How can parents help kids in an online learning environment

Online learning is the need of the hour. This article explains effective ways for parents to help their kids in virtual learning without causing interference in their studies but lending them complete support and helping them set a routine.


Parents play a crucial role in their children's education. They just do not financially support their kid's education by paying their school and tuition fees but help them in their studies. They stand there for their kids as a support system whenever their kids need them. They drive them to the learning centres, encourage their extracurricular activities and motivate them in every possible way. Now, the education system is changed, and due to the coronavirus outbreak, online learning has become a necessity worldwide. Does that mean that parents do not have a role to play anymore? Kids are learning online, and thus, parents do not have to drive them anymore. Every class is conducted online. Since eLearning is a new concept, many parents are unaware of how to use it. Does it mean that they cannot help their kids anymore? Though the mode of education has changed, it does not mean that parents should take a back seat and not mentor their kids. Parents should know how to make online learning more interactive. Below-mentioned is some tips for parents to help their kids in every possible way in virtual learning.

Useful tips for parents to help kids in virtual learning

  • Online learning is different from traditional classroom learning. Thus, parents should not force their kids and show strictness with rules. The advantage of virtual learning is that it is unrestrictive, and that is what parents should do. They should not put a lot of restrictions on their kids. Attending every online class is important but exerting too much pressure on them will burden them a lot. When the parents allow a little flexibility in learning, kids will appreciate it and never miss out on their classes.

  • In traditional classroom learning, parents would get information such as when will the tests be conducted. They would know how their kids are performing by attending the parents-teachers meeting. When they would see their kids marks card, they would know about their performance. However, today they are not able to receive such information. Parents can always call up their kid's teachers and ask them about the assignments that are given and tests or test results that are announced. This way, they will be aware of ongoing tests or the ones which are approaching and help kids to learn for it. If their kids are not finishing their projects or homework, their parents will know about it and thereby they can help their kids to remain punctual.

  • Parents should not force their kids to sit all the time in front of their computer screen or with smartphones. More the time they spent with their gadgets repeating the recorded lessons does not mean that they will be studying more. Making kids watch the recorded lessons, again and again, is not going to do any better for their studies. Yes, they have to regularly log in as well as attend the online classes. However, too much time spent on virtual learning is not going to make them grasp everything. After they have finished their online lessons, the need is to revise what they have learnt. Parents must encourage their kids to revise frequently and help them with their revisions.

  • Certain lectures are at a fixed time. Thus, students have to sit in front of their computer screens to attend them, whereas others are recorded and can be viewed whenever one feels comfortable. Parents should not force their kids to go for virtual learning as per their will and wish. Parents should create a studying schedule and routine as per kids comfort and convenience and encourage kids to stick to the routine. Create a routine or a timetable and allot time for every important activity such as time for virtual learning, time for homework, time for revision etc.

  • Parents should motivate their kids by lending their support. They should encourage kids to attend all the online classes. Parents should not cause interference in their learning process. Kids will appreciate the help of parents when they are not able to find solutions. However, they will not like parents who become too authoritative about everything and try to correct their work. The need is to offer support at every step whether it is related to creating a disturbance-free study place or helping them to stick to the routine and carry out studies in a disciplined manner.

  • Do not leave kids alone in a virtual learning program and take a back seat. Not interfering is the rule but also important is to show interest in what they are learning and offer help whenever needed. Though the concept is new and unique and many parents might not know about it but make it a point to learn it. Many parents are facing the same problem. Thus, get along with them and try to learn and teach others and exchange knowledge about how it works. This way, every parent will be able to offer support to their kids in online learning.

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Author: K Mohan15 Jul 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The author has raised an important issue that is being tackled by many parents as of now and some are having problems dealing with online learning as they have no experience of the same. Many households are not having access to the computer and the cell phone and thus the new way of modern online learning is not conducive to everyone. Moreover, the frame of the computer cannot bring in all the students at a time and the interaction has become like a market situation wherein many talks and none understands.

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