The major benefits of online learning

Confused about what to choose between online classes and traditional classes? This article will explain about online learning and the benefits of online learning. Online classes give a different experience from the traditional class environment. Believe it or not, online learning has many benefits. By acknowledging the benefits, you can understand why people are choosing online learning.

Online learning is one type of education that takes place through the Internet connection. Also, it is known as e-learning. However, online learning is also referred to as distance learning. Distance learning is the word that is termed for learning that takes place across distance. Only face-to-face classrooms are excluded from distance education. To be precise, distance learning is categorized into several types; they are:

  • Online Learning: Internet-based learning.
  • Telecourses : Content is delivered via radio or television broadcast.
  • Correspondence Courses: It is conducted through regular mail with little interaction.
  • CD-ROM Courses: Here, students interact with static computer content.
  • Mobile Learning: Content is delivered via phones, PDAs, and digital audio players.

Facts About Online Learning

  • More than 12 million students are taking online learning for their higher education courses.
  • Almost half of all the students enrolled in online learning.
  • Nearly 80% of students think that online learning is better than the traditional classroom experience.

Benefits Of Online Learning

Flexible Schedule And Environment

By studying online, students have the freedom to juggle their careers, whereas traditional classes will be tied to a fixed schedule. Also, you can comfortably sit wherever you want for your learning. For example, your study room, the cafe, bedroom, hall, gym, etc. Even you can listen to your instructor while you run on the treadmill. Don't you think it's awesome?

Taking an online class doesn't mean that you don't have to communicate with your class; it also means spending more study time sitting comfortably on your couch. Most of the people who prefer online learning are involved in other works. In such a case, they know how to adjust their time for their work and online learning.

Lower Costs And Debts

Online learning courses can cost less when compared to traditional classes. It is because of many reasons. For example, commuting costs are not added. Assorted costs such as transportation, fuel, parking, maintenance, and other costs do not affect the online classes. Online programs prove a more affordable option. However, not all programs offer fewer prices than traditional colleges.

Career Advancement

One of the best parts of online learning is that it offers you more flexibility. Thus, you can work and can fix your schedule around your course work comfortably. In online learning, you don't have to log in at a fixed time. However, you can interact with your instructor or lecturer through the discussion chat. Whenever you finish your online course, then you can gain work experience as well as the course knowledge. Also, you can learn some new skills which help in your future.

Easier Access To Experts

The distance education is greater between you and your teacher. It is because you are not sitting in class with them regularly. In some ways, you have much easier access to your teachers to clear your doubts.

A Huge Variety Of Option

No matter what your desired field, of course, you can find an online course- whether it is nursing, biology, commerce, mathematics, or any other program. Even many programs are being added by colleges. If your program is not offered by your college, then you can ask if there are any similar options.

Sharpen Your Tech Skills

If you are not tech-savvy, then online classes will force you to push your limits (in a good way).In such a case, you have to learn to navigate the course lecturer, interact with other classmates, download course study materials online, and communicate digitally.
According to a survey, Technical and computer skills are missing in most of the employees. Almost 38% reported lacking technical skills and computer skills for which they needed for their current job.

Promotes Active Learning

One of the biggest challenges of this century is the short attention span. It has led to a reduction in student's concentration levels, and disorganization. Most of the students are facing these issues. Finally, it results in less retention of the poor grades.
Online learning promotes active learning. The online videos create a unique way that helps students to engage with the studies and solve their problems.


Online education has grown and has experienced mainstream acceptance. Also, you can control your learning environment and can develop new skills. Even new models of learning are springing up that provides students with different opportunities. It offers everyone an opportunity to complete a degree they have started.

Moreover, online classes are not for everyone. Some people just want practical experience, just like the traditional classroom. Nonetheless, online learning classes offer some unique benefits.



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Author: Venkiteswaran05 Jul 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Online learning has become a fait accompli. It is here to stay until something better replaces it. Online learning was more used and popular in a higher-earning course, ancillary course, career-enhancing subjects etc. But the COVID situation has made a paradigm change in the education sector. Online learning has come to the rural government school also.
So now it is just academic only to debate on the pros and cons of online education. The system and feedback itself will take care and make the necessary changes and adaptations.

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