Essay for school children: My favorite school subject - English

In this essay, I have mentioned about my favourite subject in school, which is English. In the English class, I have learnt many interesting lessons, grammar and the art of composition. Also, my English teacher is dedicated and committed who has taught us to build our linguistic skills.

In school, I study eight subjects every year and English is my favourite subject. This year, I have developed a keen interest in this subject because my English teacher teaches us with such great enthusiasm and passion that we get deeply engrossed in the class. Earlier, I did not score higher marks in English because I was not interested. But, this year when I was promoted to third grade, our principal hired a new English teacher who was highly-qualified. She completed her M.A. degree from a reputed university and also completed her B.Ed. degree after completing post-graduation. She speaks English so fluently and flawlessly that we are keen to listen to her. So, this year, I became keenly interested in the English language that I love to read every chapter in the book.

Why is English my favourite subject?

This year, I realized that English is one of the subjects that teach us not only about the world around us but also some important concepts about life. In Science or geography, we merely study the facts and the nature of any subject such as earth, water, rocks, metals, etc. In Mathematics, we learn calculations and learn to use numbers in an orderly way. So, these subjects help us to build our logical skills and reasoning.

When we study the English language, we read many interesting stories and most of the chapters are captivating and they touch our hearts. This year, we are learning the story of 'Krishna and Sudhama' and my teacher taught us this lesson so enthusiastically that we paid rapt attention to her teaching. From this chapter, I learnt the true meaning of friendship. Lord Krishna was so glad to meet his pauper friend Sudhama after many years even if he was not rich like him. His wife Rukhmini and the Lord greeted Sudhama with great respect and warmth. Lord Krishna and Rukhmini were so humble although they were so rich. They ate the parched rice brought by Sudhama with great interest. People with great spiritual power are always down-to-earth.

Besides such stories, I am learning many other interesting lessons such as on Sherlock Holmes, Ramkrishna and his disciple Swami Vivekananda, Aesops Fables etc. These lessons teach us the basics of life and we can discover true human nature. We are also taught some aspects of grammar such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs etc. So we learn to speak fluently when we improve our grammar. We learn to describe an object, actions, place, etc. I learnt to express my thoughts, ideas and opinion in a vivid manner as I learnt to compose. Our teacher assigns us tasks to write different essays so that we learn to assimilate and present our thoughts in a clear manner. She told us to write different essays such as 'My birthday celebration at home', 'How I spent my holidays' etc. Then, she told us to read our essays in the class so that we develop the confidence to speak. Our English teacher has encouraged every student and helped us to improve our linguistic skills. I learnt that it is not merely a subject, but something that helps us to grow, mature and implement in our daily life.

Contribution of my teacher to like the subject

Our teacher always conducts some practical activities and interactive sessions in class so that we learn to develop ideas and also try to present them in public. I learnt to participate in oratory events such as debates, elocution, extempore etc because my English teacher encouraged me.

Writer: Anish Sarnobat.


Author: Monika Kushwaha29 Jun 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

English is not just a subject but a language which develops the linguistic, communicative and interactive skills of a person. With the development of all these skills, the confidence of a person boosts up to a level that he can stand and face the audience without a blink of the eyes.

The role of an English teacher in enhancing the skills and confidence in a student is far more important and challenging than any other subject teacher.

The beautiful attachment of the writer with her English teacher is well depicted here which readily displays her respect for the teacher.

Author: Sharada02 Jul 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Students are fascinated by teachers as facilitators who have complete grip over the subject content. The syllables, pronunciation and the intonation are learnt from grade one in chronological order. By grade three students are able to read the four and five letter blend words fluently. They are able to frame simple sentences to differentiate between subject and predicate. Engaging a lively classroom environment and grabbing the attention of students on the contents gives them vivid knowledge, which is the skill of an English teacher. Classroom management techniques establish slow learners to pick up the pace.

The language is better learned when the English teacher speaks to them in English fluently over a period. Students imitate the teachers to pick up words, style of speaking and present it too. Motivation boosts the aspirations towards the subject.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan27 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

English is a very important subject. Everybody knows the importance of this subject in the world. It is not only a subject but language by which we can communicate throughout the world. This language develops communication skill in a person. It is very difficult to get success in life without knowing this language. People develop a strong personality by knowing this language only. It is the only language by which we can communicate with people of different community or states.
These days, whether online banking transaction, teaching or marketing everything is done in English only. Those people who speak English get more respect than others. I think to know this subject is compulsory for everyone. It has been favourite for many of us because of all kind of information available in this language only.

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