Best Online Resources and Coaching to Prepare for IIT JEE

Are you looking for the best online coaching for IIT JEE preparations? Here is our experience with some of the online JEE coaching programs.

My son has been using various online resources and coaching centres for his JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exams. During the last 3 years, he has tried most of the popular online coaching and doubt clearing resources available. Some of them were just waste of money while others proved to be very helpful.

I'm sharing our review of some of the online programs we used for my son's JEE preparation.

Nucleon IIT JEE Android App

Nucleon IIT JEE is a reputed JEE coaching provider in Kota, Rajasthan. They have been offering their video study materials in the form of DVD and USB for a few years.

They recently introduced the Mobile App based online JEE coaching support recently. We downloaded the trial version on 16 Apr 2020. While we had heard a lot about their reputation and success stories, the version of the App we got had many glitches, probably because it was a new one.

We skipped through the initial glitches of the new App and registered for the trial.

The subscription option on the App gave 3 plans for the XI + XII program:

INR 2,500 - 1 month
INR 4,500 - 6 months
INR 6,000 - 12 months

I thought the 12-months program is the most cost-effective one, so decided to go ahead with it. The payment gateway itself was not well made in the initial stages (which are fixed later) but we completed the payment and we were done with the subscription part.

It has been a few months since we started using Nucleon App and we found it to be the most helpful resource we found so far. If you are looking for an online resource for your JEE coaching, then Nucleon is a great resource.

Nucleon offers the following in the app:

Classroom sessions

Some of the sessions are recorded specifically for the App while some other sessions are the recording from their actual classroom coaching. Either way, the videos are of excellent quality. All the topics are explained very well and my son found it very useful.

Students can access recorded sessions anytime and so they don't need to worry about missing a session.


Video lessons in Nucloen are in Hindi and not English. If you are not familiar with Hindi at all, then you may find it difficult to understand the classes. My son doesn't speak Hindi but can understand it to a certain extend. He was able to figure out the sessions from the way they explain and demonstrate.

My review of Nucleon

Nucleon is indeed one of the best online resources for JEE coaching we have found so far. The classes are very well explained and concepts are communicated very clearly. My son uses Nucleon as the primary resource for his JEE preparations while he continues to attend his offline classes with FIITJEE coaching centre in Kochi.

The only drawback is, the medium of communication is Hindi. My son is not good with Hindi but he says he can very well understand the concepts from the session.

I would strongly recommend Nucleon App-based coaching classes for JEE preparations.

Doubt Solving with Kunduz - JEE & NEET

Kunduz is an app-based JEE / NEET doubt clearing solution. The app allows students to post their doubts as text or images and provides solutions from individual subject experts. They have a lot of IIT students and experts signed up with them as instructors who are available for providing answers to the doubts asked by the students.

Kunduz claims that their tutors are from top institutions like IIT, NIT, BITS, AIMS and other top colleges in the country.

We purchased the paid version of Kunduz on the Android phone. Downloaded the app from the Playstore and then upgraded to the paid version. We paid INR 995 as part of an initial offer.

Kunduz is probably the most helpful doubt clearing solution for my son during his JEE preparation. After each of his online classes and tests from his coaching institute, he used to post all his doubts on this app. Most of the questions were answered very well by the tutors. Generally, the posts most of his doubts on a single stretch before he goes to sleep and by the time he wakes, almost all of them are answered.

Kunduz offers 100% solution guarantee within 30 minutes and if they fail to provide a satisfactory solution within 30 minutes, they offer free credits for the question. So far they have kept the word. In most cases, they provide solutions and in case they fail, they provide the credits instantly.

Overall review of Kunduz

If you are looking for an online doubt clearing solution, Kunduz is the best solution we have found so far. My son has tried several other doubt clearing solutions but nothing worked anywhere close to Kunduz.

We are very impressed with the service quality as well. I wouldn't say you always get 100% perfect answers all the time. Sometimes, there are incomplete answers and sometimes they fail to provide solutions to the doubts. This happens once in a while. But the support is very helpful and they give instant bonus credits immediately when you report.

Currently, my son is on 12th and I will continue to update this review based on what we find out with Kunduz, including the new features and options they are releasing.

Best Resources for JEE Coaching

In this article, I have included only 2 resources:

1. Nucleon for online coaching
2. Kunduz for online doubt clearing

My son has used several other apps and resources during the last year in his 11th standard. I included only the resources that found to be very useful and cost-effective.

If you have any recommendations on other apps or online coaching programs that are worth including here, let me know by posting a comment below. I will be happy to try out other solutions before my son completes his 12th grade this year and include them in this article if they are worth it.

If you are preparing for JEE, wish you all the best for your upcoming JEE exams!

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Author: Umesh17 Aug 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The two online JEE resources are well reviewed in this article. These are definitely of immense value to the students who are preparing for this coveted competition examination. There are many online apps nowadays which claim to help the students in the best possible manner but until we review them and check for their authenticity and coverage it is not worth to just go for them.

Earlier we had help books and entrance examination guides with the help of which the students were getting their doubts cleared and then making their final notes with the help of which they were facing the entrance examination. Only difference is that there the student had to devote a lot of time in searching the solutions and many times there was none to explain why a problem was solved in that specific manner and why many times some assumptions were made. All those confusions and doubts are now not there in this online mode as the student can make query as many times as required in order to get his doubt cleared or problem resolved. So, definitely that is one thing that is much better in the online mode and eventually saves a lot of time of the students which they can very well employ in some other important work.

Author: Neeru Bhatt26 Sep 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

There are many online apps and sites which claim that they can help the students to prepare for the joint engineering examination but the fact is that until we test them and make an assessment, we cannot be sure of that. Now in this article, some courses are tested and found useful so the students desiring for undergoing help in the matter can choose these already tested sites. Of course one has to assess the reviews of these applications and other comparative information available in the net elsewhere.

Author: Dhruv03 Feb 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

There is another cool app for JEE preparation and that is the National Test Abhyas or the NTA Abhyas app. This app is an android one and it provides mock tests for both JEE Main and NEET on your smartphone or tablet. As the name suggests, this app has been developed by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Now that the JEE Mains exam is round the corner, by appearing for the mock tests through the Abhyas app, the JEE aspirants can get a good practice as well as assess their preparation level. There are six mock tests in all for you to appear. After every test, you are also provided with an analysis. The app is also useful to those who are not able to access the Test Practice Centers established by the NTA. The app and the tests are completely free and the quality of the tests is also quite high. The best thing about the tests is that they can be downloaded and attempted offline as well. However, after the test is attempted, you have to connect your device to the internet in order to sync the test with the server.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha08 Aug 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Though the author has provided very authentic solution for the preparation of IIT entrance test through the two resources indicated above and the aspirants could be highly benefited with the regular indulgence of their courses and hence induction through such coaching could be beneficial for the aspirants.
However, efforts should be made by the aspirants to understand the basics of their class - rooms sessions taught in their classes for classes eleven and twelve in all the three subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. NCERT books available to them are to be read thoroughly so that the entire contents therein has been understood fully in case of taking up any solutions related to different topics. Though this might be the initial way of preparation towards the course but it is surely a positive step. Moreover remaining in contact with a competent teacher for the related subject would boost the confidence of the aspirants but the teacher should be able to eliminate the doubts of the aspirant without taking any time in such clarifications. Too many books would not help but could distract the attention of the aspirants.

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