My favorite subject-Science

In this essay, I am narrating about my favorite subject Science. It is my favorite subject in school today because we study about many interesting concepts around us. When I grow up, I want to be a scientist and discover the world of animals. I can study these concepts in Science.

Science is my favourite subject in school. It is my favourite subject because we study many interesting concepts in this subject such as plants, animals, universe, earth, forces of earth etc. I am studying in third standard now and I am learning this subject from first grade. In this subject, I always score highest marks in the examination. My Science teacher teaches us enthusiastically and cites many examples in each chapter. When we study Science, we can know about the world around us.

Why Science is my favourite subject?

I am learning many interesting chapters in Science from Grade I. In my first grade, I studied about different types of animals such as domestic and wild animals. In my text book, I can see the colourful pictures of animals grazing in the fields and grass, the lovely nests prepared by birds using twigs and straws, wild animals living in the dense forests, etc. So, I started studying this subject with vigour and enthusiasm. I also read some chapters about cleanliness in my first grade. When I reached second grade, I learnt about the food products produced by plants such as cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables etc. Plants also give us other products such as bamboo for making paper, rubber for making products such as tires, erasers, gum etc. In the textbooks, we can learn even quickly looking at the colourful pictures of trees and their products. In my third grade, I am learning deeply about the plant parts such as stem, root, leaves, flowers etc. I am also learning the process of photosynthesis, psychokinesis, germination etc. I am also studying other interesting chapters such as animal kingdom, organ system of the body, body fitness, food for good health etc. We look at the beautiful nature around us and are fascinated. But, we can clearly study the concepts when we read the concepts in the book. We study about the characteristics of various birds and animals and the skills they use to build their nests, eat food etc. We also study the basics of good health and fitness. When we study languages and moral science, we read many stories that are heart-touching. In science, we focus upon the practical aspects. We see many things around us such as tables, furniture, cupboard, windows, etc. In Science we study the materials used to prepare such products. We also study the procedure used to make such products.

My science teachers teaches with great devotion and enthusiasm. In every chapter she cites examples so that we can easily understand the chapters. In my second term, I am studying even difficult concepts such as forces of nature. I am keenly interested to study these concepts. When we throw a ball upward, it retracts back to the ground due to the force of gravity. I am studying in brief about the other forces also. I can view some interesting pictures in my text book about water cycle and evaporation process. So, in the next term, I am studying about this chapter also.

When I grow up

When I grow up, I want to be a scientist and discover the world of animals and birds. So, I should study this subject deeply and I am profoundly interested in the subject.

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