Best way to sell your old car in Kerala

Searching for the best ways to sell your old car in Kerala? Or confused about whether you will get the best price for your second-hand car? Then you are at the right place. This article helps you understand the best ways to agree upon a price even after showing your car to several customers. So continue reading and sell you car at a very attractive price.

Used car dealer in Kerala

Are you thinking of selling your old car? Are you in a dilemma whether you will get the best price or not? Are you unable to agree upon price even after showing your car to several customers? Tired of running around trying to sell your car?

Not to worry. Everyone, who intends to sell their old car, encounters the above-mentioned problems. People put advertisements in online selling portals viz. OLX, Quikr, Sulekha etc. However, it also does not deliver the expected result. More often, selling the car to the right customer at the right cost becomes a headache. In the end, people sell it to any person, without even knowing his/ her background, at a cheaper price than the existing market price.

Isn't there a solution for the conundrum? Of course, there is. Here I will be discussing the best ways to sell a car in Kerala. The methods by which you can ensure that your car is sold at the right price. And not sold to a fraudster. This article will include both the pros and cons of different selling platforms and methods. Hopefully, at the end of this blog, you will be able to reach on a solution regarding selling your used car.

Used Car Dealers

There are a bunch of reliable dealers lie Indus Used Cars who buy and sell used cars in Kerala. You might have seen the used car showrooms. However, you might have been apprehensive to sell the car to them. Thinking of low prices, additional commissions, unwarranted paperwork and so on. To be honest, most of your theories are baseless.

The lack of experience or rumours surrounding the dealers may be the reasons for the misjudgement. You can understand the benefits only through experiencing it personally. That's why we have decided to come up with this blog regarding selling your old car in Kerala.
Let us see the pros and cons of selling through used car dealers.

Advantages of Selling Through Used Car Dealer

Hassle-Free – The sale of your car to the used car dealer is hassle-free. They will look after and prepare all the documents required towards concluding the agreement. Therefore, you do not have to worry about those. The representatives at the firm will be well versed with the procedures and formalities. Hence, relieving you of all those bothersome issues.

Instant Payment – The cost of your old car will be paid on the conclusion of the agreement. Waiting for your "own money" will not be a case while selling your car to the used car dealer. The delays in payment may be a big problem on selling your car to an individual. He or she may not be able to transfer the large amount instantly. Besides, there could be a transaction issue too.

Transparent Dealings – The dealings at used car dealers will be transparent. You are not the only customer they are dealing with. Since they have to be in the business and dreaming of growth prospects, every transaction, discussion and deals will be transparent. As there are many competitors, you can expect the best deal for your old car. Having said that, you need to identify the best-used car dealer from the lot. An established firm, with constant performance in the field, will be the right choice.

No After Sales Concerns – You may be worried about the paperwork, transfer of ownership, completion documentation and many more related activities if you are selling your car to an individual. You may have seen people worried about the after-sale concerns. This is eliminated when you sell your used car to a second hand car dealer.

No Post Sales Defects – The customer may disturb you regarding the observance of defects after-sales. They may blame you to have hidden certain technical issues pertaining to the car. Attending their problems will be time-consuming, as well as worrisome. The sale through used car dealers will save you from any such complications.

Drawbacks of Selling Through Used Car Dealer

Less Price – The sale through used car dealers fetches you less price compared to online classifieds. However, the less price is negligible considering the benefits it offers.

Credibility of the Dealer – Many a time, you may be confused about the credibility of the used car dealer. A dealer with uncertain reliability can worry you. This can add to the apprehensions you already have. You can get rid of this worry by ascertaining the past performance of the dealer. A reliable and genuine dealer will be transparent about their dealings. Their sales data will be indicative of their reliability.

Selling Your Old Car Through Classifieds

Classifieds such as OLX, Quickr and Sulekha can be an option to sell your car. Although online sellers may offer a better price, the sale has many disadvantages than benefits.

Advantages of Selling Your Old Car through Classifieds

More Money – The sale of your car through can get you a better price than a used car dealer offers. It may take some time for you to sell the car through online classifieds. However, it can give you a better cost if you are patient enough to wait until someone offers the right price.

Direct Contact – The deal will happen between you and the client. There will not be any third person involved anytime during the transactions. Thus, you do not have to pay any commission amount/ brokerage. However, there is a hitch here. You will be solely responsible for any issues arising out of the deal. And you are supposed to liquidate it.

Maximum Reach – The online classifieds will act as an intermediary and publicise about your old car. Hence, the ads placed through the online-classified reach the maximum people. The customers from your location searching for a car will be notified of your car. They can contact you if interested.

Option for Negotiation – The online classifieds presents you the option for negotiation. You can discuss, negotiate and finalise a cost based on your presumptions. There will be many buyers, therefore, you can move on to the next one if you cannot agree upon a cost offered by one buyer.

Drawbacks of Selling Through Online Classifieds

Risk – You will be selling your car to a stranger. This can be a risky affair. He or she may use it for illicit activities. You can be in trouble if the ownership of the car has not been changed. The chances of risk will overshadow your thoughts and you will not be at peace unless you are confirmed about the change in ownership.

Procedure – You are solely responsible for the completion of formalities and paperwork. As you are not a professional in the field, the documentation may become a complicated task. It can turn confusing at times.

Complaints – The buyer may bother you about technical complaints after the purchase of the car. You will have to convince him/her about it. And resolve the issues, if any, by yourself. A headache you can easily avoid when selling through a used car dealer.

Unwarranted Tension – Negotiations with the buyers can cause you unnecessary tension. They may be adamant at a particular cost and will formulate theories to make you agree on it. You may be expecting a better deal and you may require to counter their points with your own. This can become inconvenient and tiresome. The stress it creates is unexplainable.

Exchange for a New Car

The third option for selling your old car is to exchange it for the new one. This is also opted by many people who wants to sell used cars in Kerala. is a great option for selling used cars in Kerala.

Advantages of Exchange for a New Car

No Risk – Exchanging your car for a new one is a no-risk option. You can give your car to the showroom, from where you are buying a new car. They will help you with completing the formalities and deduct the amount from the cost of the new car.

Reduced Paperwork – As you are exchanging the car with a new one, it is beneficial for the showroom. They will help you in completing the formalities.

Don't have to Search for Buyers – It is the showroom's responsibility to refurbish the car, rectify technical issues and sell the car. Hence, you do not have to worry about finding a customer for it.

Drawbacks of Exchanging Your Car

Very Less Money – The exchange will not fetch you the right amount for your car. It will be very less compared to other means of sales.

Fewer Options – The exchange will not give you many options. You will have to buy a car available at the showroom. It may also happen that you have to compromise on your choice of a new car. Why take tension, when you have a better way to sell your car?

If you weigh all the above options, you will find that it is best to sell your car through a used car dealer. As said in the introductory paragraphs, there are a few reputed used car dealers, including Indus Used Cars, Maruti True Value and Mycarnations. The pros of selling your used car through a dealer outweigh their cons. Hence, it may be the perfect choice to approach a used car dealer for selling your car.

You can decide upon the used car dealer based on their past performance, observations of those who had used the service of the dealers, prices they offer, their record of establishment and similar criteria. Think and decide wisely whilst selling your old car.


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