Five reasons why you should study abroad in France

Famous for its culture, food, wine, rich colourful past and a most modern educational infrastructure, France is an ideal place for foreign students. Learn here in this article about the many reasons one may take up a study abroad program in France.

France, a flourishing western democracy situated in continental Europe has always been a popular destination for international students desirous of studying abroad. Students come here from as far away as Australia, Far East Asia, India, Africa, the rest of Europe and the two Americas. Every year, almost 310,000 international students come to France from all over the world. From India alone, more than 8,000 students enrol for one of its numerous higher education programs. There are a number of good reasons why you should study in France. Let us see some of them here.

France – where tourists and students are welcomed alike

France is one of the most prosperous countries in Western Europe. It has a per capita income that is one of the highest in the world. It is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and a leading nation of the European Community. Paris, its capital city, can be easily considered as the cultural capital of the world. There is no country or region in the world, where the French language is not popular. With a rich and colourful past, the country is a tourist's paradise and famed for its castles, cathedrals and architectural wonders, including the Eiffel Tower. No doubt, France is one of the most visited countries in the world. The country has a long tradition of welcoming its foreign students and this is not just a modern phenomenon. During the Middle Ages, students from across the continent came to study at La Sorbonne, the first university in France. The country in fact passed a special support policy in 1998 that welcomes foreign students to join French institutions. As a foreign student, you never feel out of place in France. Everywhere you go, you are given a warm welcome.

French education system – amazing, to say the least

Among the many reasons to study in France, one of the most important ones is its great educational infrastructure. Colleges and universities in France offer education on par with the best in the world. They have been consistently investing in research and thus rank among the top institutes in the world. More than 40 of its universities feature in the QS World University rankings. Two of its institutes, Ecole Normale Superrieure and Ecole Polytechnique rank as high as 23rd and 40th respectively. Altogether, there are more than 3500 institutions of higher learning in France. 77 of them are public-funded universities. Applying for an institute or college is quite easy. In one single application itself, you may apply to 20 different universities, that too sitting in the comfort of your home. The website is a helpful guide, where you will come to know of the different programs, universities and the means of financing your education in France. Additionally, the education system here is quite flexible. Those not keen about the full-time courses can take a part-time one. Some of the courses can be undertaken even from home. A computer and a good internet connection is all you need.

French culture –good food and good living

Rich in culture, the French are known for their love for everything good, be it food, wine, fashion, cinema, good living and great relationships. No doubt, France is considered as the most romantic country in the world. When it comes to good food, more than the cooking it is eating the meal that the French people enjoy the most. Meals in France are an elaborate process and the French prefer it in the company of others. The French are very fashionable too. Some of the biggest names in fashion are headquartered in France. Art galleries, theatres and museums are galore. The French love their music, be it folk, classical or the more recent French Hip Hop and French rock. Movies are a popular attraction here. In fact, France is the birthplace for movies. Literary activities are also a big draw in the country. The French have a reputation for reading books and are popular for their literary culture. The French love for sports is phenomenal. The most popular sport in France is football. Other sports too are a big draw. Pierre de Coubertin, a Frenchman, is widely recognised as the Father of modern Olympics. France is thus a paradise for students, who would like to soak every bit of its culture.

French - the most beautiful of all languages

The French language is one of those few languages that are popular all across the world. It is popular in India also. From school to colleges, there are numerous avenues to learn French in India. In France, the colleges and universities provide many opportunities for learning French and one can gain good enough working skills in the language. Even if one is not keen about learning French, there is nothing to worry about. There are many English language programs available in French universities, where knowledge of French is not at all required. Having said so, it helps to know the local language. You will then find it easier to relate with the French culture, the country and its amazing people.

Expenses in France – quite affordable

Living expenses in France, especially in cities like Paris, could be a bit on the higher side. After all, the standard of living in France is quite high and that definitely costs money. On average, an international student living and studying in France will require around 900 Euros a month. Converted to Indian currency, it comes to around 70,000 Rupees. The actual expenses, however, depend upon the college, the study program and the type of accommodation. Compared to many other countries in the western world, the tuition fees in France are in fact less. Moreover, numerous grants and scholarships can be availed by international students. One out of every four students coming to France gets to avail one or the other scholarship. For Indian students, there are almost 500 French Government scholarships to choose from. Every year, Rs 10 crore worth of scholarships are awarded to around 500 Indian students by the French Embassy in India in collaboration with French companies. For meritorious Indian graduates, applying for a study abroad program in France, there is no dearth of funding options. The Charpak Scholarship offered by the French Embassy and The Erasmus+ Mobility scholarship are some of the most popular scholarship programs for Indian students.

Now that you know, studying in France is an absolute win-win, why to wait. It's time you get your passport and student visa ready. Looking forward to going to Australia, New Zealand, the UK or the US for studies? Check our other articles on study abroad destinations.

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