Top 8 healthy high energy boosting foods

Fatigue or low energy levels in the body can make us sluggish and non-productive. This article explains foods that boost energy levels in the body such as healthy nuts, bananas, leafy greens and an energy drink such as water.


Many of us feel fresh and energetic during the early hours of the day. As time passes, we run out of energy and feel tired. What is the cause of low energy levels in the body? We manage to supply food to our body at regular intervals; even then we experience low energy levels. The reason is though we supplied food to our body, we did not consider whether those were high energy-boosting foods. While eating and drinking, we rarely care whether energy is coming from natural and healthy sources. If the sources are unhealthy processed foods, we experience an instant spike in energy level but after some time the energy levels will soon get depleted. Thus, we need to eat at frequent intervals and carefully consider our choices when it comes to food and drinks. We require energy throughout the day to remain productive and efficient in our work. Below-mentioned is a list of high energy foods that boost energy levels in the body.

List of high energy-boosting foods to prevent fatigue

  1. Sweet potatoes: Perfect carbohydrate- It is not wise to skip carbohydrates and go on a no-carb diet. Carbohydrate is an essential nutrient required by our body. Most of the cells depend on it. Thus, instead of skipping it, carefully select foods that are healthy sources of carbohydrates. Sweet potato tops the list. It is dense in complex carbohydrates and fibre. As a result, energy is released slowly and for a long time, unlike other unhealthy sources where there is a sudden rise in blood sugar level followed by a constant dip in energy levels. Such fluctuations in blood glucose level are not good for health. Thus, include sweet potatoes in the daily diet in various forms and remain high in energy for a long time. Manganese present in it is required by the body in metabolizing other nutrients that boost energy levels in the body. Replace potatoes with sweet potatoes to make meals delicious and nutritious.
  2. Bananas: Packed with fibre and potassium- Banana is a treat that can be enjoyed at any time and anywhere. Feeling hungry? Grab a banana. Suffering from fatigue? Reach for one or two and boost energy levels. It is nutritious, and the best thing about it is that this snack can be carried anywhere we go and do not require effort to get packed or stored. Bananas are rich sources of energy and are packed with potassium, protein, carbohydrates, fibre and vitamin B6. It is a good source of sustained energy and best for muscle building. Thus, it is a favourite food of those shedding sweat in gyms. It can be eaten before or after a workout session to boost energy levels. Eat it alone or prepare a smoothie or milkshake and relish the drink.
  3. Curd: Simple snack to pump up the day- Searching for food to boost up the energy levels instantly, look no further than curd. It is a healthy snack that can be eaten alone or as a side dish to meals. Moreover, it is so versatile that it can be added to various recipes to make them healthy. We can eat it at breakfast, lunch or dinner or fulfil our hunger cravings in between meals. Its creamy texture makes it a super favourite among everyone. Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It should be rich in energy-boosting foods so that energy released from the foods power us up the entire morning. Thus, consider eating curd. Make it more delicious and healthy by adding favourite fruits and crunchy nuts to it. Carbohydrates present in it are not complex ones. They are simple sugars which instantly spike up the energy levels. Galactose and lactose are the simple carbohydrates present in it. It no way means, energy levels will get depleted quickly. The protein present in it moderates the process of release of sugar in the bloodstream and slows it down by slowing down the metabolism of carbohydrates.
  4. Lentils: Prevents low energy levels- If we are making sure that we do not miss lentils in our meals, we are in turn ensuring of never running on low energy levels. Lentils are densely packed with various nutrients and thus can kick start the metabolism. They are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Nutrients such as folate, zinc and manganese present in them also keep the energy levels high by increasing the efficiency of cellular energy production. They also aid in metabolizing various nutrients that promote energy release. Since they are the cheapest sources of protein, look no further than them and make sure to use them in various forms to prevent fatigue in the body. They are rich in fibre content and thus, they efficiently suppress hunger by keeping the stomach full for a long time. Consequently, the blood sugar level is maintained. Energy levels remain high and constant for a long time which increases work productivity.
  5. Leafy greens: Colour of sustained energy- There are hundreds of health benefits to include green leafy vegetables in the diet. One of the most important benefits is that it enables the release of steady energy in the body. They prevent fatigue. One can reach for high energy foods from unhealthy sources which will instantly pump up the energy but soon will notice the body once again running low on energy. Moreover, all those unhealthy calories will do lots of harm to health. Instead, avoid such quick fixes and rely on sources that keep energy levels high for a long time. Green leafy vegetables are rich sources of vitamins such as A, C, E and K and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, folic acid and iron. Moreover, they contain lots of fibre content in them which is what makes them sustained source of energy release. Eat them as a salad. Prepare a smoothie or lightly toss them in oil and add spices to them. Add them to various recipes to make them healthy. In every form, they will prevent depletion of energy from the body.
  6. Water: An energy drink- There are lots of causes for running out of energy. Sometimes we may eat right and fulfil all the nutritional requirements of our body daily but still feel running on low energy. It can happen because we are not drinking an adequate amount of water throughout the day. Our body is mainly made up of water and it is required to carry out various functions in the body including energy production Not drinking enough water will dehydrate the body. Consequently, energy production and release get impaired. It is the reason we suffer from fatigue. Thus, we must drink an adequate amount of water every day. Next important point to note is that we should not drink it all at once. It will hardly do any good for our body. Instead, we should make sure that we drink the right amount throughout the day. Water increases the metabolic rate and energy level in the body. Thus, whenever feeling low or sluggish, reach for a glass of this energy drink and sip it slowly. One can experience energy levels once again rising in the body.
  7. Brown rice: A perfect replacement for white rice- Many of us cannot imagine our day without including rice in our meals. Also, the main problem is that we do not eat rice in small portions. Instead, we binge on it. Consequently, we feel sluggish and tired as we have consumed too many calories. The best option is to replace white rice with brown rice so that we do not feel deprived. Moreover, it is nutritious and high energy-boosting food. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre as it is not processed the way white rice is. Fibre present in it makes it a high energy-boosting food. It has a low glycemic value. Consequently, it not only steady's the energy levels in the body preventing fatigue but also prevent fluctuations in blood glucose level. It is rich in manganese content which is required by our body as it helps enzymes in the metabolism of carbohydrates that promotes the release of energy in the body.
  8. Healthy nuts: Powerhouse of nutrients- What can be a more efficient way of boosting energy levels in the body than by consuming a handful of high energy-boosting healthy nuts? The best thing about them is that they can be consumed anytime and anywhere. We can carry them along with us. Whenever energy levels dip, we can eat them, and prevent that sluggish feeling. Nuts such as cashews, walnuts, pistachios and almonds are highly nutritious. Also, they are high in calories. Thus, do not overeat them. A handful is more than enough. Proteins, omega-3, omega-6, carbs, antioxidants, fibre, minerals such as iron, manganese, vitamins such as B and E not only boost energy levels but prevent inflammation. Kick start the day by adding healthy nuts to a milkshake or smoothie. In between meals, when the energy levels start dipping and hunger cravings keep the mind away from focusing on work, grab a handful of favourite nuts and pump up the energy levels.

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha23 Apr 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

The author has rightly represented the efficacy of each energy food as recorded by her in the list. Each of such foods would provide enough nutrition making us energetic in our day to day activities. However, assimilation of such foods would work only when our liver is working at the optimum level. This can be achieved with the inclusion of Gooseberry Powder to be taken half teaspoon along with a little amount of warm water in the morning in the empty stomach. This apart from boosting our immunity will also set our liver right with the elimination of toxins from our system.
Again seeping of a glass of water is to be continued on an hourly basis in contrast to gulping it down a lot at a stroke. Such a habit would ensure proper digestion of the foodstuff providing enhanced metabolism.
While following the tips as suggested by the author, one should ensure that adequate amount of sleep for at least eight hours is maintained so as to reap benefits of the energy drinks as pointed out by the author.

Author: Poulami Bakshi27 Apr 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

This is an excellent but lucidly written article. Regarding the fourth point in the list, I would like to add that not only traditional lentils but any form of legumes are highly energy-boosting foods. Also, a healthy mix of seeds like roasted chia seed, roasted sunflower seed, flaxseed etc. are also very good for obtaining high calories. We often go for nuts but overlook the immense possibilities of seeds. In fact, if chia seeds, sunflower seeds or flaxseeds are not available, you can also use the seeds of the pumpkin. Thoroughly wash pumpkin seeds and dry them in direct sunlight for a few days. Once they are dry and crispy enough, roast them in a pan. You can add them to any breakfast as a cheap and homemade healthy snack.

Author: K Mohan12 Nov 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

The author has given an exhaustive list of energy-boosting food. But there have been apprehensions regarding sweet potato as having that in the meal would give rise to gastric problems and thus many desist from eating it. And when it comes to bananas there are many varieties that are up in sweetness and is not advisable for diabetic persons. Coming to the matter of curd, we all know that many are against using the curd in daily meals as there is every chance of acidity being triggered with fermented curd that is not good for our stomach. I am fully agreeing that water is the best energy drink and one must have at least 4 bottles of water daily. But having warm water early in the morning would be always good to clear the stomach.

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