Online Learning v/s Offline Learning

Usually when it comes to type of learning to be opted people get confused and start thinking whether which one of the two is better- Online learning or Offline learning. This might have happened with you also. So, here's an article dealing with a solution to your dilemma. This article deals with online learning and its advantages along with a comparison that would differentiate between online learning and offline learning providing a wider range of coverage.

Sitting in her online learning classroom which was next to her living room, Lorna completed two chapters of the unit 'Electromagnetism.' Although few doubts were still unclear yet she was immensely happy to be ahead of many of her previous classmates and came out of her room. It was the time of dusk and she opened the window of her house. With a cup of coffee in her hand she looked outside at the green, grassy garden. She remembered the time when she and her friends previously used to sit and discuss their doubts with some snacks and coffee served by her mother. Sometimes they used to have a good group discussion resulting in solutions which were extremely difficult. Now she couldn't meet them and discuss the doubts. She became nervous and thought of her doubts which were presently in her mind. She started thinking which is better offline or online learning?

Are you also struggling to know which is better? Do you want to take online classes or you still are confused whether to opt for the offline classes or online classes. Here I am providing a comparison between online and offline classes which would help you in knowing which one you are compatible with the most.

What is online learning?

Online learning is e- learning which is characterized by the usage of a digital platform and can be accessed through a laptop, a mobile, an I- pad or any other gadget with a visual screen and audio aid provided. It requires an internet connection to be made available.

Advantages of Online learning

Following are the advantages of online learning:

1. Easily accessible:

Online learning can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere one wants. It simply requires a mobile or a laptop along with an Internet connection. A student can, thus, sit at his home and study whatever topic he wants to. He doesn't need to go anywhere and at a particular time unlike schools.

2. Lectures can be studied many times:

A single lecture can be accessed and studied by a student many times if he doesn't understand once. The lectures will be restored in the form of capsules by the site offering them and would be available to the students as many times as he wants to study.

3. Dreams become reality:

Those universities and institutes which are renowned and extremely far from a student used to be dream previously but with the advent of online learning the dream has become a reality. Students can easily opt for online courses and diploma and pursue the degree they want.

4. Acts as an audio- visual aid:

Since online learning classes comprises of edited capsules having graphical, pictorial and real videos in it, it acts as an audio-visual aid for students. Audio - visual aids leave an unforgettable effect on the memory of a child hence, he retains what he studies for a long time.

5. Quick evaluation of the test series:

Since, the test series of the online classes are computer based the test can be evaluated in no time and the result is declared within minutes. Not only this the answers can also be seen by the students within an hour which can easily help the students in their self- evaluation and updating their knowledge.

What is offline learning?

Offline learning is an ancient technique of learning which works on the principal of teaching, asking and solving doubts and evaluation on the basis of student's performance. Offline learning is a tripolar process. In this process three poles are involved. The three poles are School, Curriculum and Students. In this process schools work on a particular curriculum decided by the respective educational boards. The students are then taught according to their average mental level which is further decided by their evaluation after each and every class they study. In this method the actual age of a child may vary from the mental age of the same child.

Comparison between Online and Offline Learning

1. Coverage

Online learning covers a wider and broader area of learning whereas offline learning is curriculum based and focuses upon the student's mental level.

2. Effectiveness:

Online learning acts as audio and visual aid providing a pictorial representation of every topic which is taught hence it is more effective as compared to offline teaching which is more of an audio aid than a combination of audio and visual both.

3. Skill Development:

Offline classes provide a complete atmosphere to the children consisting of teachers, peer group, classmates and interaction with them. Thus, it helps in building and developing the interactive, communicative, literary skills of a child to a higher level as compared to online learning which is a one way process usually and doesn't support skill development.

4. Process involved:

Offline learning is a bipolar process in which the teachers teach the students and students in turn ask their doubts on the spot for getting it resolved. Hence the contribution of both is effectively involved. Unlike this, online learning is usually a one way process in which a video is shown on a particular topic and the students have to wait for getting their doubts resolved. They either have to write and send their doubts via mail or in the doubts section for getting them resolved.

5. Availability:

Online learning is available anytime and anywhere one wants to access them, required that one has a proper access to it whereas offline learning is available only during a particular slot and on particular days. One needs to be punctual enough to attend the offline classes.


All the points clearly clarify that both online and offline learning have their own merits and demerits. A combination of both although may lead to wondrous achievements by a child required that online classes shouldn't mismatch the timings of offline. In this condition a child may gain not only the benefits of both but also will learn and revise to a higher extent required the time chosen for both is judiciously chosen. The tricks and wider expanse of online when combine with the skill development aspects of online accompanied by quick resolving of doubts and group discussions may lead to immense good results.


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