7 Best Virtual Classroom Software During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you looking for virtual classroom training software for your classes? Check out some of the best online class software solutions available in the market.

Many businesses in the U.S. and around the world are slowly reopening. However, the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. We still need to maintain social distancing to make sure we stay safe. That's why lots of organizations keep operating remotely. Working from home is the safest thing you can do for you and your employees right now.

Luckily, there are tons of tech solutions to stay connected with your team.

Chances are you're already using some tools to ensure a seamless workflow and high productivity. But perhaps some of the following tools are what you've been looking for exactly. Let's dive in and see.

1. ProProfs Virtual Classroom Software

ProProfs virtual classroom software

ProProfs Virtual Classroom Software is a user-friendly tool for employee training. The simple interface ensures that you can get the hang of it in minutes. Creating online courses is a piece of cake with this platform. Employee training can be challenging when you can't meet face to face with your team. But it couldn't be easier with ProProfs.

If you don't want to make your training courses from scratch (which you can with this software), you can simply use a ready-made template from the library. It offers more than 100 customizable courses.

You can personalize learning with learning paths and engage the learners with quizzes, surveys, videos, presentations, and more. There are also real-time collaboration tools like chat and discussion boards.

The dashboard is very intuitive. It gives you a detailed view of all participants, including their engagement and performance. This virtual classroom software also has an integrated knowledge base tool, so you can create a self-help portal accessible by your employees 24/7.

2. WizIQ

The browser-based WizIQ is a combination of virtual classroom software and an LMS with unlimited cloud storage. It lets you upload any content to create online courses and leverage nine different formats for assessments and tests.

It supports seamless employee training through HD video conferencing features. You can use interactive whiteboards and chat during your live sessions, which you can record.

You can also use breakout rooms, live YouTube video streams, polls, and app and screen sharing. You can customize your tests and analyze performance with in-depth reports. The software lets you create a learning portal and offer personalized learning. Selling your branded courses is also easy. There's an integrated payment gateway that makes the process a breeze.

WizIQ is perfect if you need to train programmers. It features an amazing development environment where programmers can code in real-time.


VEDAMO is also a browser-based platform featuring virtual classroom software and LMS capabilities. You can use any device to create and manage your online courses and schedule live interactive sessions from the LMS. You will find a cloud-based file library and internal messaging that works just like any email client.

You can track performance and attendance, assess your learners with quizzes, and set automatic system reminders. That way, your learners will never miss sessions and deadlines.

The virtual classroom part is also feature-rich. It supports video conferencing, digital whiteboards, breakout rooms, chat, screen sharing, and recording. It features virtual notebooks, key-moment highlights, room lock, and much more.

There's also a media player, which is perfect if you embed videos into your courses. It also enables you to share YouTube videos during live sessions.

VEDAMO even lets you play around with its demo to see how it works. You don't even need to have an account for that.

4. LearnCube

LearnCube remote learning software

LearnCube is a virtual classroom tool that's incredibly easy to use. You can create both one-on-one and group classes and deliver employee training via high-quality video-conferencing features. You can upload any content and easily share files and media.

If you don't have any training materials, you can use the platform's content marketplace to get them along with lesson plans.

Its interactive whiteboard enables you to collaborate with your trainees in real-time, and highlight key concepts. There's also a virtual hand-raising tool, which is great for engagement and effective interaction.

Just like many other similar tools, LearnCube allows you to record your classes for future reference.
The reporting capabilities of the platform are quite notable. Not only can you monitor attendance, engagement, and performance, but you can also track talk time, minutes taught, and much more.

5. Newrow

Newrow is one of the leading video-collaboration platforms for employee training. It lets you create online courses for self-paced learning and enrich them with videos, presentations, multimedia quizzes, class recordings, and more.

It allows you to upload, share, and reuse any training content. Setting up a virtual classroom takes just a few steps. Apart from virtual classrooms for employee training, Newrow supports webinars.
During your live sessions, you can use collaborative whiteboards, chat, file annotations, screen sharing, videos, and live quizzes for fast feedback and assessment.

You can also make real-time notes and split your trainees into breakout rooms. Each breakout room comes with live group discussions, which are ideal for turning passive learners into active participants.

You can record your live sessions too, and archive them in the cloud.

6. BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton online classroom software

An open-source web conferencing system, BigBlueButton makes an excellent choice as a cool online employee training platform.

It comes with screen sharing, video, chat, slide sharing, polls, and live session recording. It features live whiteboards that you can draw on and create highlights and annotations. The whiteboards even support multiple users who can draw at the same time.

There are breakout rooms for seamless team collaboration, as well as emojis for making training more engaging and fun.

What's really great about BigBlueButton is that you can hold live training sessions for an unlimited number of users. There's no limit for shared webcams.

7. Electa Live

Last but not least, Electa Live is yet another tool that combines an LMS and virtual classroom software.

It features a course builder and resource libraries for organizing your training materials and enabling self-paced learning. Your trainees can also engage in discussions and forums on the platform 24/7.

You can make your live sessions more engaging with video, screen and file sharing, multiple interactive whiteboards, and many other tools.

You can maximize knowledge retention by adding live annotations and highlights and, of course, recording your sessions.

Assessing your trainees is very simple. You can give regular assignments and test knowledge with quizzes. Also, grading is automatic, and you can customize the grade scales.

Just like all these other tools offer, Electa Live also has robust analytics and reporting features, so tracking learner progress is a walk in the park.

Over To You

Each of these virtual classroom software solutions supports multiple third-party integrations. So, you can seamlessly use them with your existing tools. All of them also offer a free trial, so you can give them a whirl to get familiar with the features and see how they suit your needs. We highly recommend you try all of them, because only then can you make the right decision.

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Author: Umesh24 May 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

The present pandemic has taught us the importance and utility of a virtual classroom. For those searching for a good and viable virtual classroom software, this article seems to be of immense help.

The development of computer software has made everything possible in this world and by seeing these virtual classroom software and their presented capabilities they appear to be the right solution at this point of time. With the good quality large data packs available from the telecom companies, the continuous streaming of lectures and presentations between the teacher and the student would not be a problem in these installations. From my understanding, these software packages when installed would appear like a college or training centre where one can choose the desired course and its schedule as per the timings suitable to one. From that perspective, they would be very convenient and useful. Once in regular use, these platforms would bring a paradigm shift in the ways we feel about a classroom or physical learning centre. I think I should also devote some time in understanding the working of these platforms, at least a few of them, and then give my comments in details about their functionality and other interactive designs embedded there.

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