How to Crack NEET Entrance in the First Attempt

NEET exams are the gateway to the top medical and dental colleges in India. The students have to score high for getting into the medical or dental college of their choice. With a large number of students attending the NEET exam, you need to score exemplarily to reach the top slot.

NEET exams are the gateway to the top medical and dental colleges in India. The students have to score high for getting into the medical or dental college of their choice. With a large number of students attending the NEET exam, you need to score exemplarily to reach the top slot. You can follow some tips while preparing and attending the NEET entrance exam. Thereby, you can crack the NEET entrance in the first attempt.

We have prepared these tips for aiding the students in the preparation of not only NEET but also for all the entrance examinations. If you have determined NEET as your goal and have begun the preparation, you may consider the tips mentioned in succeeding paragraphs. The tips are expected to help you in cracking the NEET entrance in the first attempt.

Know the Questions

Rather than studying whatever comes your way, you must have a fair idea about the topics that are important. You may go through the question papers from the previous years. The knowledge about the question pattern can help you to crack the NEET exam in the first attempt.

Allot adequate time for the preparation of portions those are important in nature. A thorough study of the relevant portions can ensure that you can complete a major portion of the questions in less time. Hence, you can have sufficient time to attend the remaining questions.

Practise and Practice

Once you complete the study and revision of all the subjects and topics, you need to commence practising question papers. The repeated practice of question papers will improve your speed in attending the entrance exam. This tip is of ample importance to crack the NEET entrance exam.

The previous question papers will be following a specific pattern normally. The practising of the question papers will also aid you in preparing the strategy regarding the attending of questions, i.e. which portion to attempt first and so on. This tip for the NEET exam is being followed by most of the successful students.

Devise your Preparation

Every student is unique and each one will have his or her own way of studying. You must undertake your NEET preparation according to your method of learning. It is important that you avoid copying others. Since their techniques may not suit you most of the times.

Keep in mind that your personal traits differ from others. They may be your friends or classmates, who have been scoring high in various tests. That doesn't mean that you copy them blindly. The learning methodology adopted by them will depend on what they have been following since childhood. It need not fetch you positive results.

Focus on Flaws

You must be aware of the subjects and topics that trouble you the most. Identifying the weak areas and concentrating on them to improve can bring in constructive results. You will be confident about the subject/ topic and will be capable of attending it successfully.

At the same time, don't be too much bothered about a particular topic. Every student will have some subjects that worry him or her. He or she can succeed in the NEET entrance exam only if the weakness is resolved by ensuring adequate practice and revision.

Optimism delivers Result

Your attitude plays a pivotal role in every juncture of your life. This is also the case with entrance exams including NEET. Your hopefulness and enthusiastic approach for preparation of NEET entrance exam are essential.

The enthusiasm, positive attitude and relentless preparation can give you the desired result. A positive mind is a necessity for cracking the NEET exam in the first attempt.

Discuss with Friends

You can discuss the topics and questions with your close friends who are also preparing for NEET exams. The discussion must be constructive in nature focussing on the NEET entrance. It will be beneficial in strengthening the weak areas of both you and your friends.

Although it is one of the best methods for studying for entrance exams, you must be careful to prevent it from wandering it to unwanted paths. Your sole aim is to clear NEET and must keep that in mind during a group discussion with friends.

Join an Academy

An established entrance academy with experience in the NEET Entrance coaching can be the best guide for NEET entrance coaching. You may ascertain the quality of the entrance academy or online coaching centre based on their record of accomplishment.

The reputed entrance academy will assist you in preparation for NEET in all aspects. The tutors with ample experience in the field would help you in preparing exam strategy, planning the studies/ portions, analysis of question papers and give you constant feedback regarding areas of improvement.

By following the tips and preparing religiously for the exam, you will be able to clear the NEET exam with high grades. The high marks can assure you the entry to the medical or dental college of your choice.


Author: Umesh08 May 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

There is a big rush for all the top competitive entrance examinations and NEET is not an exception. Many people cherish the ambition and aspiration to become a doctor which is a respectable profession in society and there are immense chances of progress and good career-making in this line. Today the competition has become cutthroat and even with a one number difference one can be rejected or selected. It is a neck to neck competition everywhere.

I strongly feel that for getting success in these competitive entrance tests one has to start preparing and thinking much ahead as last-minute studies have no meaning and sense in such tough situations. When I say much ahead it means that the student should have the idea of appearing in such an entrance exam (like NEET) since he was in his high school or joined the class XI. It requires a continuous preparation of 2-3 years and a mindset that one has to get through the exam in the first go.

The method is simple but to be followed meticulously. Whenever a new chapter is taught in the school the student has to see what are the questions generally asked from that part in the NEET exam. For that, the students should have a hold of old question papers and some study guides. If this is continued throughout the year then the student would have a very good idea of the overall pattern of the NEET exam and he can then revise the whole thing just before the entrance exam remembering all his earlier efforts in solving those question at that opportune time.

There is no point in a selective study for appearing in such competitive entrance tests. A thorough study is the pre-requisite and essential for success in the first attempt itself.

Author: K Mohan18 Aug 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Cracking NEET in the first attempt is not that easy as suggested by the author. There has been continued run-up from the first year of the Intermediate and the way the coaching is given in some private colleges testifies that given the all India competition for the NEET, the students should not take it lightly. They have to attend the weekly mock tests, monthly correctional tests, and above all the marks obtained are compared with the last year position to arrive at the state and national level ranking. By doing so the students are further tightened to obtain all India ranking below 10,000 so that state rankings would be below the 1800 or so to get the medical seat. And for those who want government seat then the state rank should be below 500 for Telangana.

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