding table maybe a little too high on the budget. But it definitely gives more space to the room. You need to make sure that these tables are stable and can hold the laptops if required. Also, check the edges. They should not be too sharp. Rounded edges should be preferred if you are getting the readymade ones from the store.


Anybody will need a chair in the room. It is good if it goes with the study table. If the space in the room permits, an extra one should be kept in case the occupant gets some friends to his/her room. One can be put in the balcony as well.


Your school-going son needs a bookshelf. This not only helps in keeping his books and notes safe but it also gives a good look to the room. So, instead of making it too large, try to have two shelves – a bookshelf and a normal shelf that could be a wall-mounted one. The wall-mounted shelf can be used to keep the storybooks and such other books along with the flower vase or any other decorative piece.

The furniture can be changed with the changing requirements. Still, every time new furniture is added, one must consider the necessity of it in the bedroom. Finally, the furniture should be so chosen that the occupant feels comfortable while using them.


Author: Swati Sharma05 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Everyone wants his house to be clean and decorated according to their capacity. But usually, people do not take care of the choice of their child's interests or convenience while preparing their room. The children's room should be separate from the elders' room. The author has clearly explained in the article as to what should be kept in mind while preparing a child's room,

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan19 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Very nice article written by the author.
When a child is grown up then they need a separate room according to their requirement. Very few parents understand this need. Most of the parent provide room for their children but very few know its decoration according to their age. Every age indeed has a different requirement. The need for school going children is different from college-going children. So, our decoration should be as per age requirement. Child's bedroom should be decorated as so that they may have fun as well as reading.
The author has explained very nicely in
this article about the requirements of the child's bedroom.

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