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Are you hesitant in facing interview because you feel you are not fluent in English? You fulfil all the requirements for a vacancy, but you lack the fluency in English, so you don't get selected for a job. Do not give up as this article focuses on the online options to enhance the fluency in English.

Importance of Spoken English

Knowledge of English along with fluency is the need of the hour, especially for the job sector such as IT, health, call centres, education, especially the English medium schools and academy and many other. It's better to work upon the speaking power of English from school life, but many face various challenges and fail to work upon it. Does that mean such candidates must not aspire for a lucrative job? No, it should not be so. The online options are great to learn and practise how to speak in English. It helps in getting rid of hesitation, which senior students often face in a classroom. So, you should also avail such opportunities if you are not confident in English speaking. Presenting to you some effective online platforms below, which offer virtual English speaking course, that prepare the candidates for a better future.

Learn English Online/British Council

The British Council is an established cultural and educational international organisation of the United Kingdom. Along with its British Council Library, the organisation teaches the English language to the people of the world. In the education field, the British Council has an online English learning course and also English language schools. Let's know about the online English learning course in details.

The British Council has divided the virtual English learning course according to age. The course is for three age groups: adults means 18+ years, Primary Plus for the children of 6-12 years and also Secondary Plus for the kids of 12 to 17 years. For the kids, the Council offers two more special online English classes. One is Summer School for the students of 7 to 17 years. Second is Early Years Online for the students of 5 to 6 year old.

The Council offers three different courses for the adults. People can enrol to any online course such as my English, my English Workplace and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) according to their requirement. The British Council charge a fee for every online English learning course. The organisation has a good reputation in the overall English teaching course. It gives importance to all the four skills of English language learning: listening, reading, writing and speaking, which benefits the learners.


It offers online Spoken English course which not only gives stress upon the fluency of English, but grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary are all given equal importance. Thus, through such an online course, the student would be able to learn correct English as well as will have the confidence to speak fluently and without any fear. The programme takes care of all the four skills of the English language: reading, writing, communication and listening. The eAge Tutor has also started a programme titled Learn English on your Smart Phone.

Creative Communication Centre (CCC)

The online Spoken English course offered by the Centre is unique in itself. They provide three professional trainers to one student. The teaching is on one to one basis. The institute holds conference classes too, which help the students to talk to different students from any corner of the country. They provide help 24x7 and do not stress students to have a PC or laptop, but any smartphone will serve the purpose of teaching and learning Spoken English provided the candidate is a graduate. It has a flexible timing, and through email, the institute sends all the study materials. To enable the student's confidence and to enhance the speaking power, CCC conducts various competitive programmes such as debate, group discussion among the students.


The institute offers one trainer for one student for the whole term. A student can take a demonstration class for whichever course he/she is interested in joining. It has four types of courses, and the candidates can enrol according to their requirement. The courses are General English, Business English, Job Interviews and IELTS Coaching. The students can take the help of the available free counselling regarding reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Flexible timing is another advantage for the students.

Simpli English

It is another website which offers online Spoken English class. It believes in personal training so one instructor for one student. Time flexibility is another facility. The online teaching will be only from Monday to Friday. It also offers trial classes. The programme highlights giving the students more and more opportunity to speak in English and allow them to make mistakes. The trainer will guide through it to correct the wrong and gradually make the student learn to speak fluent English properly.

FastInfo Class

It offers online Spoken English Course along with Personality Development. The duration of the course is for three months. It is not only for the job seekers but the course helps the homemakers too to prepare themselves for the world which promotes English in every way. It enhances the fluency and also helps the students to get rid of their fear of speaking English in public.


The above mentioned all the websites have one purpose that is to make their students speak English fluently and they must not have any public fear. Having the calibre of speaking English without hesitation has its benefit. It helps to showcase one's quality in a better way. The world notices such personalities very minutely and many doors get open for them. Thus, why to wait when so many options are available.

Speaking power in English is very important to establish oneself in various field. The world is very competitive now, so one cannot take any chances. To go abroad for a job, Spoken English becomes necessary, so those who wish to go to a foreign land, then acquiring the four skills of the English language becomes very important. One cannot ignore it. Online Spoken English courses are helpful, and at different stages of life, it can prove to be an asset for any candidate. Dear learners, why are you waiting? Suppose you are not confident in speaking English correctly and fluently too, then also there is no problem. There are numerous websites which offer online Spoken English classes at the student's convenient time. Just join one according to your preference, and you will gradually see a sea change in your English speaking ability. There will be a gradual improvement, and regular practice will make you perfect. Whatever one desires for then one should try to reach for it.


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This is a very informative and useful article for those aspiring to become fluent in the English language.

There was a time when English was considered the language of the Britishers who ruled on us for a long time and learning English was considered a sign of slavery. With time everything changed as Britishers were ousted from many places in the globe to their native place England and many countries got independence including India. But English remained there as the reminiscent of the past and it so happened that it slowly culminated into a coordination language among the people across the various continents. The rise of the English language is phenomenal and it has undoubtedly taken the place of numero uno language of communication in the world. Today learning English and having fluency in it is a compulsion for the students if they want to boldly, confidently and frankly participate in presentations, group discussions, seminars, business meetings and many such congregations where English is the sole common communication language.

There are many schools where this training is physically given but in the pandemic situation, the online classes are getting more attention. One has to select a course suiting to one's requirement and budget. There are many sites offering these courses for a fee and some basic modules as free. Some of the popular online courses are FluentU, MOOC, Alison, MOOEC, FutureLearn, ddx, Udemy etc. Please note that all the courses are not free in these sites but even the basic free courses are quite useful and serve the purpose well.

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