Human security threats 2020

World pandemic COVID-19 has taken a toll of more than 1,50,000 lives so far and it is strange to reveal that even at this point of time terrorism, violence, perversion of religion are still active, whether it's Taliban attack in Afghanistan or violence against doctors and police officials in India. I would like to share some measures to deal with human security threats.

Earth is the planet of humans because humans are the most adaptable and the most intelligent creatures on it. Initially, people believed in the superiority of nature and even worshipped or respected it for the gifts which they got from it; this idea was called 'Determinism'. However, gradually with some groundbreaking discoveries and inventions in the world, the majority of people started accepting that humans are superior to nature, which was said to be 'Possibilism' and later came 'Neo- Determinism' which said that nature can control the direction of human growth but not its direction. Therefore, humans developed with time but plunged themselves into a habit of taking from nature but not returning it equally. Ex. Global Warming IPCC reports 2019.

There are two popular approaches of study: - The Idealist and the Realist, the former strives to see the world as a beautiful picture of unity, harmony, justice, and peace, and similar concepts whereas, the latter give more stress upon real-world events. However, striking a balance between the two gives a practical, pragmatic, and efficient result to the contemporary threat to the world.

Human Security

In contemporary times, with possibly the most practical approach to it what are the areas that cause a threat to humans which makes them feel insecure and destabilize their growth and development? The answer to this question is War, Genocide, Violence, poverty, terrorism.

Human Security covers any threat which can be natural and man-made which makes people insecure, deprived of freedom from fear and shame. It can be said that human vs. environment is an issue of our times but facts reveal that human vs. human issues carry more weightage to it and is proved to be a bigger threat for the present. People lived threatened even in their own homes due to these threats. Examples- 25th March Religious persecution to Sikhs of Afghanistan, 2019 Easter Bombing in Sri Lanka, 23rd March Naxal attack in Bustar, Chhattisgarh, and numerous more.

The UN has mentioned Human Security in 2030 sustainable development goals which ponder upon the issue but the success of this issue will rest upon two pillars:
1. Act Locally and Think Globally.
2. Improving Individual life.

Act Locally and Think Globally

The Government of a country need to look forward and adopt a practical and realistic approach in eliminating the threats to human security ensuring freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom from shame, and freedom from vulnerability. Ex. Israel, America fights terrorism by law and by force, India fights Naxals – 'operation green hunt' 2009, 'operation SAMADHAN' 2017.

Improving Individual lives

The above principle would ensure human survival and further lead to human development, human dignity, and sustainability. The most important traits to achieve these aims are the security of people, community, economy, food, health, education, cultural diversity, rights, equality, and democratic participation.


The government of a country should strive to turn all odds into the favor of its people improving the individual life of its citizen and unifying them in order to form a stronger community with the ethos of 'Leaving no one behind'.


Guest Author: US24 Apr 2020

Good reflections. I feel happy that the writer has done such a brief, precise and broad analysis about such a big topic to write on.

Author: Umesh29 Apr 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Yes, human security is an issue. There are so many terrorist and underground groups which can do harm to the communities any time and as they are not bothered for their own lives, the world is baffled as to how to tackle them. These groups are everywhere in every country. Some of them are the disgruntled unemployed people while some of them are religious fundamentalists. You are very right in telling that the Govt should make it a priority to take care of the lives of its people and in this endeavour should take bold actions. Many Govts are doing that in spite of this being a herculean task. For any Govt, it is a tough task to tame the unruly people and underground terrorists. Converting them into good citizens is still a bigger challenge.

Author: K Mohan05 Jul 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The covid 19 and it second wave being experienced now has proved that hence forth we cannot take the life so easy and must be following the covid protocols even after having vaccinated twice. The other day one fellow was telling that having vaccinated he is now more protected from the virus and thus he need not wear the mask. But wearing mask, maintaining the social distance and not shaking others and always sanitising the hands has become the daily routines of life and there cannot be second thoughts. One thing is sure even the children are best informed about the present threats and they are behaving orderly.

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