Fable books that everyone should read about fulfilled dreams and fiery passions

This article talks about fable books that are amazing and inspirational with extraordinary stories. These books can be read by anyone and everyone and will definitely fill their hearts with love, passion, and dreams. The stories are inspirational, motivational and also a guide to you for navigating the pathways of life. A short summary of a few very famous fable stories is shared in this article which you can read and then can go ahead and read the entire story for further motivation.

Fable stories are a genre of literature and many authors have beautifully written amazing stories which inspire people of all ages all around the world. Fable stories are particularly inspirational because they teach moral lessons about life that are so relatable and true. They tell stories of fulfilled dreams and phenomenal passions with so much conviction, that people are filled with enthusiasm and inspiration to pursue their aspirations.
They motivate people to follow their dreams and fulfill their destinies

Some beautifully written Fable stories are mentioned below for you to read and then reminisce about your dreams and passions.

The alchemist

It is the first Fable story that I read and have since reread it a thousand times. Everytime it inspires me to continue following my dreams. A spectacular story by Paulo Coelho and one of his best creations. It is a fable of a shepherd boy, Santiago, who wishes to travel the world. Although he is from a small town of Andalusia but has a recurring dream, of a hidden treasure, in the pyramids of Egypt. The story follows him on his journey to the pyramids and tells us about the many stopovers and tribulations that he encounters on the way. It is simple story of a shepherd boy who finds his treasure in the end and also realises that real treasure is the experience he had and the people he met along the journey. Alchemist story teaches us that is not the destination but the journey to the destination that is Life. It also teaches us to follow our dreams because only by following our dreams can we find our treasures and truly live our life to the fullest.

onathan Livingston seagull (JLS)

Can you guess who is Jonathan Livingston? It is the name of a seagull who is the protagonist of this fable. JLS is a seagull among many seagulls who live along the sea coast. But what makes JLS so special is his extraordinary thinking. Normal seagulls live their lives eating and sleeping but Jonathan is different as he wants more out of life than just the circle of eating and sleeping. He loves to fly He practices flying every minute of every day and is so passionate about it that he not even afraid of the risks that he is taking. As usual, no one else in his community understands his passion and outcast him; but he is not deterred. He continues his journey to learn more and more about flying techniques and getting better at it. This classic fable teaches us that there is more to life than just survival and we should get over this circle of survival and take risks to do what we love. To enjoy and explore life to the fullest and in the process discover the joys, freedom and happiness that lies beyond.

The Monk who sold his Ferrari

It is a book by the Indian motivational speaker Robin Sharma and one that everybody should read at least once. It is a fabulous tale of a world-class lawyer who leaves everything, even his red Ferrari, and goes in search of true happiness and peace. The story tells us about the life lessons that Julian Mantle the main hero of our story, learns during his expeditions in India. It tells us about practical ways and methods which we can follow and live with happiness, peace and joy, in this troubled world. The story stresses on the need to follow our dreams and passions to live a great life because without passion life is no better than a vicious circle of survival and greed. It teaches us feasible and workable principles that help us to live a deeply fulfilled and enriched life. A life which is content in every moment.

The giving tree

An interesting and unusual tale of a tree who loved a boy . Written by Shel Silverstein it is story for all age groups. Tree is the protagonist of this fable who is always giving away everything it has, to the boy as he dearly loved him. From the time the boy was a little baby up till the time the boy gets old, the tree is so happy to see the boy and welcomes him every time. But contrastingly, every time the boy comes he is sad and wanting of something. The tree sacrifices all his parts; fruits, leaves, branches and even it's the trunk, to help him with his needs. But the boy is always asking and the tree always giving. The story inspires us to reflect on our lives and appreciate all the love and support that we receive from our loved ones and never to take them for granted.

Who moved my cheese

This one is another classic fable that teaches a remarkable lesson in resilience and ability to accept change in life. Written by Spencer Johnson it is regarded as a great book on dealing with challenges and changes in life. It is an amusing and interesting story of four characters; two mice, Sniff and Scurry, and two little people, Hem and Haw, who live in a maze. Four of them look for cheese stations throughout this maze, to eat it and nourish themselves. The story tells us about the internal struggles of these four characters when the cheese gets finished and they have to move on and look for new avenues of cheese to feed themselves. It is really is an amazing story to read to understand how we should deal with changes in our lives because change is the only constant in life.

There are many more fables and parables written by great authors, over the years, to put across inspirational and moral messages for us to learn and apply in life. Books like The little prince, Life of pi etc. One should read these simple stories for great lessons on morals, motivation and life in general.


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