8 Effective ways to prevent split ends

This article explains tips to prevent split ends which not only uneven hair length by causing hair breakage but is also a sign of hair damage. These tips help in maintaining hair health which is necessary to prevent split ends.


Split ends are the signs of hair damage. When hair cuticle is destroyed, hair becomes weak. Thus, hair ends start splitting which not only uneven hair length but also give the feathery appearance to hair end. Split ends are unsightly and can ruin new hair cut. Instead of getting rid of them by cutting split ends with scissors, it is better to take certain precautions and eliminate the factors that cause them. Prevention is always better than cure. There are simple ways to treat and get rid of split ends. However, it is better to adopt measures to prevent hair damage and the split ends from appearing on the hair shaft. Below-mentioned is some simple ways to prevent split ends from developing.

Simple ways to prevent split ends and hair damage

  1. Regularly go for hair cuts-
    It is not a crime to keep hair long. Some of us love to keep our hair length long. However, we need to understand that not trimming hair ends is one of the major causes of split ends. Trimming a few inches is not going to make any difference in the length but not regularly trimming will make hair ends too old and invite split ends. Once the hair ends start splitting into branches, hair isn't going to grow in length anyway. Thus, we need to regularly go for haircuts. Those suffering from the random split ends should cut them with a sharp scissor otherwise the split may travel the entire length of the hair and worsen the situation. To get rid of split ends, it is recommended to cut hair at least 1/4th inch above the split to prevent it from reappearing.
  2. Avoid too frequent exposure to heat-
    Washing hair once in a while with hot water or using hair styling equipment emitting heat such as straighteners, curlers, and dryers will rarely cause any hair damage. However, frequent exposure of heat to hair and scalp not only damages hair but also makes their ends to split. Hair is made up of keratins which is nothing but protein. Heat denatures it. Thus, hair shaft weakens, and split ends appear. If the use of styling equipment cannot be avoided, better look for those which come with low heat adjustments. Also, while going out in the sun, cover the head with a hat. Do not let the hair down all the time. Instead, tie them in a bun and cover them with a scarf or a hat. Conditioners with sunscreen protection are available in the market. They are usually leave-in type. Use them to protect hair from harmful UV rays of the sun.
  3. Avoid too frequent hair washing-
    Washing hair regularly keeps them healthy by getting rid of dirt and dust from them. However, washing them too often can cause split ends. Too frequent hair washes can rip off the natural oils essential for conditioning of scalp and hair. Thus, in the absence of these natural oils hair remains unprotected and gets damaged easily. Wash them only when they look greasy and dirty. Daily or every other day washes is not good. Also, wash them with shampoos that are made of natural ingredients. The lesser the chemicals in it, better will be the hair health. Too much hair washing with harsh shampoos will leave hair dry and cause their ends to split. After washing them, make sure to condition them properly. It is always beneficial to use natural conditioners. Occasionally, deep condition them. It will help them to get nourished deeply and keep them soft, strong and healthy. Henna is one of the best ingredients that can be used as a natural conditioner.
  4. Carefully untangle hair to prevent hair breakage-
    It is important to use the right brush or comb and the right technique for combing. Forcefully combing hair and using the wrong set of combs and brushes are the causes of hair damage and split ends. Moreover, we will end up pulling out our hairs instead of untangling them. After washing hair, it is recommended to use a wide-toothed comb. Comb selection depends on hair texture. Those who have thin hair can use a narrow-toothed one but those who have thick hair should always go for wide-toothed to prevent hair fall. Along with the right set of comb and brush, we should know the right way of combing our hair. We should begin with combing at the bottom and gradually move upwards. In this way, we will be able to easily untangle. Also, there will be less hair breakage. Brush gently and do not overdo it. Never backcomb hair. Allow hair to dry completely before combing it except for curly hairs which can be dealt with easily when they are wet.
  5. Simplify accessories and styling-
    Too many hair accessories and too much hair styling cause damage to hair. Thus, keep everything as simple as possible. Hair accessories should be such that they do not cause breakage or pulling of hair. Also, they should not be too tight. Always choose elastic bands which are free of metal closures. Rubber bands, in particular, can cause hair breakage when we try to take them out. If we wear our hair in elastic bands for a long time, we are subjecting them for a lot of breakage and damage. Instead of rubber bands, ribbons treat hair gently. Letting hair down all the time is not a good idea, especially if we have to be outdoors for a major part of the day. Weather outside takes a toll on hair health and damages and dries them. Also, hair ends are subjected to lots of friction when they come in contact with a t-shirt or shirt. Thus, wear hair in a bun or an up do is also a good idea.
  6. Oiling brings back hair health-
    Washing helps to get rid of grease and dirt from hair and scalp. However, the process altogether can leave hair. If overdone, it can prove to be damaging. Hair after washing becomes fragile and is prone to breakage. Too much washing can increase the risk of split ends and hair damage. Oiling, on the other hand, strengthens hair by offering nourishment to it. It surrounds hair and protects it during the washing process. Before washing hair, it is, therefore, necessary to apply oil on scalp and hair. Gentle massage as it will help in better absorption of oil in the scalp. Better the absorption of nutrients better will be the hair strength. Apply oil at least one hour before washing hair. If necessary, keep it overnight. Too much dryness is one of the possible cause for split ends. It can be corrected by frequent oiling the scalp and hair. We can choose any oil as per our liking such as coconut oil, almond oil or amla oil.
  7. Take extra care while hair drying-
    After washing, hair is prone for breakage, if not handled gently. Thus, we have to pay extra attention and dry them properly so that we can prevent their breakage and damage. It is always recommended to let the hair dry naturally. Do not dry them using a blow dryer. The heat liberated from such appliance can speed up the drying process but doing it regularly can damage hair and cause split ends. Gently dry hair using a towel. A towel will absorb the excess water and moisture from them. Do not vigorously rub them or else we will end up with lots of tangles. Always use a cotton towel to wrap hair as it absorbs more water and creates less friction. Thus, hair dries faster. Once all the excess water is soaked in a cotton towel, let hair free and dry them naturally. Do not comb wet hair. Combing and tying them should only be done once they are completely dry.
  8. Protect hair from the harsh environment-
    We all have noticed that we experience hair fall when the weather changes. Also, during those times, we feel excessive hair dryness. We need to protect them against harsh sun rays, too much exposure to cold, wind and pollution. These harsh environmental factors can make our hair dry and brittle. Thus, hair health deteriorates and becomes prone for split ends. Never step outside without covering hair properly, especially when the sun is at its peak and when the wind is running harsh enough to tangle hair in every direction. Carry an umbrella to protect hair from sun rays. Cover hair with a scarf to prevent the damage caused by harmful UV rays of the sun, harsh wind and cold weather. A hat will also serve the purpose but remember to first tie hair in a bun and then wear a hat. The best thing about umbrella, scarf or a hat is they not only protect hair but also easily become a fashion statement. While going for swimming, make sure to cover hair with a swim cap. Oiling hair day before going swimming, and using a leave-in conditioner are also good ways of protecting hair. Immediately wash hair with a shampoo and regular conditioner after swimming.


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The author has come up with good tips to prevent split ends and though they are aggreable and can be followed, still the women has lots of doubts on the split ends and they keep on consult the salon experts. Apart from the home remedies being sought to contain and prevent the split ends, the daily television ads also confuse the public especially the women who take much importance to maintain their without the spilt ends. Nevertheless this write would create more confidence among the women and also gave tips on how to prevent the spilit ends with ease.

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