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Essay writing is always easier when you have someone knowledgeable to learn from, someone with hands-on experience, someone who has been in your shoes. We understand your situation, so we decided to interview some of the professional writers to see how they can help you become better at writing academic papers and doing studies in general.

Meet Joy Mayo, one of the best academic writers at EssayService who enjoys her job and wants to share some of her experience with the students who need help when writing their essays. She is going to answer the most common questions students have about essay writing and help you feel more confident the next time you have to do your essay.

Why can't students write essays?

Joy Mayo: "All cases are different. It is quite normal to face challenges when writing your essays or looking for academic sources. I think it happens to most students, for this or that reason.

Primarily, some people are just not made for writing. They simply hate it. As a writer, I love the process of research and writing. I can spend hours and hours working on a single page. For many people, this would sound like torture because they hate the very idea of having to spend so much time writing 300 words. And that's where it starts. Some students can't write essays simply because they do not like writing, so they end up procrastinating a lot, missing their deadlines, and getting low grades.

In other cases, students don't have enough skills or knowledge to write a decent essay. They might be uncertain about the basic academic writing standards, not aware of the structure they need to follow, the type of writing they should or should not use in their essays. Sometimes it is research that inhibits essay writing. Not knowing how to look for proper and reliable sources or not being able to analyze them is another challenge in the process of essay writing. Most professors just give essay guidelines; they will not be with you every step of the way, and the students who need that guidance end up writing a very mediocre essay, best-case scenario.

I would say that most students can write good essays, as long as they get all the information and support they need at the beginning when they learn the basics of essay writing. The good news is that it does get much easier and more interesting with time when you get the hang of it."

How much time does it take to write an essay?

Joy Mayo: "It depends. There is no precise baseline, to be honest with you. It always depends on the type of research you need to do for the essay, the type of essay you need to write, your own experience with essay writing, etc. I would say that at minimum, everyone needs around 1 hour to write 1 page and do the needed research for it, but that's only the case if you have quite some experience in essay writing, understand the assignment well and know where to get your sources from. It's good to have more time than you actually need when writing an essay. Then you don't need to rush, and even if the essay takes more time than you had anticipated, you will still have no reason to rush or stress out about missing the deadline."

What are the biggest mistakes students make when writing essays?

Joy Mayo: "Mistake 1. Underestimating the importance of research.
Research is crucial for any essay, be it a research paper, argumentative essay, or some other type of writing. The better the research, the more persuasive your arguments and claims will be. Furthermore, making unsupported statements is a sure way to get a failing grade as you can get accused of plagiarism, so make sure to back up each of your claims with a credible and recent source. Proper research will also help your professor to understand that you have enough knowledge on the subject and have a solid opinion regarding the topics you study. Even if your writing skills are not as good as essay writers from have, and you make some grammar mistakes, your professor might still give you a good grade if they see that you conducted in-depth research and made solid arguments in your paper.

Mistake 2. Not following paper instructions.

Sticking to the guidelines of your paper should be one of the top priorities when doing an essay. I've seen it quite a lot of times when doing paper editing after students got low grades for the papers they wrote - they just didn't follow the instructions. They went astray with their essay, not following the narrow topic they were given and talking about something slightly related instead. For example, if you are told to write about the effect of tea on health - that is exactly what you need to do. Talking about the history of tea, its popularity in different countries, the people who tend to drink more tea than others - all of that is considered irrelevant content, and you will be graded down for it because that's not what the assignment was about.

Mistake 3. Not proofreading the essay.

It is highly recommended to read your final essay several times before you submit it. It is very much possible that when writing it, you made some grammar mistakes and missed them because you were too captivated by the process of putting your thoughts into paper. Those mistakes, typos, and some other things you missed but could have corrected when proofreading the essay, will get your grade down. It is always nice to have some checker installed like Grammarly. It will underline your mistakes and typos, making it easier for you to create an error-free paper. But even if you do have Grammarly, give your essay at least one read when it's finished because the software doesn't see all the mistakes and will not give you a 100% guarantee that everything is picture-perfect in your essay. So it's always best to double-check."

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This is a very useful and encouraging article for the students, essay writers as well as all others who are engaged in the field of writing in one way or other.

Our brain is a big storage and powerful computing device. More resource material we put in it, the more powerful it becomes in delivering output. It is said that the human mind has no dearth of creativity and sky is the only limit. So, it makes sense to read and assimilate as much data and knowledge pieces as possible before threading them meticulously in an essay. Once a lot of information is acquired in the mind then it becomes imperative to structure and format it in a way that the readers are benefited by that material immediately. This part requires some practice and skills which are to be learned through tutoring or even by a personal study by observing other high-quality essays. I have read some essays where we feel the urge to read it up to the end as if some mystery is woven there. A successful essay writer knows how to engage his reader up to the last line of it.

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