How To Prepare Yourself If You Plan To Study Abroad

Are you looking for admission to foreign universities? Here is a guide that can help you choose the right universities for your overseas education.

If you are planning to pursue your Master's degree abroad, this article can be your checklist for the process. Completing your Master's degree from abroad gives you an edge above the rest. Not only you get a degree that sets you apart, but you also develop a skill set that can help you grow as a person. In this article, we will tell you the way through which you need to prepare if you plan to study abroad.

1. Select your course- Choose what you want to pursue depending upon your interest in that area. Try to get an idea about the subject that you are considering and the duration of the course. If required, take help from a person who has been there previously. He will guide you about the process as well as the quality of the study program.

2. Select the university- This is an easy step as most people have the universities in mind when they plan to study abroad. It would be best if you made sure that the university is certified by the government and welcomes international students. You will need to learn about the teachers, reviews, campus, fee structure of the university, and residential facilities. Even after you made a list, understand that you might need to research about the connectivity as well the climate conditions of the area where the university is located.

3. Manage the costs- Applying for the international study program requires you to pay a hefty amount that can be difficult to afford at once. The expenses include travelling expenditure, the fee for the course, food expenses, and more. A lot of students apply for education loans in several banks with variable interest rates. Unfortunately, traditional banks mostly offer loans for the university that are partnering with them. If you are feeling disappointed about the refusal of loans from the banks in such cases, you can apply to some other major sources like Prodigy Finance that serves the need of students applying for international loans that traditional banks could not. This funding firm has a simple process for loan application so that it can get completed quickly.

4. Documentation- Once the process for the loan is completed, you need to collect your documents like passports, recommendation certificates, identification documents and more. You will need to go through the interview process as well before you get enrolled. You will also need to check the VISA requirement and fill the necessary documentation for that. If required, you might also need to apply for travel insurance and medical insurance as some universities simply do not allow the admission in their absence. It would be best if you gave yourself plenty of time for the VISA and other documents to arrive. Also, don't forget to update your passport so that you don't have to apply for its update when you are on foreign land.

5. Check climate conditions- Before you make the final move, you must check the weather of the area where you are going to stay for a while. It will help you get an idea about the clothes and other items you might require to pack. Check weather websites to analyze the range of temperature differences and pack your baggage accordingly. If required, shop for the wardrobe and footwear that are most suitable as per the climate.

6. Accommodation- Some universities provide the option of a dorm on their campus, whereas some universities leave that on the students. Remember to sort your accommodation before you move. You can either rent a room or apply for a dorm room. If required, you can also live with a family to save your expenses. Just try to stay as close to the university as possible. Also, don't forget to open your bank account if you are planning to stay there for a couple of months.

7. Lifestyle- Decide what kind of lifestyle you are going to adapt when you stay there. If you think you are going to stay in the bustling city, you need to pack comfortable shoes. In contrast, if you are going to stay near the beach, that should be taken into account as well. Also, remember that people have different cultures, and you should keep that into consideration. It would be best if you chose your belonging and dresses in a way that does not offend the local communities or make you stand out as a potential target for theft and robbery.

Another thing that may come handy includes learning the phrases in the local language. Follow these tips for a smooth journey and stay prepared for an unforgettable adventure. We wish you luck.

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Author: Umesh19 Jun 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Going abroad for education or higher education is always a thrilling and challenging idea as many of us believe that it would increase our chances of getting a job either in that place itself or our home country. This is the main motivation behind going for higher education in foreign countries. Finance is always a big problem in these endeavours as the course fees, lodging and boarding totals to at least Rs 15-20 lakhs per year and that itself is a big money for many of us and then we have to resort to some other ways like taking a loan from a bank etc. The only solace is that in many countries some part-time work per week is allowed to the outside students and many of the students opt for that to decrease their financial load. One should be prepared for such job opportunity along with studying which is of course very common there. One should also understand that though going to the foreign countries for education may appear as a matter of honour for most of us, all that glitters is not gold and one should choose a good course which has good demand in the job market. Just doing some mediocre degree there is not advisable as that would not be of any advantage. So, the selection of a particular course is crucial and necessary in today's condition of tough competition and the tight job market.

There are some areas in which there is relatively a better job opportunity overseas and some of these are Financial Services, Risk Management & Insurance, Digital & Interactive Media and Communications, Statistics, Data Science & Analytics, Agricultural Science and Food Technology, and Industrial Psychology & HR.

Author: K Mohan25 Aug 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

It has been invariably seen that some students are more inclined towards studying in foreign universities for their higher studies and those who have done the same always got hold of a good lucrative job abroad and thus it becomes the stepping stone for the lively life ahead. Getting into the right university and getting into the right subject is what is dealt with by the author in this wonderful write-up. But before deciding the fact to study abroad, the parents and the student need to understand the after-effects of such a choice because the candidate needs to stay abroad for a long time and those who had more attachment towards the parents and other relatives cannot adjust alone in the foreign country as the food and staying would be different and added to that is the more extreme climate. If all these things are taken into consideration, the living would be fruitful and the result would be wonderful to all of them.

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