How to Use These Lockdown Days to Prepare for the Upcoming Entrance Exams

The entrance exams for professional courses including medical and engineering are turning more competitive with each day. Extensive preparation, as well as, dedicated efforts is required to score high during the entrance exams.

The entrance exams for professional courses including medical and engineering are turning more competitive with each day. Extensive preparation, as well as, dedicated efforts is required to score high during the entrance exams. The lockdown, inactive, period may make you dull to progress the entrance preparation. On the other hand, if utilised properly, you can effectively make use of the lockdown days for the upcoming entrance exams.

Understand Your Weak Areas

Every student will have certain weak areas. Even though they perform exemplarily, the weak areas may affect their overall score. Concentrate on the subjects/ portions, which make you nervous, confused or difficult to understand. Try to get some guidance from expert tutors or online academies if required. The tutors with their immense experience will be able to suggest tricks and tips to understand the subject/ topic easily.

Fix a Schedule

You must prepare a timetable for entrance exam preparation. It must be ensured that you are following it judiciously until becomes a habit for you. Plan the topics that are to be covered each day. You must feel that it is your obligation to complete the planned topic each day. Even if you are forced to shift the time schedule for preparation for entrance exam any day, you should revert to the fixed schedule at the earliest.

Reaffirm to Self that You are Capable

Many students fear entrance exams. The anxiety can have a negative impact on your performance in the entrance exam. In addition to extensive preparation, you must also train your mind to be optimistic. A positive attitude can take you a long way in the path of life. You must reaffirm to yourself that you are capable to achieve anything you want.

Studies indicate that lack of confidence is the main cause that leads to failures. You must inculcate positivity and visualise your victory. You can also read self-help books that will be of great help to you to gain confidence.

Prepare an Exam Strategy

Exam strategies play a big role in attending entrance exams successfully. You can think of various options and finalise the method to attend the entrance exam. You must aim to attend maximum questions rightly in the available time. Since the entrance exams have negative marking too, it is not advisable to answer any question based on your assumption.

Further, you can also practise fast reading too. It is necessary to read every question completely and understand it. Partial reading can result in incomplete understanding. As a result, you may mark the wrong option.

Don't Study Too Long

Your study schedule must consist of short periods only. Too long a schedule can tire and bore you. With sufficient breaks and time for relaxation, you will not feel it as a burden.

Understand that, entrance exam preparation is not an affair of one or two days. It will go on until one or two days before the entrance exam. Hence, you must be ready to play long innings and prepare the study schedule accordingly to prepare for the entrance exams.

Remember to keep your smartphone in another room. Otherwise, you may have a tendency to check the phone every now and then. Usage of social media has increased during the lockdown period. Once you begin browsing through the internet and social media, it will consume too much time from your study schedule. You must remind yourself repeatedly that the time spend on social media is non-productive.

Learn Shortcuts

Most of the difficult sections have short cuts too. You can search and find the shortcuts to resolve such problems and questions. Thus, you can avoid wasting too much time on a single question. You consult tutors or seniors if you do not know the short cuts.

Your ultimate aim is to score high during the entrance exam and reach the top ranks. Thereby, you can join the college of your choice. Shortcuts will help you in answering maximum questions in less time. Don't have any inhibitions in gulping down the shortcuts.

Join an Online Entrance Coaching Academy

You may consider joining an online academy. This can aid you in following a fixed study schedule each day. You can always reschedule a class if you miss one due to any reason. The experienced tutors in the institute will advise you regarding shortcuts, help you prepare exam strategy, and improve on your weak points.

The online entrance coaching academies like Alpha Academy will be having live classes, mock tests, numerous practise sessions and repeated feedbacks that will help you understand where you lack and improve on that area. By attending several mock tests, the tension of attending the real entrance exams (let it be KEAM, NEET or any other) will be reduced largely.

The tutors at reputed academies act as an alkali to improve your confidence. They can boost you through counselling, advises, and methodical teaching. Positive stress is always essential for productive results. Online entrance coaching academies do that exactly. By pushing you beyond your limits, they ensure that you will crack the entrance exam in the first attempt itself.


Author: Umesh04 Jun 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

The author has provided good motivational matter and encouraging content to the students to study diligently through the lockdown period. If we consider these long lockdown periods and as it is not the end and there could be more of them on the anvil, it makes sense to utilise these periods effectively. Many times students complain that there is limited time for studies and it takes time in going and coming back from the college and in other extra activities in their lives which results in a tight schedule and that makes them always apprehensive that they would not be able to complete their studies fully to meet the pressing syllabus and big target of the competitive exams. So, from that perspective lockdown is an opportunity to have more time in hand and then utilise it optimally for better results in the forthcoming competitive exams.

In this context one thing which is of paramount importance is that during the study hours one must take breaks in between for a change of mood and mind which is very much essential to break the monotony. Nothing is good in excess as it creates heaviness in mind and then there starts a process of resisting to the cause which is creating it. It could be a psychological bottleneck but is an adverse thing if it happens with us. Keeping it in view it is imperative that we should time to time have a short break and maybe go to the balcony to have a look outside, see the birds chirping and then come back to the study table. Many students like to hear music during their studies. It is a very good thing as it keeps you fresh. But if it distracts you keep it off. We want positive reinforcement and not a disturbance. What I want to emphasise is that we have to entertain ourselves in such a way that it is conducive to our studies and that is one of the most followed success mantra by the successful people.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan04 Jun 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

In this article, the author tries to explain how students should utilise their time in this lockdown period. Prior to lockdown most of the students had no sufficient time for preparation for competitive exams. They used to cry for extra time. In the present adverse situation, as they are having a lot of time, they should use it as an opportunity. First of all, they should make a plan for study. Because it is no easy task to crack a competitive exam. I have seen that exam strategy has played a very important role behind all successful candidates. To qualify a competitive exam is not an overnight journey. Preparation with dedication is required for good scoring in these exams.

On the other hand, it is true that it is a difficult task to focus on study only while we all are living under psychological pressure due to coronavirus. In this situation, students should study as well as spent time over their hobbies like singing, listening to music, gardening, painting etc so that study does not become boring. Being positive and optimistic always favour a good result. Nowadays, different types of online classes are going on. One main point is that students must stay away from social media as far as possible.

Author: K Mohan26 Jun 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Actually, lockdown days has become a blessing for those who are preparing for competitive exams and entrance exams. Now the students have ample time to prepare and even practice the same. One thing is sure that the time lost is the time gone and so the students should better utilize the spare time to their fore.

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